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  1. That's a beautiful car would love to own it but no funds for it ! still on with the i2000 I got some parts from you a while ago door, wings, cam and bits  put some photos on the club 

  2. https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/77612/opel-ascona-b
  3. If I had the money would you to buy it but but I am still on with  building mine I got the door and wing from you but would you send me a photo of the car I have been told that mine is a geniue i2000 that I am rebuilding regards gary

    1. ascona i2000

      ascona i2000

      Hi Gary, Could you give me your email address and i will post you some pictures..

      Buy it, then you can have two !


    2. yeti132


      I would love to have your car mate but have not got the funds mate always wanted a road car and a fun car got a full set of grounp b arches in garage but don't want to put them on my car got a 2.4 ready to drop in with a zf LSD diff 5 stud conversion for front and back as well but need a 3.44 zf crown wheel & pinon been told standard crown wheel & pinon won't fit ?? My email address is bega608@aol.com mate great to have a crack with you mate 

  4. Thanks very much for your quick reply.. I shall email him...
  5. Hi, wondering if anybody can help? I race an Ascona b and want to turn it in to a i2000 replica. Now I know these were homologated fir group 2 but I believe they were also homologated for group 1 aswell. Details on this are very thin on the ground. If anybody could help at all that would be great, as it the group 1 road I want to go down. thanks in advance.
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