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  1. Shit, I was to be at this but i forgot, sorry guys T in the park and i was taxi for my son and then to work. Sorry
  2. Had a free day so spent some time fitting the front bumper, Halfords rattle cans and some elbow grease and job done. Not to bad a finish and fit. just to fit my lights once i make a new fitting bracket DSC_0574 by seanlamb1, on Flickr DSC_0588 by seanlamb1, on Flickr DSC_0589 by seanlamb1, on Flickr
  3. cheers guys, i will try this when i can get into my garage, spent the last 2 days fitting an air suspension kit to my sons golf R32 so an extra earth will be an easy fix i hope. Thanks again, Raymond..
  4. Hello there, I have had this problem before with my Ascona in the 80s when i was a lot younger and i cant believe my Manta now has the same problem. I didn't care when it was the Ascona but now with the Manta it is annoying. The car starts no problem even if i leave it in the garage for a month but if i drive it 10/15 miles and it warms up it struggles to turn over as if it has a flat battery. It has always started in this situation but sounds terrible and my worry. is one day i will be stranded. Any help before i throw lots of money at it on the wrong parts. cheers Raymond
  5. I think i should make this,hard to plan with work but put me down for it. cheers Raymond (reg F662 OHW)
  6. i wouldn't mind putting my car on show at Sterling. I go most years with one car or an other but i haven't shown any. if i could show it with other Opel's that would make my day better.If this is possible give me a shout and i will clean it up and spoil it a little instead of just thrashing it about Perthshire to amuse myself. cheers raymond
  7. I hope so, that's how i fitted mine and the car drives so much better than it did before, It out handles my mk2 escort now.
  8. its real easy, remove the headlights first, there are 4 metal clips around where the glass and plastic join, gently remove them with a screw driver or such and the glass will come away easy. The rest is plain to see from there on. Cheers Raymond.
  9. that looks nice, saw this for sale only a few miles from me. That is some distance and shows you have to travel for a car now. cheers Raymond
  10. it was me that bought them, hope it stops the fade i get with the ones i have
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