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  1. May have one I'll have a look
  2. How have you piped up the master cylinder ?
  3. simon p


    Most would be thieves know how to bypass a purchased system in minutes, there only real purpose is to lower your insurance premium a bit. I've always preferred a 'home made' system that only you know how to bypass. For a carb car, is suggest stopping the fuel reaching the engine (or removing a part). Workout fuel it can't go far. An electrical immobilizer is quite easy to get round with a carb.
  4. Don't forget to get a pic of the tailgate striker plate and latch for me please
  5. Hi there. No emails regarding this receied. I'll look into it and see what' going on, if it's a PayPal issue though, I don't think there is anything I can do to help. What' your membership number please?
  6. No it's the modified car nationals at the showground
  7. Fenders are wings, I think you mean bumpers
  8. Anyone have one of these please
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