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  1. May have one I'll have a look
  2. How have you piped up the master cylinder ?
  3. simon p


    Most would be thieves know how to bypass a purchased system in minutes, there only real purpose is to lower your insurance premium a bit. I've always preferred a 'home made' system that only you know how to bypass. For a carb car, is suggest stopping the fuel reaching the engine (or removing a part). Workout fuel it can't go far. An electrical immobilizer is quite easy to get round with a carb.
  4. Don't forget to get a pic of the tailgate striker plate and latch for me please
  5. Hi there. No emails regarding this receied. I'll look into it and see what' going on, if it's a PayPal issue though, I don't think there is anything I can do to help. What' your membership number please?
  6. No it's the modified car nationals at the showground
  7. Fenders are wings, I think you mean bumpers
  8. Anyone have one of these please
  9. Hello mate. Good to have a chat yesterday.
  10. Thanks Ian. I've repled to him. Hi Mikee, I'v replied to pm. Speak soon.
  11. Brilliant show again. New members joined as well as old members rejoining. Will be on the lookout for cars for next years event so if you would like to show off your car to the nation, get in touch. We'll post details on a separate thread when we get confirmation of next year's plan.
  12. Bev interested in either. Can you Dm me a couple more pictures of both please.
  13. www.necrestorationshow.com We've been lucky enough to have a stand at this years classic car restoration show. We're looking for cars to display, a barn find would be great, but a great daily driver or freshly finished rebuild would be equally welcome. The car need to be at the Nec on the evening of Thursday March 30th and then collected after the show closes on Sunday the 2nd of April. Its a great event and a chance to get your car some national exposure. We'll supply a couple of free passes per day to any owner who attends. If you think you could help, please let me know.
  14. Thats great news Kes. Headlights shouldn't be too hard to find.
  15. Hello and welcome. Massive question with no correct answer. Lots of thinging to consider including things like space, cash, space and indeed what kind of music you listen too. I'd go for a pair of 10" subs in correctly sized and ported enclosure would be a good place to start and don't over amplify it either.
  16. Hi Wayne, we seem to have a few issues at the moment with the membership list. I did try to call you to get it sorted. Stuart (our website man ) is aware of it too. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon.
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