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  1. try the fuel pump relay .you can wedge a 2 pence piece in there to bridge it .
  2. i knew you could do it , thanks
  3. im just going to put tyres on my drums would the calculator show you what size wheels tyres would bring a gte 3.44 axle to the same as a 3.67 (1.8) ? if you know what i mean ....
  4. bear in mind the new flywheel and clutch may be a different thickness so you probably would need to continue to screw in the pivot untill you can have the clutch cable adjuster with some thread either side . when i done this i was worried about the pivot needing to go too far somehow, so i think i ended up putting a large washer on the other side of the eye you push the cable through to get some more cable adjustment and clutch height that way , rather than going too far from the book with the pivot position .
  5. carefully check the connectors around the coil ,pull them apart and have a good look .the wires can corrode inside the terminals and can cause no spark . i seem to remember the green wire being critical to it working . sounds a bit daft but does the rotor move when you crank it ?
  6. and i thought Northfield was just outside Launceston
  7. you can fit your life into a manta hatchback , if its an early enough 72 it might be tax exempt . i prefer the later cars from 82 to 88 ...probably more economical eg 5 speed box fuel, injection , better suspension, wider rear axle etc etc... but if you can get that one and its not too rusty where it matters i think it would fulfill your needs .
  8. coolant temp sensor perhaps or .... have a look at your fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail .... could be a split diaphragm in there and its pouring fuel into the inlet via the vacuum pipe .
  9. fyi 1.8 mm main jets (r1 carbs) for 2 liter (drill bit from demon tweaks) , needle cir-clip on 2nd notch down
  10. http://www.benzworld.org/forums/attachments/vintage-mercedes-benz/320092d1279562952-online-resources-zenith-2.pdf says it the float chamber venting valve if im seeing it right . still none the wiser ...
  11. double the price . it looks very good .
  12. i tried bmw ones, they don't just fit ,after stripping it out from its own bracket and shaving all the notches etc off the sides after an hour or so i got one to slide in ....but still had no way to hold it in place , never finished it . bought the more modern plastic ones instead i got bright bulbs for my head lights and a cheap HID kit for my full beams , its good enough . sorry i cant suggest a solution for the bracket
  13. in my experience that set up pinked its nuts off, no matter what i did with the distributor and the carbs . the cr was too high . but my block face had been skimmed a bit . and the pistons were slightly proud of the block face at the top of the stroke !! they don't seem to knock the head off luckily I would recommend the 2.0 seh head for no pre ignition, with the 1800 cam shaft , or the one you have . forget the dizzy look at that , if you haven't already http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NODIZ-3D-Mappable-Electronic-Ignition-System-no-need-for-EDIS-or-Megajolt-ECU-/271778494302?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f4742b75e
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