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  1. try the fuel pump relay .you can wedge a 2 pence piece in there to bridge it .
  2. i knew you could do it , thanks
  3. im just going to put tyres on my drums would the calculator show you what size wheels tyres would bring a gte 3.44 axle to the same as a 3.67 (1.8) ? if you know what i mean ....
  4. bear in mind the new flywheel and clutch may be a different thickness so you probably would need to continue to screw in the pivot untill you can have the clutch cable adjuster with some thread either side . when i done this i was worried about the pivot needing to go too far somehow, so i think i ended up putting a large washer on the other side of the eye you push the cable through to get some more cable adjustment and clutch height that way , rather than going too far from the book with the pivot position .
  5. carefully check the connectors around the coil ,pull them apart and have a good look .the wires can corrode inside the terminals and can cause no spark . i seem to remember the green wire being critical to it working . sounds a bit daft but does the rotor move when you crank it ?
  6. and i thought Northfield was just outside Launceston
  7. you can fit your life into a manta hatchback , if its an early enough 72 it might be tax exempt . i prefer the later cars from 82 to 88 ...probably more economical eg 5 speed box fuel, injection , better suspension, wider rear axle etc etc... but if you can get that one and its not too rusty where it matters i think it would fulfill your needs .
  8. coolant temp sensor perhaps or .... have a look at your fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail .... could be a split diaphragm in there and its pouring fuel into the inlet via the vacuum pipe .
  9. fyi 1.8 mm main jets (r1 carbs) for 2 liter (drill bit from demon tweaks) , needle cir-clip on 2nd notch down
  10. http://www.benzworld.org/forums/attachments/vintage-mercedes-benz/320092d1279562952-online-resources-zenith-2.pdf says it the float chamber venting valve if im seeing it right . still none the wiser ...
  11. double the price . it looks very good .
  12. i tried bmw ones, they don't just fit ,after stripping it out from its own bracket and shaving all the notches etc off the sides after an hour or so i got one to slide in ....but still had no way to hold it in place , never finished it . bought the more modern plastic ones instead i got bright bulbs for my head lights and a cheap HID kit for my full beams , its good enough . sorry i cant suggest a solution for the bracket
  13. in my experience that set up pinked its nuts off, no matter what i did with the distributor and the carbs . the cr was too high . but my block face had been skimmed a bit . and the pistons were slightly proud of the block face at the top of the stroke !! they don't seem to knock the head off luckily I would recommend the 2.0 seh head for no pre ignition, with the 1800 cam shaft , or the one you have . forget the dizzy look at that , if you haven't already http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NODIZ-3D-Mappable-Electronic-Ignition-System-no-need-for-EDIS-or-Megajolt-ECU-/271778494302?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f4742b75e
  14. shipley is alright .... you put in your request , and drivers quote you , and outbid each other until its rock bottom http://www.shiply.com/miv2/ looks like its had an update since i last used it .
  15. 32/36 dgv (manual choke) worked well for me . that one needed a conversion base gasket to make it fit . i'm not sure if all the webers are like that ? check bonnet clearance just in case , as it all ends up half an inch higher .
  16. you'll need a calibra turbo clutch and pot type flywheel (+spiggot bearing) ...the 1.8 clutch wont be strong enough ,the sri one might be ok ...but just get the turbo one, you cant beat it
  17. http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/p-1797-rubber-extrusion.aspx its not it , but could be close enough ? they also do boot and door seals, again not exact but may just do the job? , the clips might be there somewhere its an interesting site if nothing else
  18. at one time you could buy the 2 scoops and the triangles on their own . just had a look and cant see them anymore .
  19. while you are there , consider a pot type flywheel from a 2.0 16v calibra/cavalier and a calibra turbo clutch . clutch kit £110 (use old bearing) flywheel £30 once you find one . i got mine from find a part in a couple of days anyway that clutch makes a massive difference for the better ,also the flywheel is a bit heavier and you might notice the extra momentum . (im sure you knew all that already
  20. had a square coil (dry coil) with my 1986 1.8 , a replacement later was a cylinder (wet coil) , it didn't make any difference to it running . so any wet coil off a 1.8/2 liter from the same period from any car will probably do the job for testing purposes .
  21. FYI Original 18s manifold Modified 18s manifold to fit 20SEH or the like note where ally is built up for extra long stud to fix to head in right place and for alternator bracket . ports on later injection heads are higher up , the mk1 astra gte head is the same shape as the 18s ports and such so plops right on . the cam in the mk1 gte head is much much better than any other 1800 or 20i 8v ....its a good upgrade without much hassle . from the look of it all the bolt holes needed changing to get the ports to line up . the top ones just cut off and re drilled and the lowers cut off and welded back on lower down .
  22. can you not put washers/spacers on the brackets and also behind the alternator pulley ? i did this to make an audi 80 100 amp alternator fit .
  23. my goodridge lines , turned in the top horseshoe clip and rubbed through against the top arm within about 2 miles , it leaked into the disc and caught fire . not just once but 3 times before i gave up on them . put rubber petrol pipe around them , they are much weaker that they look . better still just use the normal rubber ones
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