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  1. Robbie Hi,

    Is there any chance you still have the Opel Manta i240 D600 DFK?!

  2. Looks like.my build . Story all adds up . If you want any info drop.me a pm or some pics in pm.
  3. Facet red top. http://www.gsparkplug.com/1x-facet-480532-red-top-cylindrical-fuel-pump-rtw506.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwr8uuBRCcg6-s-4TrmIsBEiQAN1TdEaGLk7w_PoTQQRfptr71KCVX6yI6bW9nuieO0xaNXfoaArfK8P8HAQ
  4. Very rarely a Mint A comes up for sale, that would be very cheap if it was.
  5. After all this time once you get it 100% just enjoy.
  6. thats one weird post, gives my omoc number and signature but Kev as the poster, Aliens have invaded lol
  7. Drill a couple of 20mm holes with holesaw Mick, 1 above each channel in the jacking point so u can put a load of dinitrol in there later in the resto.
  8. Blimey Mick that was one rotten shell you took into. I know doing a bare shell restoration on the the Black broadspeed rep and the white V8 A series, they took a lot of work to rebuild ground up but that's a labour of love and an apprenticeship in welding lol. Get more hours in and on the road or you will be getting the pension before you can enjoy
  9. Thats Spot on re the Audi disks as I done it many years ago then sold some to club members here. xr4 disks work well with the 4 pots as kev said. Great brake upgrades and low cost
  10. Nice project, its screaming to be a 2 door scona with a redtop or get brave and drop in a V8, wheels looks the mutts nutts
  11. Blimey Mick the years dont half fly by. Dunno what my next project will be as there aint a lot left to try. Sommit will jump out at me one of these days and I can get another Opel sorted
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