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  1. The uni royals are pricey but I like them, I have them on my mk4 golf and they are good all rounders.
  2. Oil and filter change should have happened before you started it really. I'm not picking holes it's great it starts but the oil will be horrible so get it out as fast as possible, stick some cheap oil in (of the correct grade) along with a flush, then run it for a bit and dump it all out again. Then put nice oil in and another new filter. Change that in a few hundred miles. Hopefully the oil ways won't have clogged up with tarry old oil and already be starving the bearings and cam. Cracking car by the way! No sunroof! My favourite.
  3. Yes, I bought a long strip around 15mm thick, cut into 4 squares and turned them down, only drawback is that there is a mounting hole in the middle but the opel badge covers it nicely. Badges were from a set of plastic wheel trims I bought just to rob the badges.
  4. I have a set of Borbet A on my V8, I painted them with black centers to calm them down a bit and made new centre caps, I went for the slightly less lairy width/backspace because I don't have wide arches, these were from a German seller and were on the front of two vw golf's, that's right, I had to buy two full sets of 4 wheels to get the 4 I wanted and then sell the others off as a full set of wide wheels! I have spacers I made to try and get the offsets as close to original as possible so the handling stays sharp.
  5. True, my rover v8 was put in the manta in the early 90s so it's part of the history of the car now. Its been in a manta longer than it was in a Rover!
  6. How big a hurry are you in? I have a few cih engines and I am sure there is a complete 1900 in the pile.
  7. Too tall to fit under the bonnet by some margin! I looked into it a while ago but decided I couldn't modify it to fit under the bonnet without cutting.
  8. I have a box full of dizzys here, probably a work drive too. Pm me.
  9. The new roof panels for my warehouse came with rolls of this stuff ready formed for use sealing the joints. I have tons of it left over, after Christmas pm me and you can have some.
  10. Hi. I need to try and get hold of some scrap b/gte/1800 wiring looms. Preferable with the rear light plugs and as many other bits as possible, I don't mind if they are cut or incomplete, it would be nice if they had the fuse box. I don't need the separate injection sub loom, I have got loads of those it seems. I'm trying to make a new look up for my V8 and also for my coupe project, both have been bodged and have problems in different areas. My plan is to make two "new" standard looms up with a modified fuse box to take blade fuses instead of the plastic ones that melt and go open circuit. Happy to pay for the donor looms and post. Pm me!
  11. Thinking back, it was Ian who named my workshops "the Cornish Manta Sanctuary" during one of his visits. Possibly the one where he broke down on Bodmin moor with his father in an ancient Bedford CF with a Cih engine in it, I rescued him in my blue Astramax and we replaced the fuel pump (dizzy driven) at the side of the road. In an earlier version of the omoc forum he did a big write up on that trip with pics, I can't find it now so can't check my memory regarding what the fault was but I'm pretty sure it was pump. We were swapping mantas around, it probably involved other people in a kind of manta delivery relay around the south of England!
  12. Sad news indeed, he was a big part of the manta scene and was always friendly and happy to chat. Goodbye Ian.
  13. Hi, Yes, a rough MK1 cavalier sports hatch rolling shell with a good roof, it was a non sunroof car but it's had a britax glass sunroof fitted. Pm me.
  14. The Rover V8 can be quite a nippy motor if it's tuned up properly, mine in my V8 was great fun. They are simple motors to rebuild and improve but at the same time can be leaky old things if they are not buttoned up tight and the seals and gaskets top quality ones. Cam timing is important, if it's had a slightly "hot" or racy cam put in then to get the best from it you need to make sure it is timed up properly. Or it will sound great but lack go. Fueling is important too and needs setting up properly. PM me if you want, I have been into the Rover V8 for 20+ years.
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