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  1. Totally different handbrake lever too. its on the tunnel rather than in it.
  2. Wow ! The glue will be crap on them by now so will need replacing but they are a cool thing to have on a white or silver Coupe. I have a set, unused, one day I will put them on my White coupe.
  3. You may have to put a new plug on it but to be honest the plug is a better system than those two sloppy spade connectors anyway, they are only standard injector style plugs that can be bought on ebay for pence. Edit to add: Bosch EV1 style plug. SVC wiring do them, as do a few suppliers. Ebay is more expensive than I remember ! Mind you, I tend to go to the scrapyard and snip a bunch off the dead bmw and Vauxhall cars anyway.
  4. Reverse light switch can be bought new from BMW for a 1990 3 series 5 speed manual.
  5. It could be that the little rubber stopper has perished and fallen off, this results in the handle rattling. If it is play then its easier to replace, they are handed but they are available from lots of different people, pop a wanted ad on here and I am sure you will get a reply soon.
  6. I am investigating it because the Cav ones are readily available on ebay for around £40 a pair, cheaper than recon and appeals to my diy ethic. Mind you, its looking like I need to get something sorted soon so I will probably have to get them to do a pair. A mate is going to 3d print the plastic adjusters, they seem very brittle on all my spares units.
  7. I bought a pair of mk3 cav lights made by Lucas and a pair of mk2 cav lights made by Hella. I Dismantled both right hand units and a right hand Manta unit and laid it all out on the bench. In conclusion I cannot see how it is possible to fit either the mk2 or mk3 reflector bowls to the Manta housing. Mk2 reflector is physically larger Mk3 has a big extra bit at one end and is a smaller bowl and is at an angle the means it wont look right when fitted and might affect the beam. So. Im carefully putting them all back together and going back to the drawing board, the two pairs of lamps are going back on ebay !
  8. Take the pipe off that goes to the heater matrix and flush from there, remove the pipe from the matrix, and then put the hose in it, then take off the water pump to thermostat pipe and turn on the hose, it will flush the block. then do the matrix and the radiator.
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