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  1. So, finally got a chance to look at this trim clip count. 8 broke out of 28, which isn't bad, I was so careful, used a hot air blower to heat the trim and clip so they were not so brittle but 8 of them just didn't fancy going back on the car.
  2. That's got to be an error, £45 maybe.
  3. Not me any more, too much to do to it to spend more than the £700 I was willing to go to. At least it stands a chance of staying whole and not being broken for the "bits"
  4. I thought that it would have a sunroof, I just hoped it didn't. I just sold my last roof too, I had a good non sunroof roof from a hatch cut off at the pillars... Hey ho. This might go over my buying budget anyway, im not planning to go high with it because of all the unknowns, its probably got rat damage and that is a horrible thing to get rid of. unless a dog did the knob.
  5. Its going to be crusty, I know it by looking at it, it will be all the usual places and then a few different ones just for variety. The only thing I cant tell is if its got a sunroof or not, I think it has but I am not 100% sure. That gear knob is well chewed too !
  6. Not that I need another project but I am bidding on this, it looks like a nice car to restore, keep it original. I seem to be "in to" standard 1800 hatches at the moment.
  7. Of course, it doesn't solve the mystery of where the original one went. I had to remove all the inner boot trim to find it was not there, there are no rust holes it could have fallen out on the road and a good look with the camera on a stick turned up nothing.
  8. Thanks, its a strange thing, this has the early style bulb holders as seen in the red framed lights but the light frame is black. But its the same design as the red frame, The later ones are totally different around the holders. here are a couple more pics, I cant find any numbers, only the word "BOSCH" on the back. ExclusiveOpel, Yes please, That's the one. Thanks to everyone else who has offered help here. All the best Paul.
  9. Hi, I was investigating why the left indicator doesn't work on this red 1800 hatch and once I got in behind the boot trims I found out the reason it doesn't work is that the bulb holder is not there ! I checked the 1/4 cavity and the void behind the rear panel ( the bulb holders can fall out and hide themselves) with the endoscopic camera, nothing, no rust either which is nice but the bulb holder is utterly missing. So, I am after an early Bosch indicator bulb holder for a 1981 Manta Hatch Berlinetta. looks like this if anyone has one, I have lots of later ones but I want to keep this original.
  10. Mine says "drag files here to attach, or Choose files..." I go to choose files and it opens a box that I then use to get the pic I want from the file on my pc.
  11. Ahh, ok, still, I would get a good fabrication workshop to fix it, anyone worth the money will have a jig and be able to true the body with no bother.
  12. Too much for you or too much generally ? I only ask because it not impossible to have a fully stripped shell welded up professionally, an outfit like RetroPower could do a fantastic job of sorting it out. Its a big spend but then so is a new (almost certainly unobtainable) or good shell.
  13. I have now done half the car and half the clips are broken, they really are feeble ! Later I will pop a post up with the number needed !
  14. Hi, Many thanks, I will contact you. I am going to gently remove the trims tomorrow if I get 5 mins, I will know then how many I need. I plan on using a hot air gun to warm the strips a bit, hopefully this might deter too many of the big white clips from breaking. I cant mop the car with these sodding great strips on, I wish I could leave them alone !
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