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  1. Yes! I've got a pair of monza recaro seats here and I was amazed at how much they cost nowadays, I've bought whole running cars for less.
  2. Post was the worst bit to be honest. It was cheap for the actual fabric. They have thousands of types of fabric and they posted me a load of samples and I chose the ones best for what I was up to. P
  3. I use a company in the USA called sms auto fabrics. You send a sample and they match it up, I got a beige cloth from them that was 99% identical to the seats in my old ascona I also got black recaro cloth from them the same. Well worth a try. Foam padding wise I have spare foam but you can also cut new stuff to shape if you have the skills.
  4. D Reg, July 1987, 1998cc. Its crusty in a few places but was laid up when the owner became ill. Not because its broken. He's got a few cars in this category, I bought the astra because i have an astra already. Interior is like a time capsule.
  5. While buying a mk2 astra the other day the gentleman who was selling it showed me another of his barn treasures... Complete but sat in place in the barn for 15 years now. Its for sale if anyone wants to pm me, I can pass details on.
  6. The plastic speedo drive cog is held onto the output shaft by a flat spring clip, this spring clip can go a bit weak and allow the drive cog to walk backwards on the output shaft. The bit you connect the speedo cable to can also fail, the coloured plastic shaft with the slave cog on the end can break or wear out. If your slave cog/shaft holder is stuck in the gearbox after you have taken the 10mm bolt and little retaining bar out then you need a bit of twisting and light bashing with a copper or hard plastic mallet to get it out. If the slave drive is OK shine a torch up the hole and see if the drive cog has walked backwards. If it has you need to remove the prop shaft and try and find your original cog clip, it's metal and magnetic so a small telescopic ariel style magnet should fish it out. It will need opening back out a bit so it's able to clip again or if it's broken then you need a new clip. I have stock of these but they are rare. You can put the cog back into position and using a long thin steel rod with a blob of sticky blutac on push the clip back into position in its slot in the drive cog and the hole in the output shaft that the tang in the clip fits in. I have done this many times and it Is possible, some say its not but I have done it. If I get 5 mins tomorrow I will take a pic of the parts I have here out of a gearbox so you can see what I mean.
  7. I put porsche 944 seats in mine because the design suited the curves of the A series. They don't have slots or a headrest hole though.
  8. Could be the prop centre bearing, these can sound a bit "diffy" when they go crap.
  9. Hi, I'm doing up a set of recaro seats and need a pair of the badges that go on the backrest, I have GTE badges on the seats at the moment but these seats are getting Blitz cloth and I would prefer the actual Recaro badges. I'm not too bothered about condition, so long as they are not too bad I can lightly blast and repaint. Not too worried about the prongs on the back being complete but it's a bonus if they are. I've been looking on ebay but am stunned at what people are asking for them. It's not realistic! P.
  10. You can buy them from a German company but last time I tried they didn't have the correct material. If originality is not your main concern then they are reasonable and its a good product. P. S. Autoteile are who you need to be looking at.
  11. Having had a "go" in one a few year back I can happily say that I would if I could.
  12. The uni royals are pricey but I like them, I have them on my mk4 golf and they are good all rounders.
  13. Oil and filter change should have happened before you started it really. I'm not picking holes it's great it starts but the oil will be horrible so get it out as fast as possible, stick some cheap oil in (of the correct grade) along with a flush, then run it for a bit and dump it all out again. Then put nice oil in and another new filter. Change that in a few hundred miles. Hopefully the oil ways won't have clogged up with tarry old oil and already be starving the bearings and cam. Cracking car by the way! No sunroof! My favourite.
  14. Yes, I bought a long strip around 15mm thick, cut into 4 squares and turned them down, only drawback is that there is a mounting hole in the middle but the opel badge covers it nicely. Badges were from a set of plastic wheel trims I bought just to rob the badges.
  15. I have a set of Borbet A on my V8, I painted them with black centers to calm them down a bit and made new centre caps, I went for the slightly less lairy width/backspace because I don't have wide arches, these were from a German seller and were on the front of two vw golf's, that's right, I had to buy two full sets of 4 wheels to get the 4 I wanted and then sell the others off as a full set of wide wheels! I have spacers I made to try and get the offsets as close to original as possible so the handling stays sharp.
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