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  1. I have one but I am very out of touch as to what a good one is now worth.
  2. https://speedycables.com/ I use this company, send them your old one and they will make a new one for you.
  3. I am not so sure, I have done quite a few sunroof deletes with full removal of the inner cassette and all pipes and brackets over the years and never found them to look any different after, the B pillar roll over bar is not fitted to the sunroof cars so you need to put that in and its goes straight in and touches exactly where it does in a non sunroof skin, the rail profiles are the same and the overall curve is the same. Its vital you do it using a section of roof from a non sunroof car and not flat sheet, the curve is subtle but its there in all directions. Butt weld the new panel in to the hole very slowly so as not to distort the roof and grind back slowly for the same reasons. As I said I have done lots now and I would say that its impossible to tell if its done right.
  4. Find a carpet shop and get one of their big card or plastic tubes, cut it to length and post the trim in that !
  5. That passengers mirror was the hardest part to source, I found it in an abandoned Ascona on the Greek island of Kefalonia, I borrowed tools to go and take it off and had to have the whole inside door rail too. The Grey grille was the original, I prefer it especially with the clear indicator lenses. But, its not my car anymore ! I am glad its loved and looked after. I do miss it a bit.
  6. This, all day long. I just finished pulling the whole fuel system out of a 1.2 Nova that had suffered from the ethanol in fuel. IT was laid up about 5 years ago with around 15 litres on petrol in, that ethanol petrol has turned into a watery rusty soup, the tank is rusted out and all the plastic pickup pipe had dissolved, the carb was full of green sludge and the fuel pump just didn't work. Car ran perfectly when parked. This was indoors, not outside so its rusted from within. The ethanol absorbs water from the air as well as eating rubber and alloy. Evil stuff. Im now looking for a new nova 5 door tank.
  7. I had one of those, in green with a green interior, Auto, Left hand drive, bloody excellent waft-mobile. What sort of money would you want for that as is ? Not that I need any more cars, I have way too many and not enough time to do them but nostalgia is a powerful drug.
  8. I see, I will keep my eye out, I get offered all kinds.
  9. ahh, ok. I was at GM6 with Derek the other day and he offered me a very tidy Senator, similar age. Didn't know if it was a desire for a big Vauxhall rather than a specific want for a particular car. Very similar though, do they share a platform and the differences are cosmetic ?
  10. No, I pull the old stuck bolt into the scaff pipe, you weld a nice strong bolt the to the head of the stuck one and then put the tube over it. Then put a thick washer on the new bolt and pop a nut on, simply wind the nut on the new bolt and the old stuck one pulls into the tube. No bush damage ! if you are careful you can cut the bolt you welded on back off the original bolt, tidy it up and use it again.
  11. When the bolts are stuck there is very little you can do. I weld a nice long bolt head to head on the stuck bolt and then use a bit of scaffold tube and a thick washer and a nut to pull the old bolt out, the tube sits against the chassis leg and you wind it out with a socket on a long bar. its a good way of saving the bushes. Replace the bolts.
  12. I would like to buy any old Manta door, ignition, and boot locks. Not fussed if they have keys but if you have odd ones with keys marked 105 on the key shaft i am especially interested. Not looking for keys on their own, I have tons of those ! Still want any old fuel caps you might have with or without keys.
  13. I am looking for a matching pair of standard big glass headlights for a manta 1800 hatch i am restoring. Need to be either brand new or mint used.
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