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  1. Not overflow by design, it's a breather, its to allow air back in the tank as petrol is removed by using the car and also to allow for any expansion and contraction of the fuel by heat/cold, and to let air out as you fill the tank up.
  2. Out to air, through the rubber bung on the left side on both mine. Around an inch sticks through the floor and exits in the axle tunnel area.
  3. Yup, Derek is very reputable, he's been in the opel world a very long time.
  4. I know a guy who have many mantas in Canada. I've even shipped him a vauxhall senator and a 20 ft container full of parts in the past. I'm sure this won't go to waste.
  5. I'm not on any other platform so I have no idea who Dave is or what he's up to. Morally it seems right to support the club, it's a kind of support it or lose it deal at this stage in the manta game, lets face it, the numbers are dwindling and it's not going to get better. Club officers work for free and spend their free time doing things like this so to be "beaten" to it" by a private individual who will possibly be making money out of it is a bit crappy. As an aside, I have a brand new boot floor for a coupe that could be copied if this still all goes ahead.
  6. Mind out for valve cutouts and crown profiles, if the dish and cut outs are not just right you could create an ultra high compression engine with no room for the valves to operate as designed.
  7. Nick Webb is in the middle of sourcing pistons and rings for cih, might be worth dropping him a line or pm. Calcol on here.
  8. When you put the timing case back on did you make sure you put the oil feed "O" ring in the head gasket and recess in the timing case? Its a bit vital and you only make that mistake once.
  9. Cubby received today in great condition, ready to fit to the v8 once I start on it again. Many thanks to Shaun400r for his kind gift. It's coming back from paint tomorrow! Quite excited now.
  10. Yes! Perfect. Exactly what I need.
  11. I swear I get a different ebay to everyone else! I looked and there were none listed that I could see. I'll watch those and might buy them if they stay reasonable priced, I don't want the drums so that might make it lighter to post. I have put a bid on, I have none here and 4 mantas, one of which has a disc conversion that is coming off and getting replaced with the drums. So buying 2 pairs might be a good idea so I have a spare pair to restore and store until I need them. Snowy, thanks, if they are self adjuster type and not the ones with the big captive bolts then I'm interested. P.
  12. Hi, GTE rear axle brake drum backplates wanted! Anyone got a decent pair that they want to sell please? P.
  13. Now I have gathered them all up it's 7! I bought one from a club member not long ago because I couldn't find any in my storage!
  14. During my massive tidy up while moving workshops I have found loads of standard heater fans, so if mantasrme is looking for units to convert I have at least 6 oe used fans here!
  15. You star, I do try to do the same and I will. Pay this one forward too.
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