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  1. Hi, Yes, a rough MK1 cavalier sports hatch rolling shell with a good roof, it was a non sunroof car but it's had a britax glass sunroof fitted. Pm me.
  2. The Rover V8 can be quite a nippy motor if it's tuned up properly, mine in my V8 was great fun. They are simple motors to rebuild and improve but at the same time can be leaky old things if they are not buttoned up tight and the seals and gaskets top quality ones. Cam timing is important, if it's had a slightly "hot" or racy cam put in then to get the best from it you need to make sure it is timed up properly. Or it will sound great but lack go. Fueling is important too and needs setting up properly. PM me if you want, I have been into the Rover V8 for 20+ years.
  3. Did you get a front lower panel ?
  4. I did the manifolds on the V8 with a load of these bends, I also found a place that did 2 into 1 pipes and X pipes. Saves a lot of hassle but its time consuming welding up all the joins !
  5. That wooden dowel trick is excellent, I love the colour coding. The steering surrounds are fragile as hell anyway and always were so things like your modification are great for preserving parts that will become a bigger problem the more time goes by.
  6. I do hope he is alright, he's been part of the Manta scene since the beginning !
  7. You can separate by drilling the rivets but then you have to put locking nuts and bolts in place of the rivets. I do have a rubber already removed from a rack, I had to modify the input shaft on my V8 rack to put another uj coupling in and use a slim shaft so it avoids the exhaust. Pm if you want and I can give more details.
  8. It will fit all cam in Head engines, fitting can be done with engine in the car, rocker cover off. It's quite simple. Many engines already have a version fitted, I used to fit a length of copper pipe to any I encountered that did not have it .
  9. Not readily available but other car of the era used them, Astra's and novas etc. I may have some here in a pot but I am halfway through moving most of my stuff from work to home thanks to lockdown ! I will look !
  10. Put a load of penetrating oil down the hinge pins now and it will soak in and help when you do get the tool and pull the pins out. They grow in place ! Keep the plastic caps from the pins if you have them. They save the pins and stop grot getting in. I always have less hassle when the pins have had the plastic covers in both ends.
  11. That lot will stick out of the bonnet by an impressive amount !
  12. I have a dead MK1 here, it's getting cut up so a post chunks could be available.
  13. Totally different handbrake lever too. its on the tunnel rather than in it.
  14. Wow ! The glue will be crap on them by now so will need replacing but they are a cool thing to have on a white or silver Coupe. I have a set, unused, one day I will put them on my White coupe.
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