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  1. Seems cheap, Nice looking car but as you say, its a restoration once you poke at it a bit. Good basis for a full job, it looks complete.
  2. Its not impossible, the worst one is the filler cap, all others are just a case of strip and clean and work out which of the 4 types of tumblers goes where and then replicate that over all locks Filler cap is a horror, so much so that I often start at the filler and do the others to match that ! You have to have two caps and destroy both in different ways to get the parts to rebuild one with the lock coded. Very time consuming but I do have all the kit here now after doing 4 full cars recently
  3. Its a fiddle but its possible. What are you trying to do ? get one key for everything ?
  4. I hope it gets near the money, its a nice standard 1800, its rare. its on the original wheels and is looking like its been looked after.
  5. I have an original 1800 on a Y plate that does not have wipers on the headlights and never has. No wiring, no hint of the motor bolt holes being used and no holes for jets in the bumper. It does have a large washer bottle though. Its not the only oddity with this car if I am honest but its original as far as I can tell. never had paint either.
  6. The part that is moved by the oil plunger is not looking right, I have a cih cover off and in a box in my workshop, let me post a pic up later/tomorrow to compare guides.
  7. Hi, 5 speed into a 4 speed tunnel is easy. give me a pm !
  8. Is that the original top cam wheel ? The pic makes it look like the drillings are out of line.
  9. it will make next to no difference, unless it was climate controlled for humidity and temperature. Trailers get hot as hell and cold as ice, for 15 years. the seals on the engine might do a little while before they let go, likewise you might get a good pedal with the brakes for a bit but as soon as you get a bit of use and heat in them stuff will seize/leak and generally fail. I am sure its a great car, I for one would be interested in it simply because its not going to be the usual amount of work to get it right. buts its still a lot of work needs doing to makes sure it is safe and reliable. I am halfway through putting an 1800 hatch back together that was liberated from a 16 year dry barn slumber, its got 56k on it and I have it down to a bare shell to make sure its all "right" before I use it. So far I have found dry rotted suspension bushes, seals that are hard as rock and rear wheel cylinders that are totally seized. This is a car that was also never used in the rain and garaged its whole life. I believe this because the petrol tank is pretty much perfect. no rust or mud anywhere. I hope the GTE gets the six grand, it will be a happy day for Manta values !
  10. Its a restoration no matter how you look at it, it will need a really good clean up and if you are lucky you might get away with not painting it but it will still need a good clean and mop and plenty of other re-commissioning, engine, brakes and any rubber parts will need lots of attention. I would not trust the brakes until I had completely rebuilt all of it from the master cyl to the pads and calipers. The petrol tank is the Achilles heel here, its done nearly 100k, so its been used in the wet and will have mud and muck all round the tank, the little breather pipes will have been eaten away and when you remove the tank to sort out the leaks you will be into a lot of work to sort it out, that's before you get to look inside the tank. Its a 6k car if it was done and on the road in my opinion but I am happy to be surprised, we all want values to go up and they are getting rarer.
  11. So, finally got a chance to look at this trim clip count. 8 broke out of 28, which isn't bad, I was so careful, used a hot air blower to heat the trim and clip so they were not so brittle but 8 of them just didn't fancy going back on the car.
  12. That's got to be an error, £45 maybe.
  13. Not me any more, too much to do to it to spend more than the £700 I was willing to go to. At least it stands a chance of staying whole and not being broken for the "bits"
  14. I thought that it would have a sunroof, I just hoped it didn't. I just sold my last roof too, I had a good non sunroof roof from a hatch cut off at the pillars... Hey ho. This might go over my buying budget anyway, im not planning to go high with it because of all the unknowns, its probably got rat damage and that is a horrible thing to get rid of. unless a dog did the knob.
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