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  1. Warm it up and it become much more pliable, it needs softening too before you go trying to reshape it back to its desired form. I use the sun to warm it or a hairdryer, to soften the rubber i use standard beige waxoyl, it seems to feed it and if you wipe the excess off with a cloth it brings the colour up to almost as new. Been using waxoyl on my rubbers on my coupe for 20+ years and its not rotted them. in fact, they are all still in good nick. Contact adhesive sprayed onto the rear of the rubber when you put it on the car in position is the best thing to keep it in place, its pretty much what Opel used.
  2. That's a serious amount of work on that axle and under the car, well done for pushing through with it. I had enough trouble with doing the Rover V8 axle/manta half shafts/tubes conversion. Like the spare wheel well delete. smooth. Very much liking the 5 spoke split rim side mission too.
  3. I think i am... In a big transit in the trade section selling Manta parts and other rare stuff.
  4. The Manta was sold on here around 6 or 7 years ago, its nice and tidy and the 5 speed conversion makes lots of sense. Lucky chap to get RetroPower to work on it, I tried to get a full build on a project I have here that I am too busy to do but after trying to get them to email back or actually talk to me it all went quiet. I guess they are busy and can pick the work that interests them, I didn't want to hassle them or seem like I was pestering. I really look forward to the Sunday episode releases, they have the right mix now with the both Nat and Cal presenting. Amazing processes and the end results are well worth the time taken and inevitable costs involved. Anyone know if they will be at Sywell ? I suspect the Manta in this video will be, a nice quick job to get it ready to show.
  5. Hi, You need the 90 degree adaptor that you put in the block and then screw the sender in. I prefer to move the sender to the oil pump area in one of the blocked off galleries so you get the sender away from the hot manifold though.
  6. I have a rear section from a hatch, i used the front section of skin on a sunroof delete but I kept the back bit in case it ever came in handy. PM me !
  7. They are 7.5 X 16 inch, I can look up the ET but I seem to recall I had to make spacers to get the offset more in line with where it needed to be.
  8. Hi, Yes, They are, I bought two sets of 4 from a German guy a long time ago, he had them on a pair of wide body VW Golfs, I sold the 4 really wide rears and kept the 4 slightly less mad fronts. Which I then stripped and painted like you see. I made the centre caps from billet alloy and put the Opel Blitz logos on.
  9. The body kit is a Mantzel Evolution/Elegance kit, or a copy of that kit. I don't know about the car itself but I have that body kit on my Blue V8 so I am familiar with it. I have included pics of the original brochure from when the kit on mine was bought new in 88.
  10. I use senator ones, they have double jets in each one and i bought a box of 100 of them a bunch of years ago so i fit them to pretty much everything i own now. You have to slightly enlarge the holes with a file to fit but they are 100% better than standard and look very similar.
  11. I have a full set in very good condition for a hatch.
  12. There are so many usable parts on that. Transmission tunnel, gearbox all handy if anyone is going 4 to 5 speed. trim parts, interior odds and sods. Its most likely a breaker but hopefully someone restoring one might make use of some of it.
  13. Anyone remember "LRP" ? It wasn't available all that long. Ive been playing with fuel for a while anyway, I have a few potion options depending on if it's for a car or the mower !
  14. The main trouble I have with ethanol is that is absorbs water from the atmosphere and will accelerate the rusting of the steel tank. Its also got a lower calorific value so you burn more and get lower mpg. Plus it rots rubber and seals plus eats old alloy parts. Yeah, it's not going near my manta !
  15. That's very good of you ! I think Sean is sorting me out but if it doesn't happen for some reason I will be in touch. Thanks !
  16. I don't want to hijack the thread but I will reply to those who have sent me messages. P.
  17. I have hundreds of spare parts for locks. I build full matching sets ! P.
  18. Send it to me with a key and I can sort it. You Pay post but that's all. Pm for address. P
  19. I think Sean hovell is helping me out with this now, after I posted this topic I emailed him and he has some ! Thanks for the tip though. P
  20. Fixable, but if it's not you can put any combination of tumblers in. A door lock so you can keep the key. I've done tons and could sort it out for you if you want.
  21. Hi. Anyone got a pair of those big chassis bolts with the castle nuts that hold the subframe to the chassis ? I can't find any In my big bucket of bolts and I need a pair to clean up and fit to my V8 project.
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