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  1. Hello I have Wilwood brake kits suitable for 13/14" wheels and 15" wheels with choice of Mintex or EBC Brake Pads in stock. https://www.tjmotorsport.co.uk/products.php?cat=1768 Regards Tim
  2. Hello all, I am looking for either a complete Manta B axle or complete shaft as I am pricing up making complete new 5 stud shafts to complement the front 5 stud hubs I already make. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards Tim
  3. Hello Has anyone used the Smith & Deakin Manta GTE side skirts and arch pieces, if so does anyone have pictures? Regards Tim
  4. Diffs are £832 + VAT at the moment which is 5% off retail. Regards Tim
  5. Hello all I can still supply Gripper Plate Limited Slips Differentials, 2 sizes available depending upon CWP ratio. Regards Tim
  6. Had an answer from Jetex today, their downpipes are designed for left hand drive cars. Regards Tim
  7. TJM

    Manta Floors

    Hello Does anyone know who manufacturers the font floor wells for the Manta as I am interested in putting them into stock? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Tim
  8. If you are Swansea Peter try Bar Propshafts in Neath, can build most racks. Regards Tim
  9. Hello These are still available new if you have a supplier in New Zealand: Fronts 24-627726 Bump/Rebound 310/150. £169.00 each Rears 24-009188 Bump/Rebound 98/36. £114.00 each. If you cannot source in New Zealand I can supply but would need full address for shipping quote. The prices above include 20% discount. Regards Tim
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