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  1. It is, i dug up a picture from google street view , dated 2012. The place was completely gutted after it was sold, garage knocked down and rebuilt pretty much from the ground up
  2. Great to see this being restored to it's former glory Of note I popped over Virco's old place the other day... what a change..
  3. Hopefully this'll go to a good home and we can keep tabs on this.
  4. Would be a good idea, as mentioned, give me a buzz if you want to try and get a LSD setup installed, Gripper have a good plate type on offer that's a straight bolt in job bar shimming / setup.
  5. As a close friend of Vircos, he'd have been elated that the car's been saved and completley overhauled. I do recall the rear axle was in dire need of a rebuild given how noisy it was, but can't remember if it was swapped out. Either way, if it helps any, I can put you guys in contact with the team at Gripper diffs for a good plate style LSD if you wanted to upgrade it. I was lucky enough to pursuade Ian to part company with the 1800 coupe he rescued and got the V5. That car is being dry stored with the premise to be built as a tribute to Mr Virco so seeing his 'Red Rocket' being restored to better than i remember is a fitting tribute to his memory.
  6. Been digging through a few pictures to find if i had any of Virco. Excuse my scruffyness, but this was around 2004? the poor manta being broken was refered to as BOJ, given the inner and outer sills had disolved, the foot wells gone, sections of the rear floor , roof and front end were all rusting away. It honestly was too far gone to save. The funniest bit was when i kicked the rear arch currently in the pictuer, and we discovered there was a full arch repair section stuck on with filler! We all couldn't stop laughing how bad this was as there was NO welding, just stuck there with filler. Ironically the repair section was still in reasonable condition ,so it was saved if i recall. Good times, and figured if anyone's got pictures, post them here.
  7. I had the privalige of knowing him for 17 years or so, he'd helped me through various issues on cars, he'd learnt some from me and after i returned from university, it became more of me helping him out with issues. So sad i never got to talk to him one last time, though hopefully now, he's at peace after all the health issues he struggled through. RIP Virco
  8. The engine was a chance from a SRI astra that MANTAMAN had previously but it had damage and along with some electrical gremlins. The car was dismantled and scrapped, but not before I'd traded another engine for this one. They're good engines from what i've read, and can make easily 300bhp or so with little more than management, a decent intercooler (the stock one is pathetically small and plastic!) and a drainpipe exhaust. I do recall seeing a Manta with the same engine and was making 278bhp at the wheels though an 1800 gearbox. I picked the RX8 gearbox for 2 reasons - one , they're cheap (£200 for a good one) , 6 speed so better ratios and they're not much longer than the stock manta box. It wouldn't take much to design a custom mount and with some careful cutting of the tunnel to move the gear shifter hole back by 100mm or so to fit and still retain the centre trim. Plus there is kits to adapt them to Vauxhall engines and other brands. Given RX8's are going pop cause the Renisis rotary has a tendency to self destruct and the RX8 comes in a portly 1450kg? or so kerbweight, then it's a good choice for a good RWD box being plentiful, can take a good amount of power and cheap. As for the interior.. Honestly I've never seen another car with it, and to put it bluntly, I'd rather take it all out and replace with a nice black one, I'll be sure to make sure it came out intact as it's hard to find parts. Though I'd only want the front half as the car's going to have a full weld in cage.
  9. Figured I'd make a post, it's been nearly 14 years since i renewed my membership but life got in the way and I've been working to further my career as an mechanical engineer having since returned to university, earnt my degree and been working in high end automotive and motorsport including working at Le Mans in 2012 for Dunlop, at Aston Martin, Caterham, and been involved in a few projects including the Caterham SP300 and was a key member of the team that did produced the battery systems on the NIO EP9. Also become a bit of a Ring tripper, and currently managed a 9.42 BTG in the daily driver (BMW 330i Touring) though now the bug's bitten hard, I need to build something faster... For those who knew me back when i was a member, i had the Orient blue 1800 hatch back (RIP) and had a few coupes in storage, one was scrapped as it was beyond saving with rust in the inner and outer sills, non existant chassis rails, footwells, and boot floor... but that saved a few other cars with the parts. Another coupe went to Danny up in Yorkshire and has since been saved and restored. Danny, i found the spare 5 spoke in gold by the way , so free to collect if you want to drop by!. The coupe that i've got currently stored up, though will be moved to new storage in the near future untill I've been able to resolve the housing situation. I've still been aquiring parts including a RX8 6 speed box and a Z20LER engine carefully extracted from a Astra SRi, so the loom and ECU are completely intact. Plans are to use what i've learnt and the contacts i have from the years i've been working in engineering to work the coupe into a track day car but keep it road legal, I've seen a fair few mantas built up this way, so hopefully can learn from the work they've done to figure out the best way (within my wallets limitations!) of getting the car rebuilt. Of note, I can't start yet on the project as i need to get a house first, but I'll be asking questions and will be on the hunt for some parts.
  10. Blimey, been a few years since I was logged in here Well, the Manta's been mothballed for the past few years due to work commitments at university, and for the past six months, job hunting. HOWEVER I did manage to get myself a job over at Aston Martin and due to start there soon. Once i've got settled in, I hopefully should be able to continue where i left off with this project. I know it's been ages, but as always, life / work commitments come first
  11. Looks a tidy shell there Clive If it works, it'll be a unique car to be said just like your V8 was
  12. Yes you have Happy days Would like to send a BIG THANK YOU! To Mr Virco for all the help he's given when i've been working on it Now to get the manta done...
  13. News to me! Gonna go and find it in a newsagents tomorrow then!
  14. Cheers for the encouragement guys, it's so frustrating though wanting to get this car finished!
  15. Bringing this back to the new forum after quite a few requests The project started back in 2003 when i acquired a coupe shell that was relatively solid from a Mr A for a silly price. The engine was a 8v SEH engine and after some thought, it was decided to keep this as the engine since no-one's done a well tuned 8 valve engine in this format. The spec sheet grew as did the ambition. Unfortunately the wallet hasn't as yet and the car is very slowly being worked on when i have time and money to do so, but being a student dosser.. that proves very hard with a BMW 320i needing maintaining so i can work at the weekends at this place: http://www.newbridgemotorsport.com If you look in the gallery, that's a Group C Nissan... and yes i am working on that... Kinda a dream come true so you might understand what I'm getting to see and want to make this manta up to! Anyway, spec is below followed by pictures galore: Engine Vauxhall SEH Sri130 base engine Rebalanced bottom end with ARP Rod bolts Pistons and rods 1.5g end to end Bill Bylestine Stage 3? head, re-sat valves and pressure checked. Kent Camshaft? and vernier pully Weber 45 DCOE Carbs Ashley 4-1 Steel manifold Fresh bearings Fresh oil and water pumps Fresh gaskets Mega jolt ecu and coil pack to be brought / Jenvey TBs and AEM management / Turbo conversion on current engine (Ideas...) Possible swap of manifold and exhaust system to BTB custom if funds allow. Transmission 1.8 Manta gearbox Helix custom clutch (£280! ouch!!!) Gripper / Quaife LSD? Chassis 1986 Manta GTE Coupe Re welded, new rails and jacking points, stitch welded (hopefully!) 'New' non sunroof skin 6 point Safety Devices cage Sparco Evo bucket seats TRS 6 point harnesses Remote Brake servo Brakes Astra GTE calipers Goodridge lines Pagid Pads VW Polo master cylinder and servo (thanks paulmanta!) New lines if needed Suspension Bilstein / Gaz / Leda (to be decided) Powerflex bushes Possible new top wishbones to allow for camber adjustment Cleaned and rebuilt parts (Robbie, i'm aiming for the same finish as you!) Pictures! Car when i first had it ROT! That's as far as i've got so far, hoping maybe things will improve to a point where i can actually spend some serious time on the damned thing and really get the shell sorted out underneath before i start looking into getting it to a shop to have the roof sorted.
  16. Do like those arches a lot. Not as aggressive as 400 arches but they do look very good. How easy is it to do that without distorting the panels much?
  17. Ian N

    The Coupe 8v

    Ok I'm done now, I'm not going to update this thread anymore due to people repeatedly having digs at me. It's turned into a slagging off session as it always seems, because of lack of progress, I am trying but seems people are all too eager to slag me off at any given chance cause I'm always struggling to get anything done with this car. My situation is NOT easy to work with, I'm stuck half the year away DOING MY F**KING DEGREE! NO JOB OR DECENT INCOME, a car to already pay for, AND NO ACCESS TO THE CAR MOST OF THE TIME I AM HOMEid="size4"> I try my best but odiously people here can't see i do wish to see this car finished, but haven't got the patience to wait.
  18. Bloody hell Ian You've been at it some! Good to see that car finally back together and driving after all the hassle. Hope it turns out to be a decent daily and you can get onto something else now [] Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then? BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [] OMOC 5714 http://www.clockservicing.co.uk/ For any clock repairs try here.
  19. Off topic (Sorry Clive!! [:I] ) Joe... wrong lol [] Try this: http://www.formulastudent.com/ our patron this year was none other than Ross Bron! Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then? BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [] OMOC 5714 http://www.clockservicing.co.uk/ For any clock repairs try here.
  20. Yes.... but it's still long [] Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then? BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [] OMOC 5714 http://www.clockservicing.co.uk/ For any clock repairs try here.
  21. I heard about this from a Mr Virco, you've got a decent car there Kevin! You'd best get the rust sorted on it and store it up, those cars are worth a bit these days especially to the MK2 Cav club! [:0] Oh and on a side note, I love the number plate [] [] (being i own a E30 BMW!! Hahahaha) Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then? BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [] OMOC 5714 http://www.clockservicing.co.uk/ For any clock repairs try here.
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