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  1. rx8 engine to go with the box would be great super light engine about the size of a shoe box 9000 rpm nice
  2. can you get a large pair of water pump pliers on the rear wheel cylinder. then get someone to put pressure on the brake pedal with the engine running, you should not be able to hold the pistons in even with a huge pair of water pump pliers. then you no you have good pressure to the rear calipers. if you aplie the hand brake so its just binding.just grabbing the wheel a little. then pump the pedal a few times . do the rears work of then also are the shoes the correct size for the drums
  3. have you taken the car for a drive. have a good drive use the foot brake and the hand brake try and bed the shoes in. see if it makes any differance with them bedded in if the rear brakes are bleading easy the flow to the rears should be fine. esp if you have fitted new flexis
  4. hi i had problems with rear brakes once i replaced the rear shoes and could not get a good pedal. it turned out the rear drums was so badly worn the new brake shoes was only catching on the edges so the new brake linings was acting like they was made out of rubber.
  5. hi yes use a small hvlp gun as i have only got a small compressor. so i just spray a panel at a time. i have to use a big gun for the filler primer. as my nosel is to small on my hvlp gun to push the thick primer through. thanksi its def not easy the rear quarter taken me 3 days, my finger joints are swolen with all the sanding. but like to see it comming on. hoping the door and front wing are a little more easy
  6. got the rear quarter painted had to flat back to the primer to get rid of the flakey paint.. also fitted new door speakers . fitted cassette rack from ebay just slid in great. new mats ebay £27 great fit new leather gearshift gator of ebay really pleased with that . genuine leather and really thick great quality new number plates ebay £13 the pair delivered bargain also got all the lights working im having a day of today. then i will crack on with the door and front wing hoping to get the side finished this bank holiday
  7. standard look apart from my quad lights and oval tail pipe.. i think i will stick with the webber carb as im not that hot on injection and that sort of stuff. i no where i am with the webber and manual choke i no it probably de values the car but im not selling so suits me the gte coupe in gold is my dream car always wanted one. just love the look of the standard gte coupe they got it just right
  8. hi its ok monaco blue has sent me a link to his car that has the oval pipe fitted
  9. hi looking for the big metal original air filter for the varajet carb
  10. i drove the car around our block to turn it around to get it in the garage. the other way around and the engine ran great, even pulled geat at under 1500 rpm. so it got me thinking why would it run great when under load. and not whilst standing my conclusion was no vacume under load so got to be sucking in air. but i new the gasket was new. so never went back to it.. so i went straight to the manifold to check the bolts and they was all loose. what an idiot !. i must have got distracted when fitting the carbs as i was suposed to be looking after the kids.. i feal real stupid.now at least its running great. well pleased
  11. ok thanks for the info. might just fit the latter oval type. has anyone got a photo of an oval pipe so i can fabricate one. because im not happy with the drain pipe thats fitted to mine
  12. has anyone got a cassette holder gte centre console mine is missing
  13. has anyone got a photo of the original gte tail pipe exhaust factory fitted to my car. i seem to remember them being oval but i may be wrong
  14. just got the boot and rear painted the prep work was tuff. the boot and spoiler paint was pealing and craking all over. see before pictures
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