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  1. I can send the flywheel, clutch and fork back to the clutch manufacturer to get checked. Just got to take the whole lot off again! The earth points and earth lead for the driver's side were cleaned after I fitted the gearbox. I'll do the other side next time. I'll probably get a new c20xe starter as I'm not sure if the one fitted is for a Manta 1.8 which isn't as powerful.
  2. Thanks for all your help, since I've had the back of the car up in the air the starting issue has gone!
  3. Thanks for your informative reply. I've checked and I've got the complete damping block set up where the cable goes through the bulkhead. I've removed all the washers as they didn't seem to make anu difference. I tried 109mm again but couldn't get any gears. I've now set the distance back to 120mm by adjusting the pivot bolt. Using all available thread on the cable the pedal is now just below maximum height. When I press the clutch pedal it makes a noise. I can select gears with a slight effort, but the wheels are turning before I release the pedal. The fork doesn't touch the sides of the hole with the pedal up or down. The flywheel is clean and in good condition, the clutch is new, and I fitted a reconditioned gearbox. Could there be a problem with the clutch fork? I was hoping it would be a cable problem but looks like I'll have to remove everything again or get rid of the car!
  4. Raised the back of the car on axle stands today, with 120mm fork to bellhousing distance a couple of washers at the gearbox bellhousing and the pedal at the correct height I managed to select first gear, but the biting point was very low. When the car was in gear with the clutch pedal pressed to the floor the wheels were still turning. Adjusted it again and couldn't get any gears. I left the car idling and did many adjustments even going back to 109mm but couldn't get gears again. I've now changed the clutch cable added more washers and could get first gear, but the wheels start turning before you release the pedal. The bite point is very low, and the pedal is set near maximum height. The fork to bellhousing is now back at 120mm. Surprisingly the car starts perfectly with the back of the car on axle stands. I can't do more adjustments at the moment as I've run out of washers. Hopefully I haven't wrecked my clutch and flywheel.
  5. I've got one earth from the gearbox bellhousing to the chassis on the driver's side and one from the block to the cross-member mounting bolt on the passenger side. All the testing is made more fun as the battery is not holding a full charge or the starter is playing up, something else to look at over the weekend.
  6. I set the gap to 120mm and adjusted the cable until I could select the gears, the pedal is now at the correct height. After driving a couple of miles, I had trouble selecting reverse. Something is still wrong as I can smell fumes from the clutch. I've got all the washers, etc for the bulkhead and I'm using a 1.8 cable - it's quite old could it have stretched? Thank you.
  7. Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.
  8. I've finally got the rest of the car back together so It's time to adjust the clutch. The clutch plate is only slightly uprated so won't need much more pressure than the standard one. I've added a couple of washers to the cable, before it goes through the bellhousing as it was with the old clutch. With the pedal at maximum height, I still can't select any gears. Should I add more washers or adjust the fork. Thank you
  9. I've got a C20XE with flat flywheel and Manta 5 speed box. I've had an uprated clutch made for it. I've set the bellhousing to fork gap to 109mm without a cable fitted. The cable end needs a lot of adjustment to get the pedal to the correct height. Is this the correct method, it's been a long time since I fitted a clutch. Reading some of the older posts, should the fork to bellhousing gap be bigger as the C20XE has a larger diameter? Any advice will be welcome Thanks
  10. Today while driving my T4 Caravelle (unfortunately) I saw a R reg Manta B in blue with a black vinyl roof between Aberaeron and Ciliau Aeron around midday and a white Manta A with thin red and blue stripes on the bonnet in New Quay around 4pm. I haven't seen these Mantas around here before. Do they belong to anyone in the club?
  11. Ems

    Manta clutch

    I've sent the flywheel, bolts and all the clutch components to him. The cover plate must have been wrong as well as they said the fork had been hitting it.
  12. Ems

    Manta clutch

    Thanks for the updates, so I need a Calibra Turbo clutch plate and a Manta thrust bearing, what cover plate do I need? Do you have any part numbers for this clutch? Thanks
  13. Ems

    Manta clutch

    Thank you for all your help. I haven't got an original flywheel bolt and no history of the flywheel unfortunately. The area where the friction plate touches the flywheel is not flush with the outer part - should it be?
  14. Ems

    Manta clutch

    Just checked, there's only one way the clutch plate will go on as the centre is offset.
  15. Ems

    Manta clutch

    Thanks for the replies, I have no idea what clutch kit is fitted as I got it with the car. It's done between less than 10k miles since it was fitted. There's still 7mm of friction material on the plate. I changed the original flywheel bolts for ARP ones. What individual parts do I need to replace the clutch?
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