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  1. Ems

    Air Ride Manta

    What dampers are you using with the airbags?
  2. Ems

    Air Ride Manta

    Like the look of the car lowered, is that the parked height - do you drive at a higher setting? It's something I had thought about doing to mine, but need clearance for speed bumps and gravel roads. My old Sportshatch had 60mm lowered springs and Spax adjustables, the handling was excellent but it always scraped the exhaust over speed bumps, etc. Love the seats, did you retrim the back seats as well as they look like new.
  3. Tank breather pipe, goes into the hole to the right of the tank
  4. I used ethanol resistant hose on my Manta, got it from Advanced Fluid Solutions.
  5. If I remember correctly, it's 8mm id for the return hose and most of the outlet hose and 12mm id hose from the outlet to the pre filter and pump.
  6. Welcome back to the club. Car looks good from the front!
  7. I've had Carlton 2.2 vented discs and calipers on a previous Manta which were better than the standard brakes. My current Manta has got Wilwood Midilite calipers and vented discs which I got as a kit from Rally Design.
  8. Sorted now , thank you.
  9. Yes, they've seized been sitting in the shed for about 20 years. I'm changing back from discs as the handbrake mechs seize through lack of use.
  10. Does anyone have a pair of early Manta B/C drum backplates with manual adjusters that haven't seized? Thanks
  11. Looks like the head gasket might be on it's way out as water has been coming out of the radiator overflow during the last few journeys. The car hasn't overheated. The engine has done around 2000 miles in 4 years since a rebuild with new thermostat, rad cap, water pump, etc. Are there any known problems with the early Coscast head and are some gaskets better than others? What pressure rad cap should I be using on the standard Manta rad with the C20XE I think the one I've got at the moment is 13.5psi? Thanks
  12. I've been using Wilwood Midilite calipers and vented discs on my current Manta and the previous one. They're much better than the sliding calipers. Are you using drums or discs on the back? The kits are available from Rally Design.
  13. I saw this Manta at a show on Sunday. The car has had one owner since new. At first it was his family car, which he then used on road rallies before it was used for many years on tarmac stages in Ireland. It now has a highly modified C20XE running on throttle bodies, a six speed sequential gearbox, Ford rear axle with lsd, etc.
  14. It can rattle and leak for a while longer, my drive isn't flat or secure so this job will have to wait. I'll sort out the prop and the oil seals either end and put it back on the road.
  15. How easy is it to change the input bearing on the 5 speed box? There's a noise from the gearbox area when idling which stops when the clutch pedal is pressed a few people have said it's the input bearing. From looking at the book of Haynes it looks like it can be changed without dismantling the gearbox. It goes on about spacers for the bearing - would it be ok to use what's there already? Also is it a difficult job to remove the gearbox from under the car, it's on the drive so there's no lifts, etc.
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