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  1. Ems

    No lights

    Last week I had no indicators on my Manta. All the earths were fine, it turned out to be a problem with the rear light cluster, a burnt out relay and the indicator/hazard switch assembly.
  2. It was reading ok until a couple of months ago, so I'll check the voltage inside the car. I didn't know the voltage gauge could be adjusted, still learning things after all these years!
  3. The volt meter on my Manta doesn't go past the orange section. The battery is charging and the voltage at the back of the alternator is ok. Is the gauge likely to be faulty?
  4. Thanks for the help, all sorted now.
  5. How tight should the u bolt on the prop be, I have always guessed. I've just changed the rubber donut and bearing again so want to get this as accurate as possible this time! Thanks
  6. Ems

    Track Manta

    Like you I have also considered selling the car as I have nowhere dry to store it. It would be better for the car if it was inside a warm garage all winter. My car hasn't been too bad, I wash and wax it before winter to give it some protection, after this it only gets the occasional wash until it warms up again. Now it's got some surface rust in places where the filler that blends the arches to the shell has cracked and a few small patches elsewhere. I'm not too worried at the moment as I'd like to get it re-sprayed within the next couple of years. Underneath was solid when it had the last MOT. During winter I have more of a problem with water getting in to the car, the windows misting up and a useless heater.
  7. Ems

    Track Manta

    My Manta is outside all year. I keep it taxed all year so I can drive it in the winter as well.
  8. Car's looking good, are you fitting the sump guard as well?
  9. Remove it, I don't have one on my current Manta which has a C20XE and I didn't have one on my old one which was had a 1.8E injection system fitted to it. Do you still have the pre-pump filter fitted?
  10. Nice to see another Manta getting saved. What are your plans for the car?
  11. I asked a question about changing this bearing last year - search for "Input Shaft Bearing" for some more information. I still haven't done this job!
  12. I saw this car about a month ago. It will need a new roof as it's rusting around the factory sunroof, also quite rusty in the boot where it meets the rear panel - not helped by the fact that the sunroof drain tubes were not in the holes by the tank, so were draining into the boot . The front inner wings and behind the head lamps look ok as does the nosecone. I haven't looked underneath so can't help there. It will need a new radiator fan as it sounds like the bearing has gone and the heater pipes weren't connected to the car heater matrix.
  13. He only purchased it recently, I'm sure there will be some changes to the car over the next few months.
  14. Had a visit this morning from a new Manta owner who lives 5 miles away. It's standard apart from some stripes and the painted wheels.
  15. I'd like to know the location, won't be too far away from me!
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