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  1. Thinking about it I never had any problems with the original donut on my old 1.8.  The axle had a full rebuild before I put it on the car, haven't thought of balancing the prop.  I'll check the universal joints for play.  As the input bearing is noisy on the gearbox there's a chance that the one on the output side has worn too which might create a problem.  Alternatively as said above it could just be inferior rubber on the donuts.  

  2. I thought I'd bring this to the top again.  Last year I fitted a new heavy duty donut from Edelschmiede (I also changed the bearing and gearbox oil seal) and just over a year and 2000 miles later the donut has a lot of cracks in it.  There's a lot of free movement in the prop and oil has started to leak out of the gearbox seal again!

    Would I better off using the softer donut, or is there a better alternative to the donut available?

    Thanks again.

  3. If you've got one, a steam cleaner with wallpaper attachment will do the job quicker than a heat gun.  Any adhesive remaining can be removed with Autoglym tar and adhesive remover.

  4. As already stated it sounds like a blockage or fuel pump problem.  I'm sure my old mk1 Cavalier used to have a filter inside the pump housing that you could take out and clean.  Another thing worth checking is the carb as a lot of them have a small in-built fuel filter, also check the carb diaphragm for a split.  

  5. Like the look of the car lowered, is that the parked height - do you drive at a higher setting?  It's something I had thought about doing to mine, but need clearance for speed bumps and gravel roads.  

    My old Sportshatch had 60mm lowered springs and Spax adjustables, the handling was excellent but it always scraped the exhaust over speed bumps, etc.

    Love the seats, did you retrim the back seats as well as they look like new.

  6. Looks like the head gasket might be on it's way out as water has been coming out of the radiator overflow during the last few journeys.  The car hasn't overheated.  The engine has done around 2000 miles in 4 years since a rebuild with new thermostat, rad cap, water pump, etc.  

    Are there any known problems with the early Coscast head and are some gaskets better than others?

    What pressure rad cap should I be using on the standard Manta rad with the C20XE I think the one I've got at the moment is 13.5psi?


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