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  1. Is this the blue one with a black bonnet? If so it's sitting in a garden in Llandysul OMOC 5768
  2. Ems

    Gary F's 400r V8

    Hi Gary Just checked this site it doesn't mention side or rear windows only the windscreen, shouldn't make a difference as many kit cars don't have windows http://www.motester.co.uk/mot-cog.html#testdetails OMOC 5768
  3. Ems

    Gary F's 400r V8

    Put the back seat back in, I used my sportshatch until my son was 2 years old, then my brother borrowed it and promptly blew the engine. OMOC 5768
  4. It 's now working - it was the fuel pump[] OMOC 5768
  5. It seemed to accelerate quicker and break down faster! It looks like the fuel pump packed up, I've ordered a new one - hopefully this will sort it out. Ems OMOC 5768
  6. Finally drove the car for the 1st time since the 1.8E head/injection conversion today as I took it for a MOT. It passed its MOT then broke down on the way home! OMOC 5768
  7. Ems

    D631 JWY

    I've replaced the jacking points with some box section as well, had no problems for the MOT
  8. Yes I'll be there - still looks rough but at least it's driveable!!
  9. After 2 years off the road and lots of welding, My car has just passed it's MOT with no problems. It still need filler & paint to finish it off but at least I'll be able to drive it when I Tax it!! Ems
  10. Excellent news, I've got a lot of work before I get to that stage with my Manta
  11. Saw a dark grey coupe (A reg) driving through Aberystwyth yesterday morning, does this belong to a club member?
  12. Saw a white D reg GTE coupe in Aberystwyth yesterday, does this belong to anyone in the club?
  13. Manta with 400 kit and rothmans graphics went through Llanarth today and turned towards Mydroilyn or Oakford, anyone know who owns it?
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