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  1. I've been using Wilwood Midilite calipers and vented discs on my current Manta and the previous one. They're much better than the sliding calipers. Are you using drums or discs on the back? The kits are available from Rally Design.
  2. I saw this Manta at a show on Sunday. The car has had one owner since new. At first it was his family car, which he then used on road rallies before it was used for many years on tarmac stages in Ireland. It now has a highly modified C20XE running on throttle bodies, a six speed sequential gearbox, Ford rear axle with lsd, etc.
  3. It can rattle and leak for a while longer, my drive isn't flat or secure so this job will have to wait. I'll sort out the prop and the oil seals either end and put it back on the road.
  4. How easy is it to change the input bearing on the 5 speed box? There's a noise from the gearbox area when idling which stops when the clutch pedal is pressed a few people have said it's the input bearing. From looking at the book of Haynes it looks like it can be changed without dismantling the gearbox. It goes on about spacers for the bearing - would it be ok to use what's there already? Also is it a difficult job to remove the gearbox from under the car, it's on the drive so there's no lifts, etc.
  5. Ems

    Torque Tube Donut

    Sounds like the nylon inserts would be a better option. I have some standard ones - just thought the uprated one would be better option as this car has a C20XE and lsd fitted. I didn't get it direct from Gil, I got it from one of the German suppliers but it does have opelgt.com on the moulding so could be a bad copy.
  6. Ems

    Torque Tube Donut

    Just removed the one from my car, this was uprated and had opelgt.com in the moulding. I have a spare I got at the same time - not sure if it's safe to use that one. A new bearing was fitted the same time as the donut - should I change that as well?
  7. Ems

    Torque Tube Donut

    Thanks for the picture, I think the one on my car is worse than that one. I'll put up a picture when I remove it from the car. The one I got was not genuine but from one of the German suppliers, I'll have to find the invoice.
  8. Ems

    Torque Tube Donut

    Loads of cracks through the rubber. Not sure if it's enthusiastic driving or just a bad quality part.
  9. The torque tube donut I fitted to the Manta around 4-5 years ago and done less than 2000 miles has disintegrated. It was supposed to be heavy duty! Can anyone recommend someone who can supply one that will last longer or an alternative. Thanks
  10. Nice car, same colour and spec as the first one I got 30 years ago - but much better condition than the one I had!
  11. Is anyone from the club going to this show, you can book a space for 10 cars. https://www.tsars.org/
  12. Yes, you're correct - one from the gearbox to the swan neck and one from the engine block, below the exhaust manifold to the cross member bolt that comes through the chassis leg on the passenger side inner wing.
  13. Many aftermarket 5.75" light units will fit, you've only got to decide whether you want dipped beam with sidelight or ones with dip. main and sidelight
  14. Regulations from the MSA Blue Book for Road Rallying. In addition to complying with Section J all cars competing in Road Rallies must comply with the appropriate part of the following: Body 18.1. Bodywork must represent the manufacturer’s original profile and may include any optional extras available directly from the manufacturer. 18.1.1. Bumpers must be fitted. 18.1.2. Paintwork must be one colour or manufacturer’s original colour scheme. No primer is to be visible. 18.1.3. Vehicles must not have wheel arch extensions, unless fitted by the manufacturer as a standard item to the body shape. 18.1.4. All major internal trim as fitted to the body type by its original manufacturer when offering it for sale must be retained. This trim will include headlinings, inside door panels, carpets and rear seats. 18.1.5. Front seats may be improved or replaced. 18.1.6 The trim, including the rear seat may be cut to allow the fitting of a safety cage. 18.1.7. If equipped with a non standard fuel tank it must be separated from the driver/passenger compartment by a protective bulkhead of non-flammable material preventing the passage of fluid or flame. 18.1.8. Full harness seat belts may be fitted. 18.1.9. Guards may be fitted beneath the vehicle to provide protection from damage. Engines and Transmissions 18.2. Vehicle engines must have: 18.2.1. A maximum of four cylinders. 18.2.2. A maximum of two carburettor chokes (two single or one double). 18.2.3. A maximum of one camshaft per bank of cylinders. 18.2.4. Engines with more than one camshaft per bank of cylinders may be used providing that they were originally fitted with fuel injection and that the fuel injection system complete with plenum chamber and throttle body is retained unmodified. 18.2.5. For diesel and petrol engines under 1500cc actual capacity, forced induction is permitted providing that the complete original induction system is retained unmodified, other than the replacement of the air filter element 18.3.1. Fuel injection may be fitted where it was standard equipment by the manufacturer for that engine type and where the original plenum chamber and throttle body is retained for that engine type. 18.3.2. A standard Wankel unit will be considered as three cylinders – twin Wankel units are prohibited. 18.3.3. Engines must comply with the silencing levels G.11.1, J.5.17 and 4.1 and have induction air filter elements fitted that ensure the vehicle complies with noise regulations J.5.17. 18.3.4. Only H shift pattern manual transmissions are permitted. The gear lever must remain the only means of changing gear unless an alternative method was originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer as standard. Automatic transmissions are permitted provided that they are in their original configuration as fitted by the manufacturer to that specific vehicle model. 18.3.5. The number and location of the driven wheels must remain as original to the model of car. Wheels and Tyres 18.4. Wheels and tyres are free but must fit within the standard unmodified wheel arch. 18.4.1. Vehicles must be fitted with tyres that are always legal for use on the public highway. 18.4.2. All moulded slick tyres are prohibited including those listed as FIA Approved Moulded Slick Tyres. 18.4.3. Vehicles must have all spare wheels securely fastened in position and must not be fitted with spiked or studded tyres or any non-skid attachments, other than chains if permitted by SR Electrical Systems 18.5. Vehicles must have a maximum of four forward facing beams, as well as side and indicator lights, unless further restrictions are specified in SRs. 18.5.1. Light pods are not permitted. 18.5.2. A headlamp must provide the main beam and dipped beam functions. 18.5.3. An auxiliary lamp provides a beam other than that provided by the headlamp. With the exception of cars built before 1st January 1947 the maximum width of the lamp body of any auxiliary lamp must not exceed 222mm. 8.5.4. A headlamp may consist of a single reflector with a dual filament bulb, or separate reflectors each with single filament bulbs providing the functions of main beam and dipped beam separately. This will be considered as equivalent to a single dual filament headlamp unit. Lamp units comprising two reflectors where one is fitted with a dual filament bulb will be considered as a combined headlamp and auxiliary lamp. In this instance therefore no additional auxiliary lamps may be fitted. 18.5.5. Auxiliary lamps unless fitted as standard equipment using gas discharge or LED technology are not permitted and gas discharge or LED headlamp units may not be retro fitted. 18.5.6. Auxiliary lights must not be used in neutral sections except in poor visibility as permitted by law. 18.5.7. Where more than four beams are fitted as standard, only four may be used and the remainder must be rendered unusable for the duration of the event. 18.5.8. Vehicles must have all lights fitted and used according to motor vehicle lighting regulations. 18.5.9. External navigational or Marshal lights are not permitted. Miscellaneous 18.6. The vehicle must be currently registered and taxed as a Private Car and comply with all statutory regulations as to the Construction and Use regulations (especially regarding brakes, lighting, tyres, warning devices, rear view mirrors, silencers, speedometers, wings and windscreens). 18.6.1. Vehicles may not use racing style numbers, nor have any advertising except for event sponsor decals which must be incorporated within the rally plate. 18.6.2. They should be equipped with an effective method of stopping fuel supply, operable by the Driver when normally seated (the ignition switch would normally cover this requirement) and must use pump fuel as defined in Nomendature and Definitions. 18.6.3. Brakes are free but must comply with Construction and Use Regulations. A hydraulic handbrake is permitted. This must incorporate the existing manufacturers handbrake lever, mounting position and pivot point. 18.6.4. For all road events, the use of global positioning systems or any other type of position determining device is prohibited and will be penalised in accordance with 13(p). Exceptionally, the SRs for Navigation Rallies and Navigational Scatters may Permit their use.
  15. You won't be able to do night events with a turbo or body kit on the Manta
  16. You got that for a good price, are you going to use it for motorsport or as a fast road/track day car?
  17. On my old Manta I made the jacking points from some box section and 3mm steel, then welded it the main chassis and floor. Never had any problems with the MOT and just used a trolley jack. You could always add a lip to the flat plate and use a scissor jack off something like a Golf.
  18. Ems

    Dealer sticker

    It was me, thanks for the info.
  19. Ems

    Hub Nut Cover

    I'm after the metal nut cover for the front hub of the Manta, noticed mine was missing when I got home earlier. Thanks
  20. You should be able to get cardboard or plastic tubes from anyone who does signs, graphics, window tinting or a carpet shop if you have any nearby.
  21. Welcome back Clive, look forward to seeing your next project.
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