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  1. I'd be interested in attending this one, can you send me some info. Thanks
  2. I asked the same question a couple of years ago, someone suggested a OPB E30 rhd floor mounted pedal box. In the end I went with the Polo servo and standard Manta pedal box.
  3. I think this part is the same on all mk1 Cavaliers, Ascona B's and Manta B/C
  4. I've got a spare (new) heavy duty donut in the attic, can't remember if it has a bearing as well.
  5. I've only ever used the early 2 piece lights on my cars, if the metal backing can be saved you'll be able to use a variety of aftermarket light units. On my car I have H4 outers and kc daylighters as inners.
  6. I've got my fuel pump and filters in the boot, but I've also run the fuel lines inside the car
  7. I used to get mine from Rally Design.
  8. Hi Julian, there's a locknut on it. Maybe I should add a second one.
  9. The adjustment bolt on the 1.8 gearbox, keeps on loosening. I can go from all gear to no gears in less than 10 miles. It hadn't worked loose for the first 250 miles, but the last few journeys it's been a nightmare. Could something have broken where it attaches to the fork? Thanks
  10. Glad it's not just me having problems, I've changed all the gaskets on the inlet side, fitted new pipes and a new icv. The throttle switch is ok and set correctly and there's slack in the throttle cable, also adjusted the throttle stop. It idles around 1800rpm when hot and also hunts slightly. The plugs get sooty very quickly as well. Surprisingly the car goes well.
  11. Can anyone tell me what colour wiring goes to - 0 + on the distributor or alternatively 1,2,3 on the loom connector Thanks
  12. Another update, can't find any air leaks - sprayed everywhere with cold start and there was no change in idle speed. To see if it made a difference, I sprayed some into the K&N filter this resulted in a drop in revs for a couple of seconds. Any other suggestions?
  13. Took it for a drive earlier, still idles high and I'm sure it doesn't feel as quick since I fitted the FX ecu!
  14. Thank you for all the suggestions. There's free play in the cable. I've tried finding a leak, the throttle body to manifold and powercap have been re-sealed. I'll continue with my quest during the week.
  15. Car starting again, changed the ECU for another one and I left it idle for 30 minutes. The revs dropped a few times as if it was going to stall, but they picked up again. Now there are no fault codes! Still idling at around 1300rpm when cold and 1800rpm when hot, can't find an air leak so might adjust the linkage. Might risk taking it for a drive later, hopefully I'll return without a breakdown truck!
  16. A match is out of the question, might have to sell it instead! Thinking about it, the engine just turns over with no hint of wanting to start. Can the crank sensor fail without giving fault codes?
  17. There's power going to the fuel pump and it make a noise, there's also a pressure build up at the fuel rail as fuel squirts over the rocker if you press the valve.
  18. It's getting worse. Last weekend I drove the car for about 5 minutes, it cut out and wouldn't restart - I even tried a new fuel pump relay. The car came back on the back of a recovery truck! Prior to the breakdown I fitted a new ICV and it ran fine other than still having a high idle. A couple of weeks ago it started cutting out and taking a while before it would re-start, this happened several times - there were no fault codes. A couple of nights ago I fitted a new coil, but it still wouldn't start. This morning I fitted new plugs as the old ones were sooty and had done 140 miles! The car started and I let it idle for a while and checked the fault codes which were clear. I then switched off the engine and left it for a couple of minutes. It started again and I left it idle and after about 5 - 10 minutes the car cut out. This time it won't restart. Checked the codes again and it says the hall sensor on my new dizzy has failed, also the body of the dizzy gets quite hot - I guess this is normal as it's attached to the head. Any suggestions would be helpful as I'm rapidly getting fed up with the car! Thanks again.
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