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  1. I'm also with RH and can't get agreed value as I don't have a garage. I hope I don't have to claim as I wouldn't know what the market value would be.
  2. It's cutting out again under load, any other suggestions? No fault codes showing, over the last couple of months it's had new plugs, leads, distributor with new cap and rotor arm, reconditioned injectors, coolant sensor, crank sensor, fuel pump relay and new filters. Should change the idle control valve this weekend weather permitting!
  3. Would the lack of self centering be the reason the steering feels a bit vague, or could it be because I've got a quick rack as well as the epas?
  4. I've got a Momo steering wheel in my Manta with a Raid snap off kit and boss from a Manta Exclusive. It brings the steering wheel closer, but I prefer it like that as I've got short arms!
  5. I've got the same problem with my car, so I can't help with this one!
  6. Another update, I removed the metal trim that holds the window rubbers and put more sealant on them - the inside of the windows and door cards are now dry. I still have some water coming in on the drivers side, I'll try re-sealing the windscreen to see if that makes a difference.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good insert tool for the plastic strips that go in the windscreen rubber? Thanks
  8. Took the car for a 30 mile drive today, and the idle is around 1800rpm hot or cold, there are no fault codes. Looks like I'll have to change the idle control valve.
  9. A quick update, the boot is now dry - it was leaking around the lights. It seems to be letting in water at the front of the door windows, above the mirror mountings. Is there a easy way of getting the windows lined up properly?
  10. Is the bonnet on you car steel or fibreglass?
  11. Nice car, way out of my budget. That front bumper with extra lights would look good on my Manta!
  12. Thanks for more suggestions, what's the rear panel bit you're on about?
  13. Quick update, changed the fuel pump relay as suggested and it has stopped cutting out. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply, car only has carpet, didn't put sound deadening back in. I'll have to drill holes as the previous owner welded plates over all the holes in the floor and boot. There was no rot around any of the rear windows, and they've all been sealed with arbormast windscreen sealant. The boot sits properly. Good question regarding the sealant under the metal channels - I can't remember, I'll have to check. I'll try the dusting, might have to grate coloured chalk as talc won't show up to well on white.
  15. There's water getting into the car (85 Coupe) in various places, the drivers side is quite bad - have adjusted the glass but it's still getting in. On the passenger side it's getting in at the front of the glass above the mirror. Also the boot has a new rubber seal and that's still leaking. I would be grateful of any suggestions. Thanks
  16. I've changed the coolant sensor as it was idling at 1800rpm (now 1500rpm) but the original was blue and the replacement was black - does anyone know if there's a difference other than the colour of the plastic? Thanks again.
  17. It happened when I was doing 50-60mph, about 6 times - ignition light came on for a second so I accelerated and the lights went out. All happened within the last couple of minutes of the journey. When I got home I let it idle (1500 rpm) - every time I touch the throttle I can hear what sounds like a relay click, I don't think it's any of the ones around the fuse box or the throttle cable/linkage making the noise.
  18. The C20XE in my Manta idles at around 1500rpm at idle. Diagnostics are clear. On my drive home the car cut out about 6 times, there's also a clicking from the drivers side fuse box area. I can't feel any relays clicking, could it be the fuel relay under the bonnet? The ecu is on the passenger side so it can't be that. Thanks
  19. I've got 225/50 15 tyres on the rear and 205/50 15 tyres on the front of a Manta B Coupe with an XE engine. What should the tyre pressures be? Thanks
  20. I've fitted a Polo servo and Golf GTI 16v upright m/c to my Manta. Would the rod need to be the same length as the one for the Polo servo and Manta m/c or will it need to be shorter as the m/c isn't as long? I've also fitted Astra mk4 rear calipers (Bosch), one of them has a sticky caliper as the lever doesn't move back when the handbrake is released, but can be levered back easily with a screwdriver. Any suggestions on how to get it working properly? Thanks
  21. Ems

    C20XE oil leak

    I held the engine in place with a engine crane and dropped the whole crossmember assembly. Got the sump off and changed the gasket. Re assembled everything and left it for 48 hours before filling it with oil and testing it again. The sump has stopped leaking, but the oil pump gasket was weeping - tightened the bolts and all looks ok. Went to put the timing belt cover on to notice that there's a small leak from the exhaust cam seal, I'll sort that out another time. Also wired up a light and switch for the engine diagnosis to find that the hall sensor on the distributor has failed. This car is determined to stay in hibernation!
  22. There's a V8 Cavalier Sportshatch for sale on the Retro Rides forum
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