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  1. I had exactly this on mine, it was the hose from the servo to inlet manifold, it was the only original hose on the car and had perished.
  2. GTE Hatch with 20xe engine used for track days, 650lb linear front springs, 180lbs linear rear springs with a set of Bilstein sport dampers, rear end is polybushed, 16mm rear anti roll bar. Despite these upgrades the back end still leans a fair bit when cornering with a tendancy to understeer, in terms of stiffening the back I am not sure where else to go form here, any ideas please ?
  3. The rear of my manta GTE in 1" higher on the nearside than the offside, I've just had both springs out which are standard ride height and each measures the same length, any ideas please ? Whilst 1" doesn't sound like much difference it is visually very obvious
  4. opelman


    I have found this mod is only required for track use and then only for very tight right hand bends
  5. Hi, Standard 20XE in manta, just started to pink badly at 2500 rpm under load with part throttle, it even does it when reved to 2500 in neutral, could a defective knock sensor cause this, I assume the ignition is too for advanced ? any ideas ?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know the correct part number please for a Fuel sender unit, hatchback GTE 1987 ? thanks as always Jason
  7. I am using my manta B for the Track and the standard rods ends wear out very quickly, has anyone had any experience with rose jointed ends please ? and where to get them etc ? thanks
  8. Does anyone please know the Vauxhall part number for just the belt (round tooth) ? thanks
  9. I often see a white Coupe B driving North at around 5.10 on the M271 out of southampton.
  10. The ball joints on mine have already been turned, in fact I would guess they were already like it from the factory.
  11. I was thinking of adding some negative camber by 'slotting' the top ball joint fixing holes and sliding the joint towards the shock absorber. The manta is only used for trackdays. Is this modification an appropraite way forward please ?
  12. Hi, I need to fit some longer wheel studs - does anyone know the spec of the originals please including the diameter of the splines ? many thanks
  13. Hi, Was at Combe on Saturday and watched the 4.0 V8 through quarry and wondered what the spring rates were, it did look very stiff. Good to see the other mantas and asconas there.
  14. Hi Jas, What is the date of the meet in June, is anyone welcome ?
  15. I run 650lbs linear front springs lowered by about 30mm, I tried 400lbs but they were not really much different from standard. At the rear I run standard height 200lbs linear.
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