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  1. Used to have them in my hatch aswell, and had them from halfords.
  2. Mantai200 (Kev) did a BMW conversion in an A a number of years ago, can't remember what engine thou.
  3. You are right Jack about the gold Mantas having gold wheels, as the pic of the spare wheel proves. Looks not a bad car at all was looking at this on ebay myself.
  4. Sorry Ben just not at the moment, but still lurking around. Aleks lost her job earlier this year so will have to wait abit.
  5. Isn't that the pre production prototype one used to belong to Welder?
  6. Don't know the name of the bits but when you push the handle up flush to the sunroof when you close it tightens a rod up i think which pulls a link (pivot) either side which raises the back of the sunroof. The mechanism either stretches over time or the link corrodes and breaks. If you take the sunroof out you will be able to see the mechanism and see how it works but thinking about it if you get the lining off or to one side you can see the mechanism to see if it pushing the sunroof up at the back when closing the sunroof. I was lucky to have a spare sunroof and change the whole runner bits. Hopefully this makes sense but im sure someone will be along soon with more technical knowledge.
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