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  1. I've got a complete lot from an 87 exclusive. Seats need a good clean. Got dash and odds n sods too. Trouble is they are in Norfolk, England. Looking for £100 complete set of seats front and back, another £10 for front seat chasis (in need of refurb). Could be costly to ship.
  2. I've got some that came off a '87 GTE. Worked OK when I too then off the car 18 months ago. They would need a bit of TLC. I can check part numbers later this week if your interested. Mark
  3. I've got an '87 Exclusive 2.0l engine (done 108K) about to go to the metal dealers will see it I can get it off without damaging it too much. Won't be able to do it until Friday 1st August though.
  4. I'm looking at options for moving my Manta shell (Mary the Manta) both around the yard where it's stored and later (when money allows) to aid moving it to the blasters. At present it's on a rollover stand (spit type). Anyone got any suggestions or ideas? Ta Mark
  5. Have you tried your local bearing retailer? Just take your old ones in and from the numbers on them, or from the dimensions, they can find somethings that works.
  6. Cutting the end off and welding in a plate is the way I'll go. Sometimes you need someone looking at it from away from the problem to have a different/better perspective/ideas. Especially if your new to restoring Mantas and not a Manta 'expert' with lots of experience.
  7. Mmm never thought of that one Stradacab ..... like it
  8. Anyone have any ideas for replacing, repairing the cones on the front crossmemeber where the bump stop rubbers live?? Both mine are rusted at the ends where the rubber fits in
  9. Not been able to do much for well over a month as I had to move the car out of the garage where I work on it for 5 weeks. Anyway now after literally hours of 'fettling', modifying and adapting, I've finally got the rollover spit to fit and work. Now to tackle to belly. Going to get as much underseal off as possible, remove the bushes from the rear axle tie bar. The it's off to the blasters (finances allowing).
  10. Having got the front subframe apart and the roll over spit not yet arrived so I can't get on with preping the shell for blasting I thought I'd start some modifications ready for the Rover V8 fit. Having looked at the Manta that the engie I have came from a bit of the front cross member needs to be removed to allow the sump to fit so.... before after Now has anyone got any tips or ideas on replacing the bump stop cones as they are a little poorly.
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