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  1. Ok a bit of an update as I know one fellow member will be watching with interest. So there we are up to today.
  2. Thanks for replying for me Paul Have now sorted a box of stuff to be sent of to the chromers and also the missing bits that i needed. or should I say Paul has cheers paul. . Cheers
  3. Willo the wisp. and it describes his ex to the bone... Well Ian the 400 is off to the NEC for the weekend so whilst its out I might just re arrange the garage. it
  4. About 7 years ago I knew little / nothing about Manta's that was until I met Sean and realised that 'oh these were the things that he used to pick the evil edna ex up in from school'. . The love affair for the Hatch has only developed in the last year and consequently I wanted one for my everyday car to replace my juice guzzling Astra. i have been very lucky with this car as all of the major work has been done by its previous owner so all that is required is attention to a few rusty bits, new brakes ( including pipes ), suspension, new more sportier exhaust, and a good old clean up of engine , front crossmember and diff, its also going to be treated to a set of alloys.Other than that it will be standard ish with a bit of bling. As per usual I didnt get any pics of the car whilst it was outside and still complete it was too keen to be sat next to the 400 Anyway here are a few pics of the bits that need doing on him body work wise I can only get to drivers side at the moment. The theres the bits that need cleaning and blinging up a bit Im hopefully going to get really stuck into it in the next few weeks so watch this space for up dates. Enjoy.
  5. As your only down the road you may want to come along to this viewtopic.php?f=14&t=20188 Would be gr8 to see you there
  6. Got A466 sitting on my drive which to is a red hatch but as with Hardcore not seen A666 around the area. Although have seen it at billing in the last year or so.
  7. Hi All Well its down to mum to post the pics as the boys are sick[xx(] so they might not be what you want to see. Anyway the first pics is especially for Mesh look out on german ebay for them they were available when Opel were racing in the DTM so you never know one may crop up. Yep little overals with a little touch of Opel.[] The engine bay actually looks worse than it is I think it will be out with the engine and a dam good clean in there.
  8. Woops sorry...[:I] Cant remember if it was an auto or not just the rust on rust with some more rust just to make sure.[] SORRY.
  9. No Danny I think that I went and saw that car if its from near Reading that is and it was by far the worst exclusive ive ever seen to the extent that the rear brace across from the ends of the chassis rails had even rusted and I dont mean a bit sh1tty it wasnt there atall. That was just for starters there wasnt much left of the chassis legs either side and as for a boot floor well enuff said about that im sure.Then you can go onto the rear 1/4 which were starting to well disapear along with the doors and just about ever other part that was made of metal was changing to a nice mushy sh1tty mess. No Danny this if it is that car is a complete dog and I 100% agree it should be used for what spares are left as it would use just about all the remaining new body panels and parts that are left for the other mantas, die bitch die... if its not that car then sorry Garymanc to diss your car[]
  10. Hi Roy Why dont you take it to Auto Europe in crawley they specialise in diffs and box's they will also be totally honest with you I have used them in the past. Or I have a very nice 1st gear back dog leg 400 box it would fit your engine but it aint cheep as they are a rare as rocking horse S""t. Tel:- 01293 862606.[]( Auto Europe )
  11. Hi so who owns the car at the bottom with the little boy by it b936bbv I though it was Daves at first but dif reg is it a 400? as you havent said anything about the car.[]
  12. like you Opel2000 im sure ive seen purple hose it may have been somewhere silly like motorworld but try here they certainly show purple hose on the web site http://www.samcosport.com/home.asp
  13. I wish all who are taking part in this all the best I hope you all get alone and dont start tripping over each other or nicking each others spanners lol.. Im just gutted I cant come and help but then again the car would prob come out with a 16v shoved in, dropped and caged up and I would limp away with a slightly worse back. But ho-hum good luck Andy hope the elecys are in better nick than the 400's were.[]. I look 4ward to hearing the stories and seeing the pixs. mantamadhovells@yahoo.co.uk I havent got a little saying And im to think to post a pix of my cars
  14. Paul popped over with his car on Sunday its a really beauty very clean all round. Another good car to grace the billing fields. Dont worry about the auto Paul,Sean will sort that for you no problem[][]
  15. oi FAT BOY If I had gone in your car I would still be on my way there chug chug [] And yes I like having your car in my garage its has extra roof storage space as ive run out of space on the blue cars roof lol[]
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