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  1. It might be me i have just moved into Darwen and have been pootling around abit . mine is a red GTE hatch but currently with a terrible black roof as my paint is in poor shape
  2. Hi all getting rid of the viscous fan on my gte. Does anyone have a solid mount fan with the 4 mounting bolts. Thanks
  3. Hi All Looking for an intake hose I have a 87 GTE with injection. Mine has just split making it idle horrible. Also completely separate I would like to make my dash look more period and put a standard radio in it I have ho idea what one even looks like! Cheers
  4. looking for some new wing mirrors. anything is considered would like some 400 style ones but they can be pricey. just wanting to replace the none manta ones i have at the moment that came with the car when i bought it
  5. hi im looking to upgrade my brakes i think im going to be getting some audi discs from mantasport but i need some calipers to go with if anyone has any some thanks Ben
  6. he asked me to post it about abit he wants rid fairly sharpish. very cheep car its prity solid needs a little TLC but nothing serious. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330791624197?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. no there not quite right dont think they will work unfortunatly thanks though i got one but it is broken i would put a pick up but i cant work out how to do it the lights and surrounds are from an exclusive if they are all different
  8. Ok thanks I'm currently trying to modify some long bolts but it seems like a lot of work for a simple job
  9. i have finaly managed to get the surrounds sorted but i have nohing to mount the lights Does anyone have the plastic mount adjusters things that hook onto the lights if not supose i will have to bodge something out of a long m5 bolt. anyone done this before for pointers?
  10. loveing the split opinions makes me want one more
  11. thanks for the help i will have to see about modifying one i no they are avalable for capris one of them may be near size for the hatch
  12. not shure if you can actualy get them but i want some fo the rear window louvres for my manta b hatch, anyone got some?
  13. i need a new bosch airflow meter looked online and found some at £500 cant be right surely any for sale in good condition ?? its for A 1987 MANTA GTE, that has lummpy idle
  14. fantastic thanks. im having a little problem with the temp creeping up when im giving it more revs this may come in handy

  15. hey when you put the car together did you wire in a blank panel with a little green led on the dash? or is that standard, i cant work out what it is

  16. wow thanks paul i apretiate all that. i have done a little work on the car myself and noticed wile dooing so that it was in very good shape, from the little i have driven it i can also say that it is still solid and alot of fun. i bought it for the same reason you built it i think, i wanted a reliable reasonably standard looking car that i could tinker with myself and hopefully use as a day to day and it fulfils that perfectly. the paint job is very disapointing im saving funds for a respray i am thinking it may go black though. as you said the headlights are not the the twins but i am curently looking for a good set to fit, other than that i dont think it is much different than you described. yes i did pay 900 but as i said im well happy with that because in my opinion she has far more character, i may be getting all wierd but it feels like a car that has been well looked after and loved it is clean and tidy and i love that you named her betsy, unfortunatly that name has not stayed as i now call her mani ( its debatable wether its a mans name or not but hey) it is my first year in the omoc and i am intending to come to billing aslong as i can get time for it and i would love to show you the car and hopefully what i have added to her i will keep you updated with anything major that i am dooing to the car thanks ben
  17. ahh ok so the exclusive stickers may have come from the origional 1.8 hatch gt exclusive and a 2.0 gt/e exclusive injected engine was transfered into it at a later date. (does this engine have a name? like the later redtop did) the car was registerd in 1987 if that makes any difference thanks ben
  18. hey guys i bought my red manta gt/e reg D687 PWJ in summer last year from ebay, it is a 2.0 gt/e and has an exclusive sticker on the back however it is a hatchback, this made me wonder what else the car had done to it on lookin through the history it shows that at some point, and i cant pinpoint where, it changed from a 1.8 to a 2.0 sugesting an engine change. I WANT TO KNOW MORE! so, as the car had a omoc sticker on it and there is a sheet with some old tax disks on it with the omoc logo on, it must have been a previous member. someone has to know something. wen i bought the car it was advatised as formaly a GT but converted to a GT/E however i dident even realse there was a manta GT?? this jut adds to the confusion i realise that all this devalues the car but i dont care i feel it adds character, it only cost just over £900 and it runns sweet. i just want to know the cars history thanks Ben
  19. ok guys thanks alot for all the help im begining to get hang of the forum i think. how do i post picks of the car up ?
  20. hey saw this on ebay could be a good project if you in to that http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OPEL-MANTA-GTE-EXCLUSIVE-IRMSCHER-HATCHBACK-/320656817669?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa8a2be05
  21. wow allready so much response thanks guys yehh andy that would be much apreceated how much do you want for them ? i am also looking for a set of the hydraulic boot lifts, some standard gte wing mirors,the quad headlights as they look better than the square ones i currently have and a thrust bearing but i have worked out i will probably have to buy a new clutch set supose then i am building up some spares. should i be posting this list of things i need in a different area of the forum ? thanks ben
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