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  1. I quite like that - pity the steering wheel is on the wrong side
  2. Another vote for Dolphin Grey - brilliant colour
  3. Hi Grant - excellent Viva you have there, love the interior as well. Ladybank show - that is quite near to me but never realised they had a car show - must look out for that.
  4. Your injection inlet manifold and exhaust manifold will fit fine. From memory I think the thermostat housing is different on an injection engine but just use the one off your old engine. Also you will need to either leave the mechanical fuel pump on the carb engine of fit a blanking plate.
  5. Mine lives in the garage as well. Its spent the last 3 years 'resting' but is now getting used regularly again
  6. I seem to remember seeing a device behind the drivers headlight but it maybe just a connection for the washer tubing. Just to clarify, the washers only work when the headlights are on and you press the screenwash button.
  7. Sure is I am MGFmad on there, only joined last year.
  8. Hi Superchargedfool - I see you made it over here from the MMOC forum Nice hatch you have there.
  9. Worth doing though. Not long finished doing this on mine although its taken about 2 years as so much other stuff seems to get in the way Your Manta is looking good - all that work will help preserve it
  10. When I see these statements I always think - well its a Manta, if its never been welded its well overdue for some metal replacement At least it will be solid and you will know its condition when you are finished.
  11. They often turn up on ebay.
  12. So are members user names in blue then? I am not familiar with all the new forum bits and bobs.
  13. A good project there I would keep that rocker cover, looks and seals better than the steel original - unless you want everything completely standard. Tailpipe looks like a standard fit exclusive type.
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