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  1. Part needed. London based so can pick up local or will need posting.
  2. Looking for a radiator fan for my manta gt/j 1984. Need fairly urgently if anyone can help...
  3. not sure if it needs to be exact year (1984) any help appreciated
  4. I need to find a full set of decals for my Opel Manta GT/J I've been looking online but can't find any, can anyone help? thanks
  5. yes but sadly they decided not to sell, i think they were shocked someone finally made them an offer!
  6. thanks! don't mind either, more bothered about condition as i need to be able to use it straight away, i'm looking at one...83 coupe but its got a bit of rust round the sun roof which is making me a bit wary.......any thoughts welcome
  7. Hi, i'm looking for a Red Opel Manta from 1982 onwards. I need one in pretty good condition, minimal rust probs and def no welding needed, not fussed about how many owners as long as they have been kind I'd prefer it with at least 6 months MOT, and if any tax on it then all good. I am based in London but will travel for the right car. I don't really have a budget as it depends on the condition and model but don't take that as me being made of cash. Reason for buying is my family used to rally them back in the day and i've been looking for the right one for a while now but no joy so far........ so if there is anyone selling please get in touch. thanks Melanie
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