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  1. steel

    How Hard

    cheers m8,, much appreciated yes my v8 manta is having 400kit the roof on that hasnt a sunroof this for another car
  2. steel

    How Hard

    also when the inner and outer rear arch have rusted out is it possible to use 2 outer arches 1 inside the other to repair with a bit of shaping tweaking of course
  3. this will share space with the v8 manta will work only on weekends on it ,,not giving anymore info just yet will wait till i get some pics but shes [very] rusty in all the usual places altho wing mounting rails battery tray and washer bottle area and inner wings so far look very good door pillars look ok from what i can see however inner and outer arches, outer cills, wheel well, nosecone, rear panel,areas of scuttle and even quarter panels have rusty holes roof has also had it, front jacking points are battered to shit but on a positive note dont think its ever seen a mig, so not having to cut out other peoples bodges before i start .which is a bonus in my eyes, the swan necks need doing but pretty good compared to lots ive seen even tho its rusty as hell i still think it looks awesome in its black and silver colour scheme even the original ronal alloys look good on there
  4. steel

    How Hard

    best sort joining up then bein as i been here a while now
  5. steel

    How Hard

    is it to change a roof skin i know you have to drill out loads of spotwelds is it a job 1 can tackle at home with basic tools or something best left to the pros
  6. i am removing the complete boot floor wheel well from my b series coupe you may be able to use some of that as its in good condition
  7. back of floor front floor
  8. had to go up put the cover over the car as you know ime building it outside its been pissing it down for the last 2 weeks here and cover blew off not a problem will clean it back u to bright steel with a cup brush on the grinder dont know why but only these pics came out will get better ones next time you get the idea with the outriggers tho i think they look good and theres room for the outer cill to fit and overlap the inner cill -box section
  9. how much do u want for the pedal and where about are u thanks regards jason

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