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  1. Hi folks, Just to say that I'm having the same issue as cam-in-head and can't reply to my own topic on the diff as above! But I can PM people, so if you've answered me in the topic and wondering why you've not received a reply on the Forum, that's why. So please check your PMs if you're waiting for my answer to anything you've said in reply to my post. Sorry, but it's not my fault, electronic communication has bitten me in the bum again! BJ
  2. Hi, am emerging from the pit of oblivion with a plea for help. I need the crownwheel and pinion assembly for a 19S car, ratio 3.67:1. Been dead unlucky, Road axle on car found to have the pinion shot, spare axle has both crownwheel and pinion shot! As we all know, this is incredibly rare, what happens in 99 cases out of 100 is that it's the pinion bearings that go on these cars. OK, so I'm the 100th case twice over. Can anyone help with an axle they no longer need? I just need the crownwheel and pinion in decent nick suitable for re-use, or could take the whole diff if someone torches it off through the shaft tube once they've removed the halfshafts. Whole axle is of course very heavy and unwieldy, would cost a fortune to ship around the country strapped to a pallet. Will pay carriage unless part is within about 40 mile radius of Chester. Please? BJ
  3. PM sent to you, Mr. Norman. Green Parts have no trims like this of either side, or didn't when I asked them. BJ
  4. Hi folks, Restoring a Cavalier 1 and it's missing the front lefthand hockey stick trim from under the bumper. Any around from a car being broken/has been stripped, please? Oh, and a front downpipe wouldn't go amiss. BJ
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