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  1. cheers for the help looks great! now to have a play lol
  2. cheers andy think i will have to buy one a try!
  3. hi all ive got a mk1 cav fitted with a c20let engine i was using a manta 1.8 gearbox but wanted to run more power so have fitted a omega r25/28 gearbox problem is its a hydraulic system and need to fit a master cylinder but looks to be no space in engine bay as intake manifold looks to sit in the way! had any one fitted one if so how did you get round it? gheers gary
  4. cheers mate will give bigg red a call tomorrow!
  5. im after a brake master cylinder for a 1979 gls 2000 mk1 cavalier! has any one got one or know where i may get one from? cheers gary
  6. i was just on gumtree.com and put manta in the search bar and i came up with some good results! theres a manta pickup! lol well worth a look!
  7. cool thanks for the help! just one more thing is the se6 the same as a se6a axle? cheers gary
  8. hi all does any one know if a scimitar ha6a axle will fit my mk1 cavalier? or is it the ha5 that i will need? my cavalier is a 1979 T gls coupe! cheers gary
  9. As title i am after a mk1 cavalier brake master cylinder! The cavalier is a 2.0l cih on a 1979 (T) can any one help please cheers gary
  10. is it much work to make one fit?
  11. are c20let/xe dip sticks the same length as manta 1800's? if not what should i use on a c20let/xe with a manta 1800 sump? cheers
  12. hi all just fitted c20let in a mk1 cavalier using a 1.8 big wing sump and gearbox! but how much oil should i put in them and what grade oil is best? cheers gary
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