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  1. Hi, I am after a drivers side (RHD) inner wing or repair panel to fix the area behind the shock mount to the bulk head. Thanks.
  2. Hi Hatz, Im currently looking into one in Ireland but I woul like to know more about the one you mentioned incase the other one falls through. Please could you send further details/pictures to birdie100000@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks, Ian
  3. Hi Kapitan, I am interested in your car. Please could you send me some pictures (birdie100000@yahoo.co.uk) and an idea what you would be looking to get for the car. Also could you let me know whether the engine knock has been located/fixed. Regards Ian
  4. Hi Rutts Do you know if he is looking to sell? Ian P.s Thanks Kapitan and Rekord for the info on the black 2 door. Its not really what im looking for. Ideally I would like a 4 door saloon and preferably a runner and drive. But thanks again
  5. My phone numbers 07790202432.
  6. I had an Ascona as my first car many years ago and I am desperate to find another. Im looking for one with a solid body and preferably in blue but would consider any. Many thanks Ian
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