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  1. Hi Andy, that paint finish is looking great. As you say, the more your practice the more fussy you are with the finish. It gives all of us the confidence to have a go ourselves and see what we can do. The Lambretta will be painted to perfection I am sure! Great work!👍
  2. Hopefully one of the club members snapped this up as it looks like it has been sold already!
  3. I have just seen this for sale in Scunthorpe, it looks like it has been standing for a long time as there is quite a bit of surface corrosion on it. Could be worth it if you get it cheap. Seller also has some GT/J Front seats for sale So far no bids and only 99p at the moment! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184800366931?hash=item2b06f5d153:g:8jAAAOSwBxJgipE6
  4. Thanks for the comments, I know where I can get the rims welded. My dad is an approved aircraft welder so can weld up practically anything that is weld-able, one of the companies he used to work for used magnesium wheels for their aircraft nose wheels so he knows what he is doing from the welding point of view. I will just need to find someone who can take care of the surface preparation and coatings. There is a friendly local Italian car specialist who has probably come across magnesium Campagnolo or Cromodoro so I can ask him who he uses for wheel preparation. Not a big hurry, so just wanted to find the right specialist to get them done properly.
  5. One step closer on the long road! After a nerve-racking 3 months but, I have finally received a set of Alloy wheels for my car from a seller in Italy. The originals were missing from my car when I bought it so these are probably the closest I am ever likely to find. They are in fairly good condition from what I have seen so far, although they need a good clean-up and surface treatment. One of the wheels has a chunk out of the outer rim but looks like it could be repaired without too much difficulty. I am assuming they are Cast Magnesium which is what the original wheels were so know that repairs and treatments may be a challenge. Any comments and feedback on preparation and repairs for these wheels will be welcome. Although I don't need them right at this moment I could get on with the restoration of them.
  6. I am not sure if this could be modified to fit a Manta, but could be a useful base for someone, so far a realistic price! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Cavalier-Mk1-NOS-genuine-complete-front-panel-Manta-B/294102995872?fits=Model%3ACavalier&hash=item4479e793a0:g:bPYAAOSw9NRgaeYr
  7. This morning I had an update from Mathewsons auction site and they have another couple of Mantas on the auction for this weekend (Friday and Saturday it looks like) There is a 1985 GTE project car on there that looks like a hell of a lot of welding A 1987 Exclusive Hatch There is also a tidy looking Ascona of 1977 vintage It looks like they are getting quite a few through their books at the moment, so will be interesting in the sale prices
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-rear-axle-complete-DIFF-Differential-brakes-KIT-CAR-DRIFT-GTE-etc/383975700994 I saw this today, it looks like the seller has no details or information on the axle but thinks it might be a A Series axle. Has Tie rods, Panhard rod, anti-roll bar & diff so might be a good source of spares for someone and not too expensive. Collect from Derby
  9. The steering rack is still on there: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-A-Series-Steering-Rack-Rhd-Rare-Mk1/274668445604?hash=item3ff383dfa4:g:y-YAAOSwkuxf~K7H It looks like it would probably need to be fully overhauled based on the photo as it looks quite rusty on the steel parts
  10. I had seen one fairly recently on Ebay for sale in Ireland, it was used and the shipping charges were a little high. So that might be an option for you to take a look at I hope that helps?
  11. https://www.gumtree.com/p/opel/opel-manta-1987-1979-cc-/1396795800 It does mention the usual areas that need attention, but given the recent sale prices might well be a worthwhile project for someone. Unfortunately I think most recent enquiries are looking for a Coupe, this one is a Hatchback but looks like a good basis
  12. That car is the original prototype car that was based on an SR rather than a Berlinetta of the 'Production' cars. So no sunroof & different colour interior. It used to be owned by a chap called John Cordon, who I met and purchased some parts from many years ago. I heard that is was sold a few years ago and went across to Europe to it's new owner so may have been on it's way there when these photos were taken. That would also explain why the UK registration was still on the car as that is part of it's significance
  13. Hi Everyone, After many years of ownership, several house moves and family the time has come for me to finally start my A Series Turbo Project. I bought the car probably back in about 1990 as a wreck back then, it was in bits and needed a huge amount of work. I saw the car and initially decided not to buy it, deciding it needed too much work. Back in those days everything including your hoover had a Turbo sticker on it so I took little notice of the stickers on it and the fact there was a Turbo in the boot. It was only some weeks later I happened to read a letter in Practical classics describing the Broadspeed Turbo and everything clicked into place, the Black body colour, the interior trim colour etc. I was away at College at the time so sent my dad to buy and collect the car, I have had it ever since. An initial assessment of the car and contact with the club back then Mark Kinnon confirmed that is was the real deal and mostly complete. It was missing it's Alloy wheels and the Turbo boost gauge and a few other odds and sods shared with the standard cars. At some point in it's life back then the turbo kit had been removed and was still all together, although for some reason the plenum chamber had been chopped up and dumped in the boot. The car had then been just run as a normal carb car, subsequently taken off the road due to rampant rust in the floors. The car was in bits when purchased, so I have little idea of what I have and what is missing but I did know about the bigger items needed - Front wings, bonnet, front screen, seats needed re-trimming due to rodent action so it was always going to be a big task. The other major issue was the roof, factory fitted with a sunroof and vinyl roof it was rotten. Luckily I managed to get some lucky breaks at the time or a couple of years after buying - 2 new old stock US spec Opel front wings and 4 alloy wheels which were close to the originals but not quite the real thing. In addition I managed to buy an A Series shell that had been crashed in the front quite badly and managed to salvage a roof and decent floorpan from that car. After that intial flurry of work and interest it got put on the back burner due to other projects, working away a lot of the time and house moves. The car never left, just moved from place to place, so apart from getting knocked about at one of the places it was stored the rust never got any worse it was always stored undercover thankfully. So my next steps are continue to clear out my garage so I can actually start work on the car, take an inventory of what I have and don't have then get the shell stripped and blasted to find get rid of all of the rust. The plan is to keep the car as standard as possible, based on practicality and parts availability. Any mods that I make will be easily reversible, I know the brakes were marginal when new so that might be something I look at but am happy to take recommendations there. Here are some photos of the car taken at the weekend & the turbo kit in case you are interested in that. I will keep you posted once I get started in earnest later this year. Richard
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