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  1. Hi Matt, Good to see that the parts are of use to you and much better being used for your cavalier than gathering dust in my garage! Great progress and hope I can be of help in the future when this lockdown is over.
  2. Welcome to the club, I am practically a neighbour in Marlow! Good luck with the Cavalier Richard
  3. All, Thanks for all the positive support, I was in touch with Russ about 5 years ago but no longer have any contact information for him. I will take a few snaps of the car this weekend, although at the moment it is still in it's as delivered state. Filled up with bits and pieces so I will have to sort that out. Be warned, it's not a pretty sight at the moment. If it was a standard car I think it would be fit for scrap. I am toying with getting the shell blasted but I am not sure how much will be left! Thanks Richard
  4. Good Afternoon All, I am getting started on my A series manta restoration in the very near future and will need some help with this from the Manta community to get this completed. Firstly a bit of history - Way back in October 1992 I took a look at a rather down at heel A series at a crash repair company that was one of the projects for the owner of the said bodyshop. I really liked the look of the car but recognised it would be quite a big job to do, floors holed wings full of filler, bubbling vinyl roof - you get the picture. There was something odd about the car, it had turbo stickers on the sides and a turbo in the boot with some other odds and sods as the car had been partially stripped down. It didn't run or anything so I decided it was too much work and walked away. A couple of weeks later, I read a classic car magazine which mentioned the Manta Broadspeed Turbo and it kicked into place. It was one of these mythical beasts, all be it in a terrible state and with a few items missing but the basics were there. As I was away at college at the time I dispatched my dad to go and do the deal, I paid £100 for the car. the vendor had bought the car for £75 and wanted to turn a bit of profit! Anyway I managed to get a set of alloy wheels of similar design that came off a BMW of similar age (only 4 sadly) and the only other parts missing were the turbo boost gauge and the downpipe from the turbo to the exhaust system. I enthusiastically joined the OMOC and met with some great people at that time who helped out a great deal with details and information on the rarity of the car. Time passed, I lost touch with the club and other members. I did catch up with John Cordon via Ebay some years ago who had by that time sold on the Prototype Turbo as was selling off his parts stash. Now 3 storage moves later, finally losing my storage and hopefully the last move of the car before restoration will finally get started I am ready to get the restoration underway. The car had been in dry storage for all those years so thankfully has not got any worse since 1992, but has suffered from some storage damage to the nose so is looking somewhat sad now and if it wasn't for the fact it is a genuine turbo should be fit really for scrapping. I have the car in my garage at home now so will be able to finally get started on this in the next few months. What I need help from the Manta community is as follows: Does anyone locally in the Thames Valley area (I am living in Marlow) have an A series I can take some photo's of for my reference? Secondly, give the unique nature and set-up of the Turbo does anyone have a Broadspeed car that I could take photo's of for helping with my assembly? Obviously I would need to travel any distance for that opportunity and would be more of a long term plan to help with my re-assembly. I know in the past there was a list of cars the 25-28 built and their statuses, which I think Mark Kinnon and Stephen Godfrey looked after but that was a long time ago! Is there any updated list of survivors in the club? Those of you who can remember the old club website and the turbo pages, that was my car which I bought all those years ago including the pictures of the Turbo, manifold and plenum chamber etc. I have set myself a 5 year target to get this done (I did an MGB in a similar time but that has much easier parts availability and I took the car to pieces in the first place). Given the help and enthusiasm I found in the club in the past I am sure that I will get what I need in terms of references and assistance. I look forward to meeting up with friends old and new! Many thanks Richard
  5. Many Thanks for all the messages and offers of help and support. I knew that the friendly attitude and camaraderie that I used to find in the Opel world would still be alive and well! All the best to you Richard
  6. Hi All, I may know some of the longer standing members as I joined the club many years ago when I was lucky enough to stumble across and buy a Broadspeed Turbo - KNO 1N Just recently I have got back in touch with the club and re-joined having lost contact a few years ago. I have had the car for nearly 20 years now and never got much further than weeks of welding and fabrication of the many rotten parts on the car, to be honest if it wasn't a genuine Turbo it should be scrapped! So having had a few house moves and just coming to the end of my latest restoration I am looking for my next project and the Manta should fit the bill. Unfortunately the car was stripped when I purchased it all those years ago so I am probably going to need help and assistance with what goes where, when I finally restart work on the car in the next few months. Any help guidance and assistance from club members would be very welcome, as I remember what friendly bunch you are! Now living in Marlow Bucks, although the car is still in hiding in darkest Essex until I get my garage sorted out but giving it's in the dry it's not getting any worse. All the Best Richard Webb
  7. Johan, I may be able to help, I know that John used to live in Surrey as I purchased some A Series parts from him a few years ago. I am sure he is still listed on Ebay as seller broadspeedturbo so you might be able to contact him through there, I still had a link to him as a favourite seller although I missed out on a lot of his parts when he cleared out all his manta bits. I hope it helps? I might need to ask you for some help with my car in the future. I own a Broadspeed Turbo - KNO 1N which I hope to be my next restoration project having owned the car for nearly 20 years now and still not on the road! Good luck and hope you manage to track him down. When I first bought my car he was very helpful and knowledgeable on the car. All the best Richard
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