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  1. Hi, Loobie, Received message from Ian Martin that the commitee decided not to provide BBQ for members.

    What would it cost per head from bbq company.


    Regards Doug Bart

    1. Loobie Maher

      Loobie Maher


      Sorry it has taken so long to reply to this. The last time we had the BBQ, around 3 years ago it was about £12 per head, from memory. The difficulty at the moment is gauging how  many people to book a BBQ for. We could arrange for 100 people with only 50 turning up and vice versa. I don't want lot of wastage and I don't want to under estimate. 

      The club will hopefully lay on a BBQ again in the future, however, once we are happy again with the venue and can anticipate numbers more accurately.


      I hope this helps.

      Many Thanks


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