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  1. To Maher the hermit, I also have been a club member for that amount of time and I take great offence to your quote "Ive been active as a committee member in the omoc for over 26 years and never heard that the club owns or bought an ascona 400... where on earth did you get that from because its total rubbish". Now as things usually go on this forum this will be locked or deleted (going back to the dictatorship days a bit here) but I will make enquiries here and contact some previous members and totally pi** on your statement I know I am right here, maybe your part of the well known clique on this forum but my information is good. A warning as well should this thread be locked/deleted or warning issued, I will take it all the way, try me!
  2. The club did buy an Ascona 400 many years ago, wonder what happened to that one...........................................................
  3. Went in past yesterday to have a look as there was apparently over 600 entries however as per the previous years the place was full of F***s mind you there was a fair amount of tractors there so probably just as much tractors as F***s. One of the organisers is well into his mk2 Escorts so would have secured a good turn out of them. I did see one Manta there though a Red Berlinetta Hatch which I thought was Martyns (msjrb5) but it was not his one, the car looked to have been in the club at some point as it had an OMOC tax disc holder, I didn't recognise the car or owner. I did see a tasty Holden one Chevette and the local Commodore, a decent show but spoiled by the amount of F***s, more of a F**d show than anything else.
  4. I remember that guy Daishag, Bought a set of Mantzell door mirrors off of him through Ebay a long time back and the biggest pile of crap arrived, they looked as though they were ripped off of a car by Stevie Wonder!! totally unusable as the way they had been ripped off of the car through the screw heads and where thee used to be attached to was all cracked and split, they were so distorted the mirrors would not adjust! Raised a case through Ebay at the time and was offered half my money back which i refused as I was looking for the full amount as was sold a pile of unuseable junk but ended up with nothing, couldn't give them away in the end and were eventually skipped.
  5. This link below to a previous post may help you.
  6. surprised you haven't snapped these up Brian for one of your Ascona's
  7. Not good, I usually get 20% discount equivalent to trade price but I don't think that would help you out here, worth a try though. Handy to know that the discount is there though as I have saved a lot using it and it more than pays for my membership every year.
  8. Let me know how you get on. It used to be Attie that I dealt with there but he is now service manager, think it may be Mark or Craig that would deal with that side of things but if you get any grief drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
  9. What local dealer are you using as Peter Vardy in Aberdeen do discount to OMOC members.
  10. A long time owner from the Mintlaw/Longside area.
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