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  1. First -2.4l crank,then together without flywheel,then all together with clucth plate.Without 60-2 C24Ne,but it still be used without balancing.I had access to balancing machine that conects to crankshaft through dampeners place(You can't put dampener and connect crank to balancing machine) I assumed dampener as factory balanced.
  2. What is inside diameter and length of std twin downpipe? 2.4exhaust manifold have two 52mm (2,04inch)outlets.Do You reckon copying Mantas B twin downpipe length with 52mm in to 58mm(2,28inch) should work fine for mild 2.4Cih? Or is it worthwhile to know Frontera/Omega downpipe lengths and copy them? 2,5inch endpipe could be too much with stock camshaft loosing low grunt.
  3. That is summer use only? This Manta is driven even in -30Celsius. No,I haven't tried spacer.
  4. Hello. There is problem to buy 240mm clutch disk from 2.6 and 3.0 Cih.I'm even considering finding used disk and replace the friction material. Does anyone have used/new disk for these engines?I have balanced 2.4crank with lightened 3.0Cih flywheel and 240mm clutch plate.Only missing the disk.It would be pity to change whole clutch assembly. I'm from Latvia,but shipping should be no problem.
  5. What motor oil do You use for Cih in motorsport?2.4engine with used oil pump(backlash 0,19mm,within 0,1-0,2mm spec). Right now we're using Castrol 10w60 in 20e that's really worn and had oil pressure problems.
  6. Those this "P" bolt goes in to any flywheel/crank hole or it should be put in the right one?
  7. So,this info is true?Found in opelgt.com Do You undercut valve stems on stock 45/40mm valves?To what diameter?
  8. Hello. I have oil cooler,adaptor plate and all other bits from 23TD engine' Cih on the left,Red top plate on right. Want to put temp valve out and check if it works.When checking cooler termostat,it needs to be boiled.Well,oil temp valve opens above 100 degrees.How it could be checked?
  9. Hello from Latvia. Found this page very interesting with some great projects. First time when I saw Manta was when my friend bought this one.At the first glance there was nothing astonishing.After a while I wanted Manta badly. Friend bought her 15inch ATS Classic,with nasty stickers of it was quite nice.Found him original limited slip diff but he never put it on. So,I was to found one for myself.This is what I eneded up with as my first car.81' Manta B,2.0i.Twelve years off the road. Took it apart for welding.Before I could start,friend was done with his Manta.It rusted a lot, after two years of use it was at really bad state.Then I bought her. Winter was coming soon and I didn't want her to stay outside as previous Manta,which was sold.One Manta fanatic offered place at his workshop 60km away.With some freezed fingers got her running again and Manta was in her new home. It was 2.0 Le Jetronic(earlier was with carburetor).4speed manual transmission,got slip diff with it.Recaro seats,black interior and 3spoke Opel steering wheel.Front bumper was in bad condition,body was rusty.Atleast it run. Very poor look.On the left my first car,behind it half of a hatch 1.8ohc.Hatch,the red on,and one coupe in workshop is for Manta fanatic. Bought 2.4 engine from Omega A.Very cheap,but without a lot of bits,no wiring,ECU,AFM,lambda,distributor,starter. Found 3.0 intake manifold,cut it down and made a Cut-down intake with 65mm throttle and 2.4 fuel rail.It will have some minor changes,when engine will be swapped in. I was limited to get to car because of the distance and new semester started at university,so,free time was limited too. One day,guy,who has those other Mantas offered to build this vehicle together with him and other Manta enthusiast in order to use it as track day car. Got to him,took the engine out for welding purposes and he started welding process. Some new fuel lines. Changed them recently.They dried and were flawed to threads. Bought camshaft regrind from ebay,cheap.Well,badly worn too. Back on the roads agian. A while was looking for 2.2 Cih head for 2.4 engine build. First try in porting.2.2 head with 3.0Cut-down intake. Stock 45/40mm valves. 2.4 engine I'm trying to put together at my university workshop.Some old vehicle there to,for example Opel Super 6.
  10. Hi there.Would appriciate some advice.I have Manta B with 2.0cih. I'm lost in thoughts whether it should be 2.4cih or 3.5 Rover engine swap. 2.4Cih is offered for 65euros from a scrapyard.I have 5gear transmission and 3.0 12V intake manifold.Don't have clucth,and propshaft for it in the right length.To make propshaft -some 90euros.I have original Manta/Ascona B lsd,not installed yet.To make engine run-up to 250euros. But there is a chance to get 3.5l V8 engine from SD1 for 100euros with manual transmission,maybe with rear axle too.The engine needs to be rebuilt. Rovers and especially V8's are very rare here,in Latvia.So,spare parts are quite expensive. Engine originally was with automatic transmission,so the flywheel is missing.It can be made for 140euros here from duralumin.So,propshaft -again for 90euros. So,the exhaust manifolds and pipies in materials-200euros.Other problem,the engine is one of late models with injection,but the wires are cut off,no standard ecu.So-I should get setup for carburetor or Megasquirt fuel injection.That would cost quite a lot. Car should be running on September. Would Manta B rear axle with lsd take the 3.5l torque? Is it possible to swap Rover V8 with manual transmission(also rover) without bodywork,enlarging tunel? Maybe there are some tips,good description of swap?
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