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  1. regtransfers.co.uk has SPA 880W on their books, but they want 8 Grand for it.. I don't know of any private reg companies that don't deal with the earlier or Suffix type plate where the last letter denotes age of vehicle but it may not be obvious from their basic search page. Try Advanced Search. Or ring them. As per the previous post you will not be able to use this reg on a Manta A as you cannot make the car appear newer than it is. Have you tried the DVLA direct? If the exact plate you want is available, they will issue it and put it in public action. They will also notify you when the auction is taking place. I got mine this way.
  2. Seller's asking for it to be saved from the Banger boys, so figured a link on here wouldn't hurt. http://r.ebay.com/9jxnOX Looks to be pretty much all there.
  3. Just spotted this on Ebay. Thought I'd post it as I'm sure I saw someone on here was looking a while ago. Ad is for Manta A but also says other makes/models available. http://r.ebay.com/UfEsLR Interested to see what people think about price?
  4. Just spotted this. http://r.ebay.com/VwoBrL I'm no expert, but don't look half bad to me.
  5. http://www.mantaclub.org/archive/
  6. Just spotted this. Low start price. http://r.ebay.com/QRbRmL
  7. This has now been relisted if anyone's interested.
  8. Only just spotted this. Thought it might be of use to someone. Ends 8PM tonight. Sorry for short notice. Currently no bids on it. Opel Manta Rollcage
  9. http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/33814-xe-and-manta-b-parts-for-sale/ Seat for sale.
  10. If it's the same as a Manta sunroof then I read somewhere that the seal from a Mk2 Golf fits. Could be worth asking in the Tech Help section to confirm.
  11. Just found my Hatch on there. Typed in the Reg and there it was!!
  12. amantafan

    B Series

    2 airboxes in Parts for Sale. One posted yesterday & one on April 5th.
  13. Some people may already know about this but no harm spreading the word. The link is for a Manta A Front Wing but he's got lots of stuff and is coming to Billing. http://r.ebay.com/C5KPwZ
  14. Aha, the cat's out of the bag I see! Auction results are on their website. Yes, hammer price was 800. Fees and whatnot took it to 900. Had 1500 spent on it in 2010 on sills & rustproofing so should last a while. Got hold of the previous owner, ex-member on here. Nice guy, got lots of history from him. Traded it for a Senator and missing it already!
  15. It was... but not that much. Any guesses? Happy to tell, but honestly curious what others think. I think I got a bargain no matter what.
  16. Just got back home with it. 130 miles, no problems. Took the long way. Wasn't going to, but it ran so nice I had to get off the Motorway and onto a "proper" A-Road. To answer the previous post, it's completely original down to the GM branded radio, original Dealer number plates and even the Dealer sticker in the back window. Just seems wrong to mess with it too much.
  17. Bought this today. Picking it up tomorrow. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C357051 Description said no MOT but when I rang them they said it had a brand new one. So can drive it home.
  18. Might be useful to someone on here... http://r.ebay.com/SOQusI
  19. http://r.ebay.com/JpVA05 Now this could make an interesting little project..
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