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  1. Has any one got a Themostat housing for a c20xe Redtop, mine has cracked ? The part I need is the one that bolts on to the block, not the bit that contains the thermostat (Part No.90284952). The part does not appear to be available though the usual sources. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the words of advice. I think I will be removing the inlet manifold and tackling it from above. Cheers
  3. I need to replace the starter motor on my 1.8 Hatch but I am unsure of the best approach. It appears very difficult to get to from above with the carb and inlet manifold present. From below it is possible to get to the two bolts that attach it to the bell housing but I think the rear is supported by a bracket that I cannot get to. What is the best way to remove and replace the starter motor ? Any tricks or hints would be appreciated. Cheers.
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