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  1. I think you're right, although the bounce back may not come til next year? The car still looks good and the colour is well suited to an early B coupe. I always thought the similar ochre yellow on the original 2.0s gt/j from 1980/1981 looked right, especially with the black transfer stripes and the black interior which the gt/js had.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Regarding valuation I remember in the past that FJ wanted an independent valuation and were happy with one from a club official. With AF they have their own valuation team and you send photos and a completed condition form in yourself, but you have to state a value that you are requesting. I'm not sure if they accept a club valuation?
  3. Do all classic insurance policies require the car to be garaged overnight when near or at home? I don't remember this from policies I had a few years ago, but have noticed there always seems to be an endorsement or clause in the policy itself for garaging now. Anyone know of any companies that don't require this? Thanks
  4. Saw a nice Manta A 1900 in metallic blue with black vinyl roof in the paddock at the Goodwood motor circuit in Sussex. Looked and sounded great out on the circuit.
  5. Nice looking white Manta hatch (GT/E?) seen today enjoying the sunny weather near Bromley in Kent
  6. Hi all, Wing now found, thanks for all the replies.
  7. Thanks for the reply, pm sent
  8. Front right hand wing required for 1985 Manta GTE coupe. Original new or good condition preferred, no damage or rot. Thanks
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