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  1. Rust eh lol Bilsteins on her I see - Nice score there Adz
  2. Christ That's Good Progress Kev, Respect
  3. Check everywhere for rot mate , Lift carpets , get underneath it and poke about. If its a full restoration job and you're not keen let me know its where abouts , Cheers Kev
  4. Good to see you're still around Gerry Met years ago in Inverness when you came over to help strip a coupe at my old work place. (Roof lining ect) Good collection you have there mate , Cheers Kev
  5. MB15

    Hatch Fuel Tank

    Just to echo the comments above, Get the tank dropped (only 4 bolts) and see what she's like? I know its you're only car and that would take it off the road but if shes leaking petrol and you're still using her - Its dangerous, Not a lecture just seen it too many times in my line of work :/ , Hope you get her sorted stud Kev
  6. Was thinking that but thought id better ask , waterbased spraying outside :/ (need the heat) Maybe set up a wind block and gun her in brilliant white with the red exclusive decals , (Cheaper) as ive already the paint , Cheers Kev
  7. I have a Monaco blue exc hatch which requires a full repaint as the previous owner has left her covered in patches of filler. Roof , Doors , arches , wings ect My question is: Can you get Monaco Blue in 2k or would it have to be waterbased? Im on a very tight budget with no garage, Tempted to roller it in matt / satin black (Rough Rough Rough ) Car is stripped out , 2x bucket seats Wrong engine fitted - 2.0 cih gte , bonnet fitted with pins , (how it arrived) :( Edit : What colour would suit a manta hatch? Ive got 2k Radiant Red (ford) Brilliant White Gloss Black Cheers Kev
  8. Cracking job you're doing there Brian, Swanecks look immaculate Kev
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