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  1. Rust eh lol Bilsteins on her I see - Nice score there Adz
  2. Christ That's Good Progress Kev, Respect
  3. Check everywhere for rot mate , Lift carpets , get underneath it and poke about. If its a full restoration job and you're not keen let me know its where abouts , Cheers Kev
  4. Good to see you're still around Gerry Met years ago in Inverness when you came over to help strip a coupe at my old work place. (Roof lining ect) Good collection you have there mate , Cheers Kev
  5. MB15

    Hatch Fuel Tank

    Just to echo the comments above, Get the tank dropped (only 4 bolts) and see what she's like? I know its you're only car and that would take it off the road but if shes leaking petrol and you're still using her - Its dangerous, Not a lecture just seen it too many times in my line of work :/ , Hope you get her sorted stud Kev
  6. Was thinking that but thought id better ask , waterbased spraying outside :/ (need the heat) Maybe set up a wind block and gun her in brilliant white with the red exclusive decals , (Cheaper) as ive already the paint , Cheers Kev
  7. I have a Monaco blue exc hatch which requires a full repaint as the previous owner has left her covered in patches of filler. Roof , Doors , arches , wings ect My question is: Can you get Monaco Blue in 2k or would it have to be waterbased? Im on a very tight budget with no garage, Tempted to roller it in matt / satin black (Rough Rough Rough ) Car is stripped out , 2x bucket seats Wrong engine fitted - 2.0 cih gte , bonnet fitted with pins , (how it arrived) :( Edit : What colour would suit a manta hatch? Ive got 2k Radiant Red (ford) Brilliant White Gloss Black Cheers Kev
  8. Cracking job you're doing there Brian, Swanecks look immaculate Kev
  9. MB15

    Sills - Manta B

    Sorted , All ordered up Cheers
  10. Price on these roughly? Think the club does them but who to speak to. Cheers Kev
  11. Does anyone know if the black rubber lens surround(s) can still be bought and where? Or even an alternative . . x4 required to suit the twin headlights on a Manta B This question has probably been asked a million times I know Cheers Kevin Edited Picture added and better description of what I`m looking for
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