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  1. the car is just as you see it in the pictures, never turned a wheel, such a shave for it to be just lying there, might take it to Billings and see. thanks. Paul
  2. Guys, thinking of selling my car, haven't got a clue what it's worth! any ideas?
  3. I think that I have the guides mixed up and not sure which side is what and back to front lol, tried following the Ascona Haynes manual with no luck !
  4. Guys does anyone have a clue how to refit the sunroof into a four door ascona.???????????????
  5. your looking at about £150 for the head cloth my friend
  6. what are you looking for an Ascona or a Manta rooflining as the guy that made mine can make them no problem . He's based in Glasgow . Hatz
  7. sure would Callum thats just exactly what your Dad said too mate when he was up looking at the car
  8. can anyone go into my page above and download the pictures from photo bucket? I've gave up trying now
  9. http://i971.photobucket.com/albums/ae194/hatz68/032_zps8334d51f.jpg
  10. touchy feelie anytime Chrissy, its there to be loved lol
  11. Birdie I may know of a brown that might be for sale in Scotland Hatz
  12. manta one is too short my friend
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