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  1. I think il cover it in rust converter so doesn’t worsen and keep a look out For another, this project is just to potter about with as and when so really no rush 👍🏻
  2. Hi guys, some of you may of spotted on the help section a pal started stripping the roof, and it seams as far as roofs go it’s pretty good.... he’s having a go at the boot at the minute, question... is the boot worth Saving as lots of rust under the the paint... no pin holes apparent but is in a bit of a state? whats your thoughts ?
  3. Ahh glad you think so, thanks, Il get stuck in 👍🏻
  4. Thanks guys... so iv been out with kids all day... I get back and a pal has stripped all paint of and sanded, result!! ok... so roof is relatively solid but as can see in pics.. does have rust... some slightly pitted but no pin holes evident. whats the best plan? I really don’t want to do another roof swap and vinyl roof will be on as I want this one as it came out the factory, so rust converter? Etch primor? por15? im currently using rust remover to get into slightly pitted Areas... I honestly don’t want to bodge it but also don’t want to do any welding to roof? feel free to tell me if I’m being a div. Thanks guys
  5. Hi guys , not been on for a while, hope alls well. iv just been pottering with the gold b coupe, trying to sort roof before it worsens, it’s in quite good shape but was some rust under vinyl roof. whats the best pain remover? I got some from Halfords but... it’s not really getting through....anything more industrial? thanks guys
  6. Hi guys, so luckily I never scrapped my second car when I was 18, a gold manta coupe. Totally loved it, handled great, really comfortable but then... needed welding on chasis rails. Subframe came off, my brother did a evening or two welding on it But then it just stayed in his shed dormant. Luckily when he had the odd shed tidy he didn’t scrap it, i couldn’t of complained if he did, in those days Manta’s were worth pennies. Any way 24 years later it’s in my little shed. im not going to start on it until iv got the v8 hatch how I want it but my daughters ex boyfriend (strange) really wanted to get stuck in. So I gave him a wire brush and said have fun.... my thoughts were just to make the good bits not worsen until I get round to having a propper look..... well so far it seams in pretty good shape, one chasis rail looks great with no swelling (will obviously know for sure when floor comes up, even battery tray seams good, and.... wait for it.... roof appears solid....(sorting the hatch roof aged me... a lot) obviously all usual things.... floors, inner wings, sills, arches, spare wheel well but it’s in much better shape than the hatch 👍 the plan for this one is to make as original and comfortable as possible, basically make it how I remember it.
  7. Hi guys. So.... first track day in 8 years! lots of positives, few negatives.. everthing Opel on the car went really well. When she used to track before the shell was quite tired and rotten, now stiffened and caged she handles like a different car, feels much more solid with less roll, I guess all the wheels keep pointing in the right direction. Lsd is quite savage, it could be set up a little different but can stay as is for now, if not going into corner fast enough she skips a little. things to resolve... the r380 box ratios are pretty poor on track and change is very slow or not at all if to quick, it is what it is, il look at other options in winter, il just have to put up with it for now... rover v8... went really well and can easily keep pace with a 230hp Alfa (I’m 150kg lighter) but....at the end of day, oil light came on....my brother was with me and is a lot less Stupid than me...he tuck out sender unit and indeed there was very little pressure...he’s hoping it’s pressure relief valve stuck. He said drop the oil and cut up the filter and see if any pieces of v8 are in it (I hope he was exaggerating a little) . On a hopeful note I was near the pits when it came on and engine remained quiet so hopefully quick fix. Well pleased with pics 👍😀
  8. That’s my thoughts, prefer the black but as you say, more in keeping with its job in white.... if that’s the only thing iv to worry about with it all summer il be doing well 😂
  9. wax and polish, come up nice for a track car. Been out and about with no drama....track evening booked for 29th, Fingers crossed so, black or white wheels guys? Temporarily I’m going for white cus iv only one more for a diy refurb but x4 black for a refurb. I’m actually preferring the black though... friends and relatives differ on opinions. And...stickers on back but would you put on sides? I know personnel preference as it’s not a show car but I honestly can’t decide...
  10. Iv an rx8 I used as a daily and for track, as you say, great box. I’m going to break the rx8 soon, it’s quite tatty and needs some welding. Il be keeping the box To see if possible to lash something up over winter, would be a great conversion 👍 If not knackered the lt77 isn’t a terrible box, it’s just they’re all old now and finding good ones seams hard and or expensive. The box I used to have was from a vites, not sure if ratios closer than standard but They were spaced really nice.
  11. Thanks Johnathan, ya iv looked into it a little. Rpi do a kit, it’s over 3k though which is more than I want to spend. I’ve emailed them to ask how much for just the bellhousing, awaiting reply...,Someone’s done an rx8 6 speed conversion, not an easy swap though, bell housing doesn’t fit over flywheel. They shaved a bit out the internals, il look into it over winter. At present It’s got the r380 box from a Sherpa which has a much better rep than the lt77 I used to run, I blew 2 of those in the past....ratios are pretty poor for track. thing with the mx5 and rx8 box’s is they are a nice box, lighter, plentiful and best of all cheap. I thinks it’s the way to go 👍
  12. Thanks Jess, box whines when coasting, ok under load, it’s got recommended oil in... might try same spec red line, seams to get good reviews. If can i can potter about with it over summer and it can hold together for a couple of track days il be happy. I can sort something out over winter for next year. Another 30 mile shake down tomorrow and if all holds together and il book a evening track day at cadwelll, il be sympathetic with it 😀👍 now it’s got an mot though if it does fall apart il be more inclined to fix it....
  13. Right, well, I’m a bit of a div.... I may of been a bit hasty with the core plug diagnosis (I saw water pi...ng from back of engine and basically got emotional and thought the worst😂)..anyway... I left it in garrage untouched.... when I went to move it I thought I’d let her run and see what’s what.... no leak... but a weep from top rad hose....so I think I my donuts must of sent water to the back, I also pulled up on a slope...(it’s ok I’m aware I’m stupid,and I should stick to the day job) anyway.... it seams the old girl can In fact hold all her fluids if I actually make sure Rad hoses are tight! 🤦‍♂️😂 so, mot.... it failed.... mainly cus I forgot to tell mot dude there’s a switch to turn all electrics on (again pretty stupid) but, apart from a long list of non working lights not to much wrong. I had to alter gear box x member to lower back of engine cus stearing column was to close to exhaust, couple of brake brackets for flexi’s that we’re on the to do list anyway. AND TODAY!!! An mot pass! Thanks for everyone’s kind words and encouragement. Literally just back from 30 mile drive, gearbox is a bit sketchy but hay, its BL so never gonna be great. still lots to do but she’s alive and saved! thsnks guys.
  14. I used to hate the chunky black, when I was younger I had a b with the smaller ones, I went to look at a facelift Berlinetta and couldn’t believe Opel had put chunky lumps of plastic on a coupe. But, when I look at standard cars now on fb I don’t mind, I’d say black as it’s original, but only for originality, for looks i agree with Monaco, what were Opel thinking 😂
  15. Not the best tyre in the world but good for the price, have them on wife’s golf....
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