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  1. Thanks for help, I thought with so many lights out it might be one problem, hence why I asked... turns out it was, er.... everything, fuses needed cleaning, bad earths and paint in some of the connectors ..... I’m getting through it.... thanks everyone👍
  2. Thanks for advice guys, will take another look, the last part of the build is a killer, you really do realise why there are so many 90% finished projects for sale I bailed on it tonight and played with the harnesses and roll cage padding instead (I did actually do some useful stuff to) 😂
  3. Hi guys, as title suggests, only a few lights are working. Iv nearly finished putting back together. I have... wipers work, fuel gage, drivers light, passenger side light work.. no main beam, no passenger head light, no back lights, no indicators either end. Power getting to fuses. What’s your thoughts? Sorry I’m quite stupid....
  4. Rear windows, black trim, skirts, front lights and bumper on in last few evenings, been fun..... you spend weeks sorting arches etc and can’t really tell were you’ve been yet a couple of evenings putting trim on and it looks like you’ve rebuilt the car.... 😂
  5. Thanks Ian, most of spray prep was done last year but iv been busy working but finally got it done..... hopefully just putting all back together and I’m done.... for now , you know better than any one what it’s like....:)
  6. No post for a while, been doing boring stuff, brake lines, wheel bearings, longer heavy duty wheel studs (the original ones quite liked there home and didn’t want evicting, big hammer needed) but finally.... a slightly more interesting pic.....
  7. Great to see the cav out the garage ian, looks great!!
  8. Sorry that should of read Audi vented discs but I think you guessed that 👍
  9. Hi guys, as you’d expect after a while of the road I’m coming up against lots of snagging boring jobs... Volvo 240 callipers are seized, lots of pri bar, bleed nipples undone etc but no joy, there’s some refurb Bosch on eBay for £130 ish each, there’s a couple of different part numbers though, anyone any thoughts? thanks
  10. Mine came out really easy, but like the guys said, I’d been wd every time I walked past it for a couple of weeks 👍
  11. Hi guys, been doing a bit during lock down. Can you still buy the rubber seals for around the head lights?
  12. I agree, I found on a track car when mine was mobile you couldn’t really lower the back without it feeling very nervous on the limit. I think for handling standard gte is as low as you can go. 👍
  13. Yep I know r380 is right and down, I can select reverse manually with out remote connected. Il take another look tonight, I can get 5th and reverse would obviously be behind it 🤷🏼‍♂️
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