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  1. I agree re interior, I had a ‘78 Berlinetta briefly followed by ‘84, b2 car felt cheap by comparison 👍
  2. Hi Ian, iv not been on for a while and only just seen your sad news. I hope your son continues to improve. All the best, Jamie
  3. I don’t want to offend and it obviously cost a lot to build but 10k for a rolling shell that had no takers when it actually had engine and box????? id say a little optimistic
  4. Hi guys , as title, what’s the best primer to use for hatch rear spoiler? I’m spraying with2 pack, I also have some barcoat if that’s of any use 👍
  5. Must be getting close, iv got some primer on! Been quite a while prepping, it’s had a few blow overs before so tuck a while. Unfortunately I ran out of primer, I used more than expected a while ago on the cage... good news is arches and roof look pretty well, more primer next week and il be nearly there 👍
  6. No posts but have been busy. After swapping one door it didn’t really shut, other door sagged so much it needed to be lifted to shut so cut top hing , prised it up from inside and rewelded, surprisingly they both open and shut perfectly. Last couple of nights prepping front air dam and primed. Now arches and roof sorted it’s been flying along really well. Hoping to get skirts and back bumper prepped tomorrow.
  7. So getting more weight to back seams more important than between axles , thanks 👍
  8. Hi guys, iv not posted on build thread for a while but I’m getting close to completion. Where do you guys put the battery? Two options.... to the left of spare wheel well (hatch) pro’s .... weight distribution and most of weight removed is from the rear...cons... weight is behind back axle. option 2.... behind drivers seat (no room behind passenger seat as iv located it as far back as possible for weight distribution) pro’s... between axle and low down... cons ... not massively helping weight distribution. I’m aware of safety etc regarding leaking battery’s etc. Whats your views guys?
  9. Price not bad imo. It’s a coupe... they make loads when mot’d and loads and loads restored! Well done 👍
  10. I think the barn may of had a leaking roof....
  11. Great work, with out wishing to offend when I first saw this project when you started I had doubts if it would get finished, great commitment, apart from the endless prep on the body I think I’d be right in saying you’ve enjoyed 99.9% of it! Well done doesn’t quite come close but the best I can come up with 👍👍
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