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  1. I used to hate the chunky black, when I was younger I had a b with the smaller ones, I went to look at a facelift Berlinetta and couldn’t believe Opel had put chunky lumps of plastic on a coupe. But, when I look at standard cars now on fb I don’t mind, I’d say black as it’s original, but only for originality, for looks i agree with Monaco, what were Opel thinking 😂
  2. Not the best tyre in the world but good for the price, have them on wife’s golf....
  3. 😂 tbh, After the diff drama I pretty much prepared myself for either engine or box problem as they’ve not been touched since was off the road. Engine was hastily rebuilt as it was going to Nurburgring, but I didn’t quite get manta ready and ended up buying an rx8 of eBay the day before I was due to go(had a great time 😂) so manta sat in a garden for a while...not the best place for an un run in engine, so as I said, half expecting it. I guess I could drop box to replace core plugs but I’m thinking at this stage take engine out and have a look at what state everything is in after it’s less than ideal storage in a garden...also iv got some gas flowed heads to put on , get them checked skimmed, composit gaskit. Try and turn this to a positive 😂😂
  4. Ahhgg! Bit of a disaster. Been on two mile back road test run, carbs no leaks, sneaked a quick donut in, diff all well, so you’d think we’re all ready for mot and April at Cadwell, except, suspicious water drip from back of engine. New rad hoses look dry...rad cap dry, can only be... core plug.... located behind fly wheel. I’m too emotional (slight exaggeration) to look any further at the minute but I can’t really see what else it can be. I know engine out not a huge job but I really don’t fancy it at the minute. If I’d just of got a few months play first. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Hi bud, thanks, Perhaps I’d not of chosen the red stuff personally but my nephew is a really good guy and had few ideas so I went with it and I actually really like it, nice family taking some interest. I can’t remember cage make,I bought it second hand from Carl, was out of a hatch that caught fire. I know the cage you mean re going through air vents, if I was to buy a new one I’d of chosen it, must seriously stiffen front of the car, will make a nice triangle with original chasis. 👍👍 Hey thanks, I’m glad a few guys like it, I thought was a bit marmite with red 👍 no back seats. The plans for the car changed as I went along,I really wanted to stiffen the shell and the second hand cage came minus the removable diagonal so I welded in two so back seats are gone. Was going to keep it pretty stripped out for track days but like your self, I actually like driving it so I think il carpet the back and put some light weight sound proofing in. 👍
  6. Looks fantastic. The amount of work that’s going into Manta’s/cavs now compared to 10-15 years ago....
  7. Been pottering.... still had intermittent carb problems (su’s leaking from overflow), as we know, intermittent is really tricky to sort/diagnose. Anyway, my pal came round, there are two 6” fuel pipes after filter, what we (he, I’m pretty stupid!) found was those pipes have a rubbery residue inside that could be making float needle not seal properly. Anyway, carbs cleaned, pipes changed and so far no leaks... not overly excited as it’s ran for couple of 30 min sessions befor with no drama. done lots of other boring jobs but few nice pics of what iv been doing tonight. Decided I’d make it a civilised track car....really pleased. My nephew has been doing a bit of 3D printing for me, ok it’s not high end but I think suits the job of the car. Still fair bit to do but happy with tonight.
  8. If any one needs inspiration to do a good job this is it 👍
  9. Sneaked our for a shake down along a quiet back road, diff good, no nasty noises, engine seams really strong, brakes a bit sketchy (on last trial run brakes felt ok🤷🏼‍♂️) so bit of investigation needed but making slow progress....
  10. Looks well 👍 iv sorted lots of light, need sort hefty cable for welder and compressor, not starting next project until winter so plenty of time. Makes you more likely to go out if you’ve a nice place to play 👍
  11. Thanks Ian, yes it’s great being able to nip out and potter about. 👍
  12. Ha ha, yes... pretty rare now but surprisingly don’t make much. it’s my mums, not been on the road for ten years, it’s pretty solid. she’s 82 now though so maybe best if stays under a cover 😂
  13. Ahh what a month, so couple of developments, iv been doing restoration at my brothers as he’s a lift tools welder etc, iv cleared out a unused Nissen hut (pic is after I spent a week clearing out all the junk) to make my own spot, really happy to have a place to play on manta at home. With some help from you guys and google I’m pretty sure sorted diff whine, only driven round yard but so far so good. I’m a bit fed up of getting oily so got some g3 compound on this eve, came up ok.... I think nearly on for mot... short term jobs... sort out water temp gauge horn not overly lively (occasionally squeaks but mot tester would need to be in a good mood to pass) Sort lights....again... I spent ages on them a few months ago but now one back light Would rather be an indicator.... change needles in su’s, if fuel correct at tick over it’s lean under load... few more bits and bobs thanks for help 👍
  14. Sounds like still got plenty lbf low down 👌
  15. Wow, I’d say that’s a good result for a cih, well deserved with the work you always put in 👍
  16. You weren’t wrong with the weetabix 😂 tuck a lot just to get rid of end float, need to take shims out, was binding once done up. Will take another look at weekend, I’m just doing bits between work and looking after kids at the min 👍
  17. Did it get on rollers? I’m curious 😀👍
  18. Hi Andy, thanks, iv got some from ‘autogear’ £80 the pair, seam good quality, made in Japan. Yes if could take a look for me that’d be great , thanks. I’m just trying to find enthusiasm to go back out, I’m a bit Manta’d out again 😂🤦‍♂️
  19. Hi everyone, got to prop bearing and seams ok, I have a new one so will change anyhow, next is pinion bearings.... is this the correct crush washer? Thanks for help.
  20. Hum, shame, I wanted everything to hand for the weekend to get stuck in with.
  21. Ahhh, the ones I ordered is from a different seller but I think I’m in the same boat..... already changed the front when I was bored in the first lock down..... il keep them for my coupe I’m going to have a go at once sorted hatch 👍
  22. Hi guys. Thanks Ian, i ordered some too! ok had manta on brothers lift, noise from front so prop bearing (thanks Paul) also maybe from back, my brother said diff casing near pinion was getting hot way to quickly so possible front pinion bearing too. Taking apart tomorrow to see situation, thanks for the help guys.
  23. As paul says , If it’s only cheap it wouldn’t do any harm and help eliminate, anyone know part number?
  24. Thanks, pleased you’ve said that...... jacked up and ran it and my nephew thought was coming more from towards the front...
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