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  1. Thanks a lot. Bought it. Really appreciate that 👍
  2. Hi guys, iv come across a really good door for next to nothing. Dumb ass question but can anyone give me a link to tool I need to remove pins? Iv searched through forum but links you’ve given on past posts are now obsolete. Thanks, sorry for boring post 😂
  3. Keep going Ian! After doing my back arches I couldn’t bare to see another pot of filler! I think it can be soul destroying as you think you’ve done a good job, put some primer on and.....agh... still not right! 3 hours later and you’re little further on. Iv left mine and been doing other stuff but I know they’re still waiting... keep going, it’s you that’s got to happy with the job 👍 looks great btw!
  4. Thanks bud. Getting them looking ‘ok I suppose ‘ takes no time, getting them to look spot on takes forever! I’m sure a professional would get them looking good in no time. I know where still needs work, you can even see in the tiny pics. I’m gonna sort wings out then go back to them 👍
  5. I don’t want to see another pot of filler for a long time! Believe it or not iv been hours and hours getting to where they are now , they still need fair bit of work but will do some more on them when it comes to spray prep. I need a break from arches! Also welded in new steal in rear quarters and back panel, wish I’d taken pics of before as that actually went quite well. So, all that’s left is roof, make new exhaust and prep for paint...another month should do it, (if I can bring myself to do bit more on arches) 😂
  6. Hi Ian, the arch was a really poor fit and needed persuading to fit, so much so serious risk of destorting it, thoughts were less of arch used less destortion. have I been a dick? 😂 Ps.... just read bris jas comment and this could be reason.... It says klokerholm on it but as you say, different colour to normal and different to other side that was ordered the same time.... iv not done arches (or much tbh) before but brother said they’re not normally such a t..t to fit...?? I’m guessing iv got same arch as you found not fit for purpose. There were other issues too I won’t bore you with to much
  7. Offside sill and arch Welded on, any one else have any dramas with the Klokkerholm arches? It didn’t seam to have as much flair as the original, made fitting a bit of a ball ache. My brother gave me a hand who’s done loads of arches for clients etc and he wasn’t massively happy with it. Anyhow, it’s a track car , it’l be fine....😂
  8. Sounds good, I’d want a lot of plates for £356 though 😂
  9. Hi, thanks for that, that actually sounds promising, it’s 100 miles from me but price is good , might be worth a drive ....
  10. Only kidding, if it was a 10k coupe I might of got a bit emotional. Anyway, with the roof lining out it seams the roof is totally , er, no polite word. Is there a roof of a Similar profile? The sunroof shaped hole iv cut out seems relatively flat! This is a track day toy, will never be sold, not a show car etc but does need to look presentable (from a few feet!) 😂
  11. Yep, easier job when not going back in. Roof lining didn’t survive. I feel bad 😂
  12. Hi guys, pretty much got through underside of car but as usual, rusty roof. What’s the quickest way to remove roof lining? More than likely not refitting as having a roll cage and would like to locate to roof to help shell stiffness. Having said that it’s a good one and don’t really feel like ruining it. Thanks for any help 👍
  13. Er, how can that be possible, I’m gonna have to go back and check it out again 😂 that fabrication is unbelievable
  14. Hi, it’l need a bit of work, few dings here and there, I guess most will by now though. I’v still got plenty ahead of me so will see if anything comes up over next few months, if not il repair one iv got. Shame the other one on eBay won’t allow courier, it looks spot on and right money.
  15. Nope, I asked but collection in person ☹️
  16. Hi Ian, iv tried , collection only in person 👍
  17. Hi guys good near side wing wanted. Must be good as iv got two average ones anyway. Happy to pay £100 plus delivery. There’s been a good one on eBay for £100 but collection only so hoping £100 would get one. Thanks 👍
  18. Definitely a lot to go at. On the bright side it’s a desirable car and to find/buy a solid one would of cost you a fair sum. Good luck 👍
  19. Hi there, sounds good, how much are you thinking?
  20. Hi guys, warning, purists look away 😂 so there wasn’t much off inner sill left plus’s it’s possibility not the best of designs anyway. So... 2nm plate along inner part, 2nm plate going from what was left of b post to floor and inner part of inner sill, then more 2mm plate replacing outer most part, finally more 2mm going from b post to inner sill. I’m probably not making much sense but I’d guest it’s stiffer than original, itl take a while to rot and at least there’s something to attach sill too. Apologies if this causes offence to those skilled individuals, it’s the best I could think of, sorry! 😂😂
  21. Thanks, looks like that will be what will happen, iv still got a fair bit in front of me anyhow so something may crop up.
  22. Hi thanks for reply, it’s for hatch, can coupe be encouraged to fit?
  23. Hi guys, I’m getting boss of most of the welding but this is looming..... any ideas? I thought when I started this you could buy back panels for £100 ish quid but I must be mistaken. Tjm don’t, emailed German supplier, they had one for £450 but I’m a bit of a cheap skate. Any ideas?
  24. Hi guys, I’m getting boss of most of the welding but this is looming..... any ideas? I thought when I started this you could buy back panels for £100 ish quid but I must be mistaken. Tjm don’t, emailed German supplier, they had one for £450 but I’m a bit of a cheap skate. Any ideas?
  25. Is there no end to your resolve! How do you keep going! I was going to do a bit on mine but had to sort the kids out tonight, now iv seen what’s in front of you I feel quite lucky, I’m off out now to do an hour or two....
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