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  1. Price not bad imo. It’s a coupe... they make loads when mot’d and loads and loads restored! Well done 👍
  2. I think the barn may of had a leaking roof....
  3. Great work, with out wishing to offend when I first saw this project when you started I had doubts if it would get finished, great commitment, apart from the endless prep on the body I think I’d be right in saying you’ve enjoyed 99.9% of it! Well done doesn’t quite come close but the best I can come up with 👍👍
  4. Not sure but I know hatch roofs don’t make half what coups do so maybe not the same. Having said that if it’s just the sun roof area it’s a possibility. I’m sure guys on here will know 👍
  5. Hi there, it was kind of getting there befor taken of the road few years back. I had lots of good advise from here but looking on net etc I couldn’t find a definitive ‘lower by this much and use this spring rate’ I guess folks have there own preference for handling. Anyway... iv got koni front and spax rear shocks. Spring rates, I started with 400lb front and 200 ish rears, standard ride hight sold as ‘rally/fast road’. These were fine on road but way to soft on track. Had load of roll and still under stear. I basically had a car that was impeccable on road but on track understear, roll and lifting inside rear up and couldn’t get power down even with an old v8 that’d be no more than 200hp.I didn’t fancy spending another £200 on springs for just a stab in the dark so what I’m writing next is certainly not advice to anyone on what to do but was to help me find out what direction to go in. I cut coil out front= improvement but still roll. Cut coil out back=turn in better but very very nervous on the limit. It was perhaps hitting bump stop which would massively randomly increase spring rate but also felt it had altered original geometry to much and it didn’t like it. Again next is not advise but was to help me have a better idea what to order next. I put some of those crappy rubber spring assisters allround that would effectively increase spring rate. I also rased rear back to near gte ride hight. This helped a lot, roll was cut down and no longer felt nervous on the limit. Unfortunately car was then taken off the road for engine rebuild and gearbox swap. However instead it sat in a garden for years! Iv nearly finished getting back on the road now though after much welding. A further point... I’d guess even then my shell would of been getting quite rotten so would be quite floppy, also was only poly bushes at rear. long story short😂- 400lb -200lb springs way to soft for track. Lower back to much on standard set up it gets nervous. Rear anti roll bar... I think this was to try and keep back wheels on the floor... it will give similar effect as softening rear which will promote understear as you have less weight transfer to front on turn in. My priority atm is to get back on road and see how it feels now shell stiffer (now has roll cage and box in chassis rails) and take it from there. But in long term I’m going to convert rear to coil overs so will be cheaper to buy stiffer springs and play with ride hight. Also guys on here recommend more caster and camber. This will be next year though, get the dam thing on the road first. Sorry if post to long, had half hour spare!! 😂
  6. How do you find it handled with the v8? Mines been off road 5 years now but always used to struggle with understeer... shell will be a lot stiffer now it’s caged. Another month and should be back on track, I think I said that a month ago though.... 😂
  7. Well, roof is kind of roof shape, I am so fed up up of filler, Astra van roof was ‘similar’ profile but as those more experienced than me will know, similar when you get down to it is not right at all. Iv been trying to sort on and off for last month, it’s probably couple hours away from finished but not particularly happy with it. Original brief was just to make a ‘tidy’ track car but iv spent that much time on it I really wanted it looking better. It would of probably been fine if it was just the sun roof area I was replacing but I had to cut out as far back as sunroof casset. Moral is, if you want your manta roof to look original.... use a manta roof 😂😂 anyway, few nights doing odds and sods then get ready for paint, yay.
  8. Hey thanks Ian! Going to still have carpets in front and look relatively civilised. Definitely Keeping Recaros in, its only for track days so doesn’t have to be built to a particular spec. I think itl help keep a bit more manta identity. Debating what to do to rear. Il wait until I’ve sprayed in side and then go from there. I can keep tinkering with that what’s it’s basically done. Hope your cav still going well 👍
  9. Been busy believe it or not.... cage wire brushed and sprayed...cage dry fitted and 6mm plates welded in..cage was bit of pain to fit, didn’t line up by good few inches to put sleeves on to join front to back, involved ratchet straps and pushing pulling etc 😂 Any way it’s in... diagonal missing so welded 2 diagonals to help stiffen shell, also joined bottom of b post to cage legs on arch for same reason. Located cage to top and middle of b post, same a post, put gusset to roof to help support new roof skin. Put seat in to see where harness bar needs to go. Will obviously spray new diagonals etc. Last pic average as battery to flat on camera to flash and had to edit it lighter... I know folks are hear can do better job but I’m relatively happy how it’s going. I reckon should be back at Caldwell in a month...😂 still got those bloody arches to finish though....
  10. I wouldn’t say that’s out the way price wise if that’s all the welding needed?? You guys know better than me but you never know till you start poking around 😂
  11. I hope it goes for asking price but.... for the price I’d want more 400 spec parts on it. I’m sure it’s built well but to many bits and bobs on the car that’s not 400. Immaterial really as it’s well out my price range 😂
  12. Hi Ian, it’s a bit soul destroying. I’m in a similar position with my arches. I thought I’d totally sorted one, was really happy, even asked friends to take a look, we could find no problems..... then I saw it in a different light and...it’s far from perfect and with shiny paint will look pretty average. Iv couple more jobs to do then il have to come back to them. Then the roof to look forward too.... definitely been my least enjoyable part of resto .
  13. Few evenings spent cutting up Astra van roof for sunroof delete. Profile pretty close, nice curve in all directions. Astra roof pretty hefty too which helps. Definitely not gonna be a show winner but still on course to be a tidy track car. Hopefully get quite few hours on it tomorrow. Aiming for roof welded in, roll cage dry fitted and plates welded in 👍
  14. Looks like you’re doing a great job 👍👍
  15. Mm, not a bad idea.... 👍 iv never seen one
  16. Iv had b coupe, exclusive coupe and current hatch, I found b coupe to handle the best, hatch more understeer but put that down to heavy v8 in front?? Also rotten shell probably didn’t help 😂
  17. Quite productive week, new fuel lines, fuel tank in, after buying tool recommended by bris jas (thanks again) door pins came out piece of cake and door swapped, rear interior taken out with no nasty surprises. Today did 360 mile round trip to pick roll cage up from Carl who’s really good guy. Coincidentally there was an Astra van roof skin on way home , I had a look and tuck few measurements, roughly speaking it has similar profile to delete sun roof. Not going to bodge it at this stage so if it’s not looking good il keep eye out for a non sunroof hatch skin. Also ordered 2 pack flame red paint. Hopefully will get cage tidied up and take a look at roof next week. 👍
  18. Thanks a lot. Bought it. Really appreciate that 👍
  19. Hi guys, iv come across a really good door for next to nothing. Dumb ass question but can anyone give me a link to tool I need to remove pins? Iv searched through forum but links you’ve given on past posts are now obsolete. Thanks, sorry for boring post 😂
  20. Keep going Ian! After doing my back arches I couldn’t bare to see another pot of filler! I think it can be soul destroying as you think you’ve done a good job, put some primer on and.....agh... still not right! 3 hours later and you’re little further on. Iv left mine and been doing other stuff but I know they’re still waiting... keep going, it’s you that’s got to happy with the job 👍 looks great btw!
  21. Thanks bud. Getting them looking ‘ok I suppose ‘ takes no time, getting them to look spot on takes forever! I’m sure a professional would get them looking good in no time. I know where still needs work, you can even see in the tiny pics. I’m gonna sort wings out then go back to them 👍
  22. I don’t want to see another pot of filler for a long time! Believe it or not iv been hours and hours getting to where they are now , they still need fair bit of work but will do some more on them when it comes to spray prep. I need a break from arches! Also welded in new steal in rear quarters and back panel, wish I’d taken pics of before as that actually went quite well. So, all that’s left is roof, make new exhaust and prep for paint...another month should do it, (if I can bring myself to do bit more on arches) 😂
  23. Hi Ian, the arch was a really poor fit and needed persuading to fit, so much so serious risk of destorting it, thoughts were less of arch used less destortion. have I been a dick? 😂 Ps.... just read bris jas comment and this could be reason.... It says klokerholm on it but as you say, different colour to normal and different to other side that was ordered the same time.... iv not done arches (or much tbh) before but brother said they’re not normally such a t..t to fit...?? I’m guessing iv got same arch as you found not fit for purpose. There were other issues too I won’t bore you with to much
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