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  1. Or you can use.www. Ecat24 gives you the same part numbers as vauxhall catalogue. Berni "Parts advisor vauxhall"
  2. http://www.transtar-promotions.co.uk/home/weston-park/
  3. count me in on this one chris
  4. All taxed up cant wait for the weekend. oh yes time for cruisin.!!!

  5. 1 simple solution to this , get yourself a little £300 1litre runarond to build your NCB (thats what the second car thing is all about)......get your dad to insure the manta £150 borrow it when you want (every wk/end)....It all really depends on how long do intend on being a mantaman 10k a year just think of all the mods. you,d have to make in 3-4 years to keep it going .!!!..I got the manta bug in1979 always had one done the second car thing for the ncb....long story short,, 34 years later 2 manta,s both on classic insurance 5k miles each one,, driven alternatley thru out the year...COST PER YEAR!! ( less than insuring standard family car ). HAPPY DAYS think future jack lots of mantas goin to the wall which means the value of yours goes up..
  6. berni


  7. Nice to see more midlands mantas why not make this your first show Dudley Clasic car and Transport Show The Dudley Classic Car and Transport Show, now in its 13th year presents a fine selection of over 800 Vintage and Classic Cars. As well as Classic cars the show also features American, Custom, Kit Cars, Commercials and Motorcycles. 30 Club Stands and a good selection of trade and autojumble stalls. Attracts over 3,000 visitors.
  8. http://www.shakespeare-country.co.uk/
  9. Good turnout @ caldicot castle the weekend,! berkley castle a must,!!

    1. stradacab


      Good to see you, sad you didnt bring your car this time, keep in touch with Martin and we'll see you next year

  10. how much are parachutes these days!!. lol
  11. welcome !! nice project & weather to go with it, No salty roads there eh! lucky chap.!
  12. great project gonna have to pick your days for winter drivin tho ! (must have itchy toes by now.) lol
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