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  1. As above need a good working master cylinder. Cheers
  2. Funny you should mention him I've been talking to him of late and all he wants to do is sell me a 1800 front dizzy set up at tune of 200 quid which don't want. So yes I will need your loom if your willing to sell.
  3. Sorry I'm not questioning what you guys are saying if anything you have been nothing but very helpful and I greatly appreciate that. I'm just saying the guy said it should work but I can't get to but that's probably down to my lack of knowledge of it. Thanks Gary what is that black cable going into the dizzy and coil. Thanks very much mantadoc.
  4. strange as this was the set up the guy sold me with the 45's and he said it worked?
  5. its a manta gtj with original harness and coil wiring. but like you said i'll get some pictures for you.
  6. Ok I don't know if i said but im running the dizzy from the back standard set up will get some pictures you tomorrow
  7. Is this what i need? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-B-1-8-S-3-Terminal-Genuine-Intermotor-Ignition-Coil-Pack-Replacement-/291703582183?hash=item43eae36de7:g:hukAAOSwawpXrrzs and this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-MANTA-B-1-8-S-1982-TO-1987-IGNITION-COIL-12V-ELECTRONIC-/391114439520?fits=Car+Make%3AOpel|Model%3AManta+B&hash=item5b103cbb60:g:FJ0AAOSwqu9VLNkU
  8. I wouldn't know either what i know about this i could write on a stamp. Would it help if i knocked up some pictures for you?
  9. its a 3 pin dizzy and 4 wire coil module.
  10. Does anyone know what colour wires go to a mk1 astra dizzy set on a redtop with 45's and i'm using a manta harness.
  11. Hi i'm after the following bonnet stay speedo cable (to fit 1800 box) plastic round spacers that sit around the front bar (subframe) on drivers side seat that the metal brackets bolt to. cheers rob
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