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  1. Still looking for GTE 5th injector if anyone may be able to help... hope everyone is staying safe in these times 

    Cheers Paul

  2. Hey guys hope all is well... I'm looking for a 5th injector as broke when removing fuel line
  3. Windscreen for Hatch GTE 1986 desperately if anyone of my fellow members can help please call me! Paul 07771 904090 Many Thanks
  4. Hey all, In very desperate need for - Windscreen and drivers side Headlamp (the square hella type) for my GTE Hatch Please let me know if anyone would be so kind as to help me out! Paul Bevan 1986 GTE Hatch 07771 904090 Cheers
  5. Thats great cheers, do you know where i could get a replacement front panel
  6. either lights would be great, just had an unfortunate front shunt this evening so looking for bits. do you send bumpers or rather collection
  7. Hey guys can Anyone help me out finding and purchasing the Above, for delivery to Southampton Hampshire
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