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  1. Hello, Looking for a good useable 2.0 GTE head for my 1.9 Manta A. As I've been told that it's the best way to put an unleaded head on my 1.9. Mark, London
  2. Still looking for a good useable a series bonnet.
  3. Hello, looking for a black interior in vinyl for my Manta a series. A complete interior would be great but would consider front/rear seats/door cards.
  4. Great,do you have any photos and can you pm me a price.
  5. Looking for an Opel Manta a series bonnet in good condition.
  6. Found a reproduction battery tray from Germany through a link in the opel project, thanks.
  7. Recently bought an A series from a hot climate and the interior has dried out and turned to dust. Looking either for a full interior in black or back seats in black. Will pay cash on collection. Thanks, Mark.
  8. Looking for a new or reproduction battery tray for my LHD 73 Manta.
  9. No idea if the engine is original, but if it's good I'll keep it and maybe look into running it on bike carbs.
  10. Heres a youtube slide show of my car that the seller posted
  11. Thanks, it's the blue on in Bristol that was on ebay a week ago. Just had it delivered today. Thank you, it's a pretty solid other than the battery tray.
  12. Hello, I've just bought my 1973 Opel Manta Rallye project in light blue, it's a two owner car with 70k on the clock. It's a left hand drive Californian import that has sun bleached paint work and an interior that's been turned to dust by the sun over the years. It's safely tucked away in my garage and I'll start to get it road worthy again, starting next weekend. I'll post some pics in the next day or two.
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