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  1. Thanks, but I bought the 2.0 gtj carb engine on eBay.
  2. Thank you both, great help.
  3. Still looking for an engine, would consider a good running 19s engone too.
  4. Looking for a black A series interior for my 73 Manta. I have the original seats, but they've spent 46 years in the Californian sun and have mostly turned to dust. My door cards could be recovered so would consider front and rear seats only. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for a fairly cheap gte engine and I've got a few months to find it. I'd love to buy the c20let on ebay, but I'd have to upgrade everything to support it and that would be costly.
  6. I did ask a couple of questions about the £120 engine on Ebay, but he didn't get back to me in time and sadly it sold! Want to keep the engine swap as basic as possible to improve my chances of getting the car on the road by May 2020. Two seats in a rolling project is the aim.
  7. Looking for a fuel injected engine,loom and ecu to replace my damaged 1900 carb engine in my Manta A. Would be interested in a 5 speed gearbox too.
  8. Hello, Looking for a good useable 2.0 GTE head for my 1.9 Manta A. As I've been told that it's the best way to put an unleaded head on my 1.9. Mark, London
  9. Still looking for a good useable a series bonnet.
  10. Hello, looking for a black interior in vinyl for my Manta a series. A complete interior would be great but would consider front/rear seats/door cards.
  11. Great,do you have any photos and can you pm me a price.
  12. Looking for an Opel Manta a series bonnet in good condition.
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