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  1. Looking for a nice period 70's 80's steering wheel for my Manta A
  2. Looking for an clean straight Manta A bonnet here in the UK, thanks.
  3. Looking for a Manta A clutch retaining clip for my 73 Manta A, the side that goes through the bulkhead as my ones missing. Is it just an E clip and a washer?
  4. looking for the rubber disc coupling that sits on the steering column near the steering rack as my one has started to break up.
  5. Looking for a set of Opel Manta A recaro subframes.
  6. Looking for a set of good engine mounts for my 1,9, they look to be the square type. Thanks.
  7. Still looking, maybe even a set of good front seats.
  8. I was thinking of converting my Manta A from lhd to rhd, but it's part of the cars history so I'll leave it alone for now.
  9. Great thanks. I have a 4 speed.
  10. Looking to buy a new clutch release bearing. I have a 1973 1.9 Manta A that I want to fit my 2.0 engine in this weekend, but noticed that the old clutch bearing is finished. I normally go to GSF, but I sent me newly registered cars logbook back to the dvla as there were a few mistakes on it and I can't remember the reg, other than it's on a L-reg. Are all manta clutch release bearings the same?
  11. Thanks, but I bought the 2.0 gtj carb engine on eBay.
  12. Thank you both, great help.
  13. Still looking for an engine, would consider a good running 19s engone too.
  14. Looking for a black A series interior for my 73 Manta. I have the original seats, but they've spent 46 years in the Californian sun and have mostly turned to dust. My door cards could be recovered so would consider front and rear seats only. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the offer, but I am looking for a fairly cheap gte engine and I've got a few months to find it. I'd love to buy the c20let on ebay, but I'd have to upgrade everything to support it and that would be costly.
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