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  1. im fairly sure i have a manta 1800 front pipe if you need it
  2. I've got one still on a 1.8 auto box it's all complete as a pattern but not worth using as the outer sheething is cracked you can have it if you want
  3. If I remember correctly arn't nova ones the same just thought there might be more of them around than manta ones
  4. I think I've got a set I'll check this week
  5. Hi I've got a 2.0i that was running ok before I removed it from the car I can check and make sure in the next few days if u want
  6. Hi this is a manta I recently purchased and wondered if anyone recognised it thanks Russ
  7. Sorry I didn't realise nick was from Kent I met him a few times but yea you can't really claim it was a barn find when we all knew about it
  8. When is someone gonna drive the damn thing it just seems to move around the country
  9. Hi I'm after an xe powercap or ecotech adaptor any help much appreciated thanks Russ
  10. Hi has anyone got any cav/manta front wings
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