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  1. neither of my dads old ones are there. A770WTL & D252EVN were the reg's and I also looked of one I nearly bought in about 2000/2001. OJL45Y it was a gold 1.8 berlinetta & couldn't find that either. my uncle also had a silver 1.8 GT hatch on a C plate but i can't remember the reg for it, only that it ended with MFW i did find one my mate had about 6 years ago though, D960HUM
  2. spotted this evening in the car park at Waltham windmill. I thought it would be rude not to snap a pic with my Ibiza next to it anyone here? it is immaculate from what I saw but I don't like hanging around peoples cars while theyre not with them so didn't go too close
  3. I think I seen this on the outskirts of Grimsby heading towards market rasen a few months back
  4. why does this always happen when im skint.ive wanted a monaco blue exclusive hatch since i was about 6.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK1-1978-VAUXHALL-CAVALIER-GL-BEIGE-/300652534219?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item46004999cb#ht_502wt_1344
  6. was it this? if so its from grimsby. it lives round the corner from me but i dont know the guy who's it is.
  7. when i go in the roof to put the xmas tree away ill have a look through my magazines to see if ive still got the revs issue it was in. i remember having it so i could well still have. think it had a mk1 golf on the cover ploughing tarmac iirc. awesome looking car too matey *EDIT* i also just came across this on here...http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/27216-new-pic-found/
  8. i was driving somewhere between barton upon humber & scunthorpe this afternoon when i spotted a red c plate GT/E hatch in someones garden along with a white mk1 golf & a few other cars. was covered in frost so couldnt see if it was taxed or not but was really tidy from what i saw.
  9. he'd have probably been better off selling the full car as a project/ spares & repairs. where he gets 14odd quid postage from for that spoiler is a mystery to me. i sold a front splitter off a mk2 golf on there last year & it cost me less than a fiver to send & is about the same kind of size
  10. i know this car. well... knew it before it was rattle can painted. a friend of mine bought it as a white 2.0 GT/E back in 2006 but soon realised it was a bit more work than he originally expected & sold it on. at the time it was far from a basket case but wanted a good bit of weld in the floor pan & swan necks iirc. (but what manta hasnt these days) was fairly tidy around the arches & generally tidy all round the body apart from said welding. just thought id say this so anyone who's interested knows. i may even have a photo of it back then if i can find it on one of my old memory cards
  11. followed a blue cav coupe today in grimsby down westward ho. RBE922S. i was in a yellow seat ibiza behind it briefly. anyone here? funny i should see it really as i only mentioned said car on here in another spotted post about grimsby lastnight
  12. here's the photo's i said about of it in my last post. it must be the same one as its the only manta i've ever seen in grimsby & im always out & about. there is a blue cav coupe going about round here too though. this vehicle enquiry is odd though as it looks so much like a proper GT/E. even inside and its clearly not purple Vehicle enquiry The enquiry is complete.The vehicle details for B479 CHJ are: Date of Liability 01 02 2012 Date of First Registration 04 04 1985 Year of Manufacture 1985 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1796cc CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour PURPLE Vehicle Type Approval Not Available Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle 6 Months Rate £118.25 12 Months Rate £215.00
  13. i know the car your on about. it lives just round the corner from me. yellow coupe with white GT/E wheels on B479CHJ. I have a piccy of it on my phone ill upload it later. ive often wondered if it was anybody here's. the dvla site says its a purple 1.8 though??
  14. wow. i honestly didnt think anybody would have had it as it was so long ago. shame about it getting written off though. i always hoped to find it one day, even though i knew i wouldnt lol. i think my dad got rid in 1992 iirc. the last i saw of it was maybe 93/94 as it stayed local to me for a while, all that changed in that time was it lost the black oval tailpipe & had a standard bendy down one. then never saw it again. i dont suppose you happen to have any photo's of it by any chance do you?
  15. in all fairness im pretty confident that theyre gone. but just wondered if anyone else had owned them over the years or had them for parts. you never know, someone could have a stash of photos of them... even in their final days. the red one was the car that got me into cars as a kid. a vehicle check on that one just says info cannot be found.
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