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  1. Rear panel would probably be approx £200, similar for the A series valance.
  2. There is a pair of Manta coupe rear quarters on eBay at the moment and bidding starts at £1k each. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Coupe-Near-Side-Left-Rear-Quarter-Panel-Nos/154400985444? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Coupe-Off-side-Right-Rear-Quarter-Panel-Nos/154400991029?
  3. I believe that Expressed panels sell quite a bit of stuff in Europe too, so shipping out worldwide isnt a problem. Good thing is that the club will get a guaranteed discount on any manta parts. They run this scheme for a few other clubs and it seems to work well, the club provide the panels for them to copy and then every member gets the benefit. We get the original panel replaced too, so it’s a good scheme. The only downside is that the panel has to be ‘deconstructed ’ as part of the process they use to make the tooling so is a sacrificial part but small price to pay.
  4. The scheme with expressed panels would do exactly that. All members get a 10% discount on panels bought from them. They manufacture and store the panels and act as our supplier in effect.
  5. We have been dealing with a company called Expressed Panels in Keighley but as Steve says, things have ground to a halt because of lockdown. We have provided a few panels for them to start working on, namely A series front lower valance and B series complete rear panel, with the option of having the lower half made separately. They also have a battery tray for a B series that they have been investigating making up a repair panel. Hopefully we can get things moving on this again now things are starting to open up a bit. https://www.steelpanels.co.uk
  6. Rest assured that we are trying to get this resolved. It relates to doing an update to the complete membership database, and that is only something that our webmaster can do. What with lockdown, and some folks being much busier than usual ( generally those who work in IT), having the time to resolve the issue has been a challenge. I will follow it up with the necessary people after Easter and try and get it sorted.
  7. I’ve seen rear quarters go for that price in Europe, and the stock of them is getting ever lower so if someone needs them, I guess it’s down to how badly they want to restore a car. I think the past pair I saw went for £850 each and that was probably about a year ago. Just glad I picked some up 20 years ago when they were still available. I think they were about £450 each from the main dealer back then.
  8. Hi Gaggio, we are hoping to be able to open the club shop again very soon, so the back log of orders will be sent out in April.
  9. I’ve found a ropey one that needs a bit of tlc to use again. Needs both side bolts fitting back on with epoxy and the centre mounting bracket is broken, but could be fixed with some effort. Make me an offer if you’re interested in a resto job! if you fancy splashing out, new ones are available from OTK on eBay. £363 for both side plus postage tho! Jeez...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264013214065
  10. Nice one.....thanks Buz! I have a list of things to look for (for me and you two guys) so better write them all down! I will take pictures and put some up over Easter for you to have a look at with prices etc.
  11. I have at least 3 bonnets in my unit Steve, that’s a spare one for each car! Any more than that are surplus for me because I have been banned from buying any more cars! 😌 I’m going to the unit this weekend so will have a look.....so that’s a bonnet and I’m sure there was something else I was supposed to be finding for someone else.....just need to remember who and what!
  12. I bought an absolutely mint bonnet last year for £100 and that was mates rates, so I was aware I had a bargain. It was a new, painted but unused one, so I was a lucky boy. £150 wouldn’t be a bad price as a general guide but there are people that are asking silly money for some things on eBay but as they say....things are worth whatever folks are prepared to pay. I have a few bonnets in store Steve, so might be persuaded to part with one!
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