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  1. Nicest looking of all the Bitter models imho.
  2. I think you are right Chris. Steve’s Monaco Blue exclusive was the first car I remember seeing this reg plate on. I don’t think he is on here much nowadays but is active in the club FB page. Might be worth popping a post on and asking?
  3. Fantastic work. Coming on nicely now! You certainly are putting the hours in on this and it shows!
  4. Bit of an update, I spoke to Express today and the reason they have been so slow at getting thing off the ground is they are moving to new premises….quite a big job as they have two industrial panel presses, obviously these are massive bits of equipment. They are building a new facility for hand finishing the panels too, which will speed up the whole process. I think they have been victims of their own success, as so many people have been buying panels during lockdown down, they need more capacity and staff to keep up. On the Battery tray front, the original part they have has been chemically dipped and prepared for tooling, so almost ready to use. I explained the situation and he is going to put this part at the front of the queue when they open up again. I will be speaking with them again again later on in the week.
  5. Thanks Paul….and everyone else that has supported the progress. I’ve just been getting a little frustrated with the speed that Expressed Panels are working at as we are completely in their hands now. They have our panels, they have made samples and have priced up the items (as per the three posts about battery tray, a series front panel and coupe rear panel.) I’m getting nothing back from them at the moment, so need to keep chasing them. I did specifically ask Dave not to tread on the clubs toes on this one, as it would make sense if we all worked on different panels, and then we would all get the benefit. He decided to ignore that request and start speaking to folks about what parts they wanted. He isn’t a club member so doesn’t really have anything invested in our process or the success of our scheme. He is not using the same supplier as us, and will not be offering them at cost price or with any discount to OMOC members. All proceeds will end up…..well…..not in the club account helping to make more panels/parts. I could have happily funded a venture like this myself and made a few quid for myself……I didn’t think that was particularly ethical though.
  6. Dave isn’t using the same manufacturer as us, as far as I’m aware. He is using someone local I believe. It will be interesting to see how they turn out as I might have to look at changing suppliers as I’m getting really frustrated with the lack of movement from the supplier we are trying to work with. We have done everything they asked us to do, even supplying them with OEM panels to use, so I can say that it isn’t down to us dragging our feet.
  7. Coupe panels are already in the mix for remanufacture, although To be honest, this recent development puts the whole process of the club remanufacturing panels in jeopardy. I asked Dave politely not to tread on our toes and he has blatantly ignored that. Don’t forget, we are doing this for the good of the club members and will not be making any money out of this personally. I suspect that is not the case with any other supplier. I am looking into suspending the whole process at the moment as we can’t afford to waste any more of our own personal time if this isn’t going to happen. It’s a shame really as these panels from Express would have been of exceptional quality. Not the cheap back street stuff that you will now be fitting to your cars for the financial benefit of one person, who isn’t even a member of the OMOC. Apologies if that sounds a bit strong but I am, (understandably I feel), a bit pissed off.
  8. I’ve got a few spares. Do you need the early white plastic ones or the later large black ones (like below)?
  9. It will be interesting to see what they are like. Obviously we have put quite a bit of time and effort into trying to get quality parts made, but if demand drops off as a result of this, it may jeopardise the production run.
  10. Im speaking with the manufacturers about timescales at present. I will then be in touch about deposits etc.
  11. Fortunately, they have the full rear panel to copy (which the club supplied). Whilst we were visiting them, Robert (shop Foreman) popped out of our meeting and came back 5 minutes later with another Manta B rear panel....."so that's what this is then, thought it was for a Manta". This is potentially very good news as they will have an OEM panel to make up the tooling and a spare one to use as a reference when finishing the repro ones.
  12. I haven’t had photos from them yet of the sample but I will ask how it is coming on.
  13. You’ll have to take it for a spin mate.....you will want one even more!
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