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  1. Can’t be many of the poverty spec B series about now. This would be a such a great resto project. Looks solid enough and complete. It will be interesting to see what it fetches. It’s already at £4250 so might go a bit further yet.
  2. Great that you have made some progress mate. I had forgotten just how nice that colour is, haven’t seen one for years. Are there another others in the club I wonder?
  3. Very rare Irmscher Sport steering wheel, as evo3000 says. Try finding one of them second hand!
  4. That was strong money but a really well sorted car, so it goes to show just how much prices are rising now.
  5. Just to let you know that the OMOC has purchased this item today for the club supply of panels for remanufacture. It is one of the amazing benefits that we have as a club, as have some funds in the bank and we are using them to stock up on these parts so that we have a future for the cars and the club. Some panels are already in the process of being remanufactured by our provider Expressed Steel Panels. Exciting times ahead!
  6. I was thinking Letterbox too, and Herman, your English is brilliant.....Letterbox is exactly the right word.
  7. Those wipers are a pain though, easily broken (I’ve got them on my B series and they have a mind of their own!)
  8. In some European countries it was a requirement for cars to have a headlamp washer system, so the square lamps were the only option. You see a lot of European i200’s with the square lamps. These would usually have the larger square washer bottle. In the UK the washer system wasn’t installed so the small round washer bottle was used instead. The twin headlamps on UK spec i200s were different to the later exclusives in that the Irmscher system has the lamps bolted into a steel cradle and the bezels are removable.
  9. Spotted this whilst browsing tonight. Looks to be in completely original specification, down to the Irmscher exhaust and cardboard radiator tray. €28,500 or £ 24,500 https://www.reezocar.com/en/voiture-occasion/opel-manta-RZCATMDE273827819.html
  10. Sorry dude, that is going to end up on the other Irmscher Manta I’ve got lined up. I’ll let you know if I hear of anything though....first shout.
  11. That's the problem with parts like this. They are few and far between and lots of people willing to pay top dollar now for those rarer bits. I have been on the look out for a replacement Irmscher Back box for my i200 for (quite literally) over 25 years, that is how rare they are. I managed to pick up a BNIB Irmscher Twin tailpipe rear box a few years ago but I really wanted the original single pipe one for my car. As Evo03 said, you could get one made to exactly the same spec for half the price but without that Irmscher end cap, it is just another aftermarket exhaust.....you may as well buy a Jetex as they are very similar. Getting the tail pipe section from any Irmscher system and having the Coupe box made up is exactly what I was going to do until Carl found this unused one.
  12. Rare as rocking horse poo.....best place to look is German eBay, and they don't appear on there very often Im afraid. I did pick one up last year but had to pay £250 for it. Nice though.... :-)
  13. I used plenty of penetrating oil on them, front and back and kept applying for about a week. Some gentle persuasion with an FBH and they were spinning round like a good un.
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