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  1. I put a 60ah Battery on the Manta last year and it has been fantastic on a car that doesn't get used every week. I do keep it on a trickle charger now, as standing for long periods without any use will kill a battery quite quickly. After shopping around, I went back to Battery Megastore. who I have used a few times before and they came up trumps again. The Bosch S4004 battery was £65 including Vat and delivery (and it came within 2 days). Price has gone up slightly now but it was much cheaper than local motor factor and half the price of Halfrauds. https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/type-075-bosch-s4004-car-battery-12v-60ah/
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all enjoying some well earned rest from work and from the disaster that had become 2020/2021! It looks as though 2022 might be a bit more promising for car shows and events, as there are some interesting ideas already in discussion. You will also have heard no doubt that the dates for the VBOA who at Sywell have now been confirmed too. Great news, so its time to get planning for next year and get those unfinished projects sorted out! Please let me personally take the time to thank you all for supporting the OMOC throughout the last couple of years.....they have been difficult for everyone. We really do appreciate the support of every member and without you all, we couldn't do what we do, so many thanks once again and all the very best wishes to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all! Cheers, Paul.
  3. Haha.....actually, you are not all that far away from my cunning plan! I have a few bits that I want from Danny myself, and I was thinking about doing a bit of a bulk order for anyone in the UK and also for stocking the shelves up a bit in the club shop. I have a family and friends in the Fatherland, and in The Netherlands too so getting an order sorted out shouldn't be all that difficult. I may take a while to arrive but as these are non essential bits of bling, (and it is the start of winter), I cant see that being an issue. What do you reckon?
  4. I was very lucky back in the 90’s to have a friend in the club who dealt with a few guys in Europe, mostly GT parts but he also found some nice Manta parts too. He found me an Irmscher rocker cover for £150 and that is still on my i200 today. I did treat myself last year to one of the new ones as Irmscher gave a 10% discount on the first orders, just to get the order book full. It’s a beautiful bit of kit!
  5. You could almost buy a new Irmscher one for that money though. The Irmscher one looks so cool on a Manta. - these were not really an option. I always think "Why is there an Opel GT rocker box cover on that Manta". 🙂
  6. The interior on this car looks amazing…..those rear seats! Shame no engine bay or underneath shots tho.
  7. Zintec coating is very similar to Galvanising from what I have read and they both produce poisonous gasses when welded, which without the proper precautions, can be quite serious if inhaled. When reparing panels, its usually the area that is probably going to be most susceptible to rust anyway (i.e the joints and edges), and the coating is burnt off, so you have to apply some form of rust protection treatment afterwards anyway. Isn't Zintec basically just Zinc applied via Electroplating rather than hot dipping (Like Galvanised)?
  8. It is only just over a week to go until the NEC Classic Car Show, where the OMOC will be displaying a fine selection of cars. OMOC members - Don't forget to come along and claim your free goodies from us at the club stand in Hall 5. We are right next to the Discovery stage, so expect to bump into Mr Brewer. TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - Please use the Discount Code when buying from the website to get your club member discount of £4 per ticket, (The discount code is shown in the Members only section). For those that are worried about Covid Checks, the show organisers have put together a useful guide to what you will need to do to gain entry. Please read if you are coming along. https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/safety-measures
  9. Glad you are pleased with it Steve. The little bracket goes at the rear of where the battery sits, allowing the base of the battery to secured. We decided not to have these fitted, as it allows you to move it back to fit a bigger battery, or locate the battery in the boot and keep the panel clean. There are two locating marks on the panel for original fitment.
  10. UPDATE - Emails have gone out to everyone today who has ordered one of these panels. This will give details for payments. Once the money comes in, the panels will be shipped straight out to you. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this scheme. We can press on with looking at the Coupe back panel next, which will hopefully be repair panels (lower section) and full section. Cheers, Paul.
  11. I’m in the process of supplying postage details to the suppliers, just waiting on the last few to confirm and you will get your email with how to pay. Hopefully won’t take too long. Don’t worry about the website, I just put that up there ready to sell any surplus, which is looking unlikely as they are nearly all spoken for.
  12. So sorry to hear your news Herman. Having been through something similar with my father, there is something to be gained from enjoying what time is left. When the weather was nice, we used to head off in the car for a drive, and stop off for a coffee and a cake. Those simplest things made treasured memories. Very wise words for all of us blokes, especially as we all hate going to see the doctor.
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