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  1. I’m in the process of supplying postage details to the suppliers, just waiting on the last few to confirm and you will get your email with how to pay. Hopefully won’t take too long. Don’t worry about the website, I just put that up there ready to sell any surplus, which is looking unlikely as they are nearly all spoken for.
  2. So sorry to hear your news Herman. Having been through something similar with my father, there is something to be gained from enjoying what time is left. When the weather was nice, we used to head off in the car for a drive, and stop off for a coffee and a cake. Those simplest things made treasured memories. Very wise words for all of us blokes, especially as we all hate going to see the doctor.
  3. Looks like someone bagged a bargain there. Such a nice rare colour too.
  4. Some great cars there Herman but yours is my fave by far! Sorry to hear about your brother, hope the situation improves. It’s always good to be able to have a break from the treadmill and smell some petrol, so I’m glad you managed to enjoy the day. Our thoughts are with you.
  5. Yes, it’s a good size isn’t it! We wanted the repair panel to be a good quality item that wasn’t going to be a ball ache to fit. As the centre part of the shelf on top of the bulkhead is quite visible in the engine bay, it should work quite well. No point doing half a job eh!
  6. Yes - I have been buying various panels for my own use for over 25 years now and when anything crops up that looks to be super rare of I know it will "come in handy" I bought it and put it up the loft or in my unit. I have pretty much every available panel for a coupe including some really hard to find bits, but then again I have 3 Coupes to keep going and no intention of selling any of them just yet! The good news is that I've also been doing this for the club for the last few years too and we have a decent little stock of panels that we will be looking at getting reproduced with our supplier. The ones that we have for reproduction are: Opel Manta A Front lower Valance Opel Manta C Coupe rear panel Opel Manta C Coupe – Complete Roof Skin (non Sunroof obv!) Opel Manta C Offside doorskin Opel Manta C Offside outer wing Opel Manta C N/S and O/S inner wings Opel Manta C Coupe rear quarter panel We are always looking out for other items that would be useful and/or rare and fortunately, we do get tipped off to quite a few before they come up for general sale as we have a good network of contacts in Europe.
  7. Manta B Battery Tray Repair Panel - UPDATE 11th Oct '21 Further news from the manufacturers this morning, and the first batch of 20 Battery trays are pressed and are being prepared today, so we will be in a position to start taking orders for these imminently. I would like to make ordering them as simple as possible, so we will contact everyone who expressed an interest with order details. We will accept payment via Paypal or direct Bank Transfer, (which would be preferable as it would save the club some funds as we wont have to pay the 2.9% transaction fee) Cost per item is £114.14 +VAT (£136.99)- and club members will get a 10% discount (£123.30). I'm not sure of shipping costs yet, as we haven't had them weighed and obviously, this will be dependant on where they are being sent. They should be ready for shipping by next week with any luck, but will keep you all posted. As you can see, the Battery Clamp is not fixed, so you can use the locating points to fix this as per the original, or move or delete it to your requirements. The Captive nut is also not fitted so will need to be sorted as part of fitment. This has helped to keep finishing costs down.
  8. Manta B Battery Repair Panels - UPDATE For all those of you that showed an interest in the remanufactured Manta B Battery Tray repair panels. I have spoken with Mike, the MD of Expressed Steel Panels today and he has confirmed that the initial run of 20 panels has been pressed and is now ready to go into finishing. We are in discussion about whether to have the battery retaining lug as a separate item, so that you can locate it wherever you wish...and use a larger battery (or delete the part entirely). Note - I will be sending emails out to you individually in the near future with further details on how to pay etc. Various payment methods can be accepted (Paypal / bank transfer etc / Credit card etc)
  9. Welcome Bruce, good to have you here. I’m sure you will find some folks that are willing to help out with any technical queries that crop up. They are simple cars by today’s standards but sourcing parts can sometimes be tricky but this is where the members can out too. There are some good suppliers in Germany and The Netherlands, if you know where to look. Good luck with the Resto’s ……and don’t forget to post some pics!
  10. Bit of an update as I spoke to Expressed panels today. The battery tray is next to go into production and they hope to have the first items available within the next few weeks. Production starts on Saturday, so I will check in with them again next week and see how things are going.
  11. Hi Kal and welcome to the club, glad to have you on board. We recognise the car from lurking around at Fuzz’s place!
  12. Hi Herman, It is every parents worst nightmare and I'm glad that he got away with injuries that weren't life threatening. I hope he is feeling better and only his pride is bruised now. That was good of the Police to clean his bike and return it home. I'm not sure that would have happened in the UK, they usually leave that to your insurers to worry about. My nephew is 20 and he is a good responsible lad who helps out at home and is far more serious that I ever was at his age, so there is hope for us yet! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  13. I guess as it is classed as a Historic and over 40 years old, he hasn't bothered with the MOT......which most of us still continue with regardless.
  14. Just to let you know that I had a good chat with Dave last night and have established that he is more focussed on making repair panels (his obvious background is with the Chevettes/ Kadetts). He has been interested in branching out into making other repair panels however and I'm aware he has been chatting to a few people from the OMOC. I have known Dave for quite a few years (in fact, I gave him a hand when they were setting up the Chev and Kad group), so that has been an advantage. The OMOC scheme is concentrating on hard to find panels that will aid restorations (as that is the core ethos of the club - "Preserve and Promote the Opel Manta"). The Battery tray repair panel has been in the pipeline for over 2 years now, so we are ploughing on with that one. Dave has looked into the feasibility of getting these made up by his manufacturer, so if the existing option with Expressed Panels doesn't start to show progress soon, Dave and I can pick this up and kick off the process with them. They seem to have a much faster turn around time, (although that wouldn't be hard). From what Dave tells me, this manufacturer use Zintec steel so the panels are more likely to keep in storage for longer than the mild steel ones. He has agreed that we wont compete on the manufacture/supply of parts, as that would be counter productive to both of us. I'm still chasing up Expressed Panels on this one however, so the good news is that we now have two avenues open to us.
  15. Great pics Herman and lovely to see you on holiday with the Manta. Some of those photos look like they came straight out of an 80’s Opel Brochure!
  16. Great to see this car again, it’s been around in the club for quite a while. Welcome to the OMOC, I’m sure you will find folks helpful on here!
  17. Nicest looking of all the Bitter models imho.
  18. I think you are right Chris. Steve’s Monaco Blue exclusive was the first car I remember seeing this reg plate on. I don’t think he is on here much nowadays but is active in the club FB page. Might be worth popping a post on and asking?
  19. Fantastic work. Coming on nicely now! You certainly are putting the hours in on this and it shows!
  20. Bit of an update, I spoke to Express today and the reason they have been so slow at getting thing off the ground is they are moving to new premises….quite a big job as they have two industrial panel presses, obviously these are massive bits of equipment. They are building a new facility for hand finishing the panels too, which will speed up the whole process. I think they have been victims of their own success, as so many people have been buying panels during lockdown down, they need more capacity and staff to keep up. On the Battery tray front, the original part they have has been chemically dipped and prepared for tooling, so almost ready to use. I explained the situation and he is going to put this part at the front of the queue when they open up again. I will be speaking with them again again later on in the week.
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