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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Rear panel would probably be approx £200, similar for the A series valance.
  3. There is a pair of Manta coupe rear quarters on eBay at the moment and bidding starts at £1k each. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Coupe-Near-Side-Left-Rear-Quarter-Panel-Nos/154400985444? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Coupe-Off-side-Right-Rear-Quarter-Panel-Nos/154400991029?
  4. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. I believe that Expressed panels sell quite a bit of stuff in Europe too, so shipping out worldwide isnt a problem. Good thing is that the club will get a guaranteed discount on any manta parts. They run this scheme for a few other clubs and it seems to work well, the club provide the panels for them to copy and then every member gets the benefit. We get the original panel replaced too, so it’s a good scheme. The only downside is that the panel has to be ‘deconstructed ’ as part of the process they use to make the tooling so is a sacrificial part but small price to pay.
  6. The scheme with expressed panels would do exactly that. All members get a 10% discount on panels bought from them. They manufacture and store the panels and act as our supplier in effect.
  7. We have been dealing with a company called Expressed Panels in Keighley but as Steve says, things have ground to a halt because of lockdown. We have provided a few panels for them to start working on, namely A series front lower valance and B series complete rear panel, with the option of having the lower half made separately. They also have a battery tray for a B series that they have been investigating making up a repair panel. Hopefully we can get things moving on this again now things are starting to open up a bit. https://www.steelpanels.co.uk
  8. Rest assured that we are trying to get this resolved. It relates to doing an update to the complete membership database, and that is only something that our webmaster can do. What with lockdown, and some folks being much busier than usual ( generally those who work in IT), having the time to resolve the issue has been a challenge. I will follow it up with the necessary people after Easter and try and get it sorted.
  9. I’ve seen rear quarters go for that price in Europe, and the stock of them is getting ever lower so if someone needs them, I guess it’s down to how badly they want to restore a car. I think the past pair I saw went for £850 each and that was probably about a year ago. Just glad I picked some up 20 years ago when they were still available. I think they were about £450 each from the main dealer back then.
  10. Hi Gaggio, we are hoping to be able to open the club shop again very soon, so the back log of orders will be sent out in April.
  11. I’ve found a ropey one that needs a bit of tlc to use again. Needs both side bolts fitting back on with epoxy and the centre mounting bracket is broken, but could be fixed with some effort. Make me an offer if you’re interested in a resto job! if you fancy splashing out, new ones are available from OTK on eBay. £363 for both side plus postage tho! Jeez...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264013214065
  12. Nice one.....thanks Buz! I have a list of things to look for (for me and you two guys) so better write them all down! I will take pictures and put some up over Easter for you to have a look at with prices etc.
  13. I have at least 3 bonnets in my unit Steve, that’s a spare one for each car! Any more than that are surplus for me because I have been banned from buying any more cars! 😌 I’m going to the unit this weekend so will have a look.....so that’s a bonnet and I’m sure there was something else I was supposed to be finding for someone else.....just need to remember who and what!
  14. I bought an absolutely mint bonnet last year for £100 and that was mates rates, so I was aware I had a bargain. It was a new, painted but unused one, so I was a lucky boy. £150 wouldn’t be a bad price as a general guide but there are people that are asking silly money for some things on eBay but as they say....things are worth whatever folks are prepared to pay. I have a few bonnets in store Steve, so might be persuaded to part with one!
  15. I may have a spare one in the unit. I’ll have a look next time I’m there...probably over Easter weekend. I take it you mean the two piece chin spoiler for the B1?
  16. That’s really interesting Herman, I haven’t ever seen photos of this car before. I have heard of a Hatchback i200 that was produced as a 1 off by Irmscher UK. I’ve not managed to find any photos of this one yet.
  17. As a bit of an update, I have a mint pair of exclusive door cards that I dug out of storage today, so could happily do a px/swap for some earlier ones.
  18. Hi all, I am after a pair of front door cards for an early GT/E coupe with the dark interior. These would be the standard GT/E's (i.e. not exclusives) with the charcoal grey door cards and trim. Preferably without any speaker holes but beggers cant be choosers I suppose! If you also have the door handles to go wth these - that would be a bonus. I have some window winder handles and chrome door lock catches......(probably pulled out of scrap yards all those years ago and accidentally fell in my tool box :-)) Pictures are from various cars with the door cards that I am looking for. It would be amazing to find some - I thought I kept the ones I had off the white coupe that I scrapped years ago but I think I gave them away to someone. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi Adam, I’m very so to hear the sad new about your Grandfather. He was a lovely chap and I had the pleasure of meeting him at lots of meetings when he came along in his lovely A series. He will be missed by his Manta family. May I pass on our condolences from the club committee and all members. He was a real enthusiast and will be missed by all. Our thoughts are with you all, Paul.
  20. Irmscher Man

    24v head

    Hi Buz, im just catching up on this thread....not had a look in for a while If it’s a frontera 2.4, I will put good money on the cylinder bores being oval and requiring a rebore or even hardened liners to sort it out. How did you get on with things on the bottom end?
  21. Fitting the Decals : Initially, make sure the decals are flat. If they have any ripples in them, they will not fit properly. Ensure that the area on the car is clean and perfectly dry. Wash the car first, then wipe over with meths to remove any wax or residue. Now make sure that you know where the decals have to go. The blitz obviously sits centrally on the front panel. The “Manta GT/E” on either side of the car with one word on the door and the other on the wing. These fit just above the swage line. The remaining GT/E’s go on the front lower airdam and the bootlid.
  22. Very sad news about Ian Virco. One of the cornerstones of the OMOC has now passed. Ian had been around in the club for as long as I can remember. I think I first met him back in the early '90's and as a fairly local member to me, we had been friends ever since. He shared many interests with me - being into Music and Trains as well as Mantas. I lost count of the number of Railway events we had been to over the years.....I think the last one was a Diesel Loco Gala at the Severn Valley Railway in 2016 where we had a great Pie and Chips dinner. Some of you may know that Ian was involved in repairing some of the heritage diesel engines, (specifically Sulzer Class 45 Diesels) and was a dab hand at changing brakes and doing general maintenance on these beasts......certainly a lot more to them than a Manta! As well as singing in the local Choir and being mad keen on Ellie Goulding - there are probably quite a few things that would surprise folks about Ian.....he was one of a kind. Encyclopedic Knowledge, quick witted and funny, occasionally quite obstinate but always just and fair and I don't think I ever heard him say a bad word about anybody.....despite what he may have thought! There was nothing he wouldn't do to help someone in need and I'm glad that he had a friend with him when he passed. The last few years had been quite difficult for him and his health had certainly been quite variable. I must admit, I was really quite upset when I heard the news on Sunday and had a few sad moments reflecting on life and our friendships that we make as we go along. It is a real lesson that we should all live life to the full and be kind to one another, just as Ian tried to do.......you never know what is round the corner afterall. I've been in touch with the rest of the OMOC committee and we all agree that we shall try and make arrangements for some representation from the OMOC at his Funeral.....although with current restrictions, that may have to be a message and a wreath of flowers. Pic - Ian receiving his prize for "Old Gold" at Billing in 2010
  23. The organisers of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, have decided there is no alternative but to postpone the 2020 event, despite pulling out all the stops to try and make the annual season finale happen. The OMOC were due to have a larger stand than usual and we had already looked at what PPE equipment we would need to keep ourselves and our visitors safe. We had decided not to open up the club shop this year and to restrict the number of OMOC members on the stand at any single time. We were going to supply full face masks and alcohol hand Gel to all OMOC members attending. We had also put in place "Covid exposure" questionnaires for all club members to complete 2 weeks before attending, so that we were doing our own due diligence checks and procedures. Unfortunately, even with all these protections in place, the risk is considered too high by the show organisers.....something I guess we all expected this year. Read More...... https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/article/classic-motor-show-update-210920
  24. Irmscher Man

    24v head

    I’m currently working on a 16v CIH engine, and have the refurbished head in the workshop. I’m now looking at getting the 2.4 bottom end sorted out and have a brilliant local machine shop that are helping me with the build. I’m happy to share photos, tips, knowledge etc as there are plenty of pitfalls in doing this conversion. Total cost can run into many thousands though, as the cams alone aren’t cheap. photoS for inspiration!
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